What do you dream of?

A flashy car? Huge house? Mod cons? Successful job? Lots of money?

Tonight the bandstand theme is dream. Because Martin Luther King apparently made his speech 50 years ago. Good for him. Personally I’m tired of all the blathering – time to try and make life work now instead of still making an issue about everything and anything. Time to move on people. History is in any case repeating itself right in front of our eyes – it’s the Human Condition and nothing will ever stop