On minds…

…and changing them.

I was going to do a post solely on god not liking jeans. Not my G-d, the one I’m going to work for.

And then I started the journey home.

I live 20 km’s from work. In the mornings is takes me anything from 30 minutes to an hour to complete said journey. If there’s nothing wrong. If there is, it can stretch to 90 minutes.

In the afternoon, if I leave on the dot at 16:30, I can make the whole journey in about 40 to 60 minutes. Took me 1 hour, 45 minutes tonight. For the first 15 km’s or so, there was nothing wrong, just many more cars than usual on the road. Presumably, there was a problem on the highway that runs from Sandton to P town and that’s what cause the back roads to fill up.

Then there’s a stretch that flows freely, and then there’s another stretch that never flows freely, and then a free one again, usually all the way home. On the second free stretch there are 7 traffic lights. Today, 4 of those 7 worked. The next three did not. Usually at a big crossing with a broken robot, you will have the 702/outsurance guys directing traffic. Their absence was a shining beacon tonight. The same with metro police. Whose actual job it is to direct traffic when needed, and not the private sector actually.

Remember I said no traffic cops? I was sooo wrong!!! Because the fucktards, in their rather limited work ethic and very limited wisdom, would rather stand on the side of the road and give tickets to the people that are trying to skip the line by driving on the shoulder of the road and depending on some other brainless idiot to give them space to push in. Which they usually get because brainless idiots on our roads are quite prolific. Now, the arseholes trying to skip the line would not have needed to skip it had the Metro cops been doing what they were employed to do, which is, DIRECTING THE EFFING TRAFFIC!!! When I got to the first crossing and I saw the traffic cops, and I saw what they were doing, I nearly had a heart attack!! I mean WTFF!!! You are employed as Metro police. Which presumably means that you are supposed to look after the things that happens on the roads, not so? Alas. Not so much here. Here, it means that you get to park of on your, mainly huge, arse, either behind a camera, behind a tree, or in your car, under a tree, or at such places where lots of cars congregate, such as broken traffic lights – where you then proceed to fine any-and everything you can find. Shooting fish in a barrel.

Get to the third broken robot in the line of four, and there’s one lone traffic cop trying to regulate traffic. I’m wanting to turn right, and I’m standing in that line. Ah, it looks as if he’s going to let the right turn guys turn, and the front guy pre-empt this move, promptly pissing off the traffic officer who then, in his finite wisdom, decides to show us who really is boss, and it’s not us. It’s HIM!! And then the boss has the bloody audacity to hurry us along!!

After I just spent 40 minutes travelling maybe 2 km’s, I really did not need to see this arse that should have been on duty, doing his bloody job at 17:00 already!! The job that my tax money pays him to do, which makes me his bloody boss, and not the other way around.

Unfortunately, in the suckheap it does not work like that. The law is not there to protect the civilians. The law and the lawmakers and law-keepers only exist to suck the civilian dry. To reap the benefits of our tax money, and live the large life.

Not as much fun living in South Africa as the rest of the world might think. It’s not quite what the pictures tells you. It’s hair raising chaos at the best of times, and complete anarchy all the other times. You are told to not stop when a cop pulls you over – because they might just rape you. Bribes are commonly accepted and expected. Β And our parliament is full of criminals – both white-collar and violent crimes. For heavens sake people, our current PRESIDENT has had a rape charge levelled against him!!

But hey, let’s live in the rainbow nation that the biggest terrorist of them all wanted. Well, Old Nelson, you have your nation. And it does not quite resemble a rainbow as much as it does a sucking heap of steaming horse shit. No, I lie. Horse shit you can actually use for something. Rather human shit – completely useless, and quite apt when you drive through some of the smells we have to drive through every day.

Yes folks, my mood is dour. Not depressed, just completely so not in the mood for this crap. Hopefully tomorrow it will be better and I can get back to god not liking jeans…

And now, a song with a bit of a good feeling too πŸ˜‰


24 comments on “On minds…

  1. Traffic, bah humbug…this is why I leave at 6.15 in the morning. I must say though that my traffic is getting better, our roadworks are almost at an end and the route I travel has few taxis. Actually a pleasant route, first 2 kms on the beachfront, staring at Table Mountain, rest of the journey along a vlei filled with birdlife on one side and the sea on the other. Yep, I cant actually complain πŸ™‚

    • The only vlei I drive past is the one filled with human excrement surrounded by informal settlements…
      I’m not so much complaining as I am lamenting – if everybody just did what they’re supposed to, life would just flow around it’s hurdles…

  2. And there’s your boss telling you not to wear jeans, when there are rapists on the roads. I once knew a girl who’d been to school in Cuba, where it was compulsory for the girls to wear jeans to deter the boys from raping them in the school corridors.

    Tell your boss that women can look really stylish in jeans, if they wear a decent jacket with it and some cool accessories with them. Ask him if you can have a couple of weeks to prove this to him.

    There are still some people at church who don’t like me wearing jeans on Sunday, but I tell them that JC couldn’t care a toss about such superficialities.

    • Personally, I won’t wear jeans to church. Nor pants, but that’s neither here nor there – just the way I was raised.
      As for the rest, I’ll wear my skirts – at least I have quite a few, and now I have an excuse to go and get some more πŸ˜‰
      But I agree with you that jeans are no longer only for casual wear – teamed up with a nice blouse and things, it can actually look quite smart. I’ll fight that battle another day though – don’t want to get him too riled just yet – I think both me and him will have a few things to learn on this coming journey…

  3. I hate traffic tie-ups that’s why I avoid our down town. Actually, I don’t drive a lot but I remember jam, hold-ups because of accidents or downed traffic lights. Retirement takes some stress out of my life.

    • Retirement will do that for me too Tess. If I’m ever able to retire that is!!
      If they all just did what they are supposed to it would not be this bad, but hey. In Africa, if it breaks, just leave it.

    • That’s why i chose her video – she made the day bright again πŸ˜‰ Such an entertainer πŸ˜‰
      As for the rest, poop describes it very well indeed!!

  4. From the way you’re describing it, it looks like a scene in Manila (Philippines). Driving there had always been a headache with traffic and crooked cops. I’m happy I now live in a little town where there is rarely any traffic….and I hope it stays that way. πŸ™‚

  5. Heysoos . . . . I’ve given up thinking about them, this, that. Just don’t care about the brainless fuckers shitting on our good earth and expecting flowers to grow. Fuck them. Fuck the systems. I care only for one thing. And the other is that it might be best to eradicate my ‘dream’. Perhaps it wasn’t a dream, but more curiosity than want. Perhaps the answer to the frequent ‘Why’s”. Don’t really know why I wanted to show some care to something so hopeless. I’m not cynical, I’m not mad, but everyone on this planet knows the TRUTH. If not, denial is masking your judgment. Harmony is a word one can erase from the dictionary, thank you very much. Does not mean a thing. Feisty woman, that! πŸ™‚

    • All your “why’s” will be answered in time young men – you still have a looooong way to go.
      Yes, people know what needs to be done, but not doing it is quite a bit easier than the alternative – until it’s too late.
      When I saw that old lady, I knew I had to place it – imagine being that well set out at 70!

  6. Once had to take a detour off the N1 (during the De Doorns strikes). At the entrance of a pass (forget the name) — a whole lot of traffic cops (yes, they were all fat). Halfway up the pass we had to turn around: pass closed. They couldn’t tell anyone that at the entrance to the pass???? I was sooo angry, but you can’t do or say a thing, because if you do, they’ll fine you for everything they possibly can. What idiots.

    • Exactly. They’re not doing anything to earn their bucks and when you take them up on it, you are the guilty party.
      The suck heap in action…

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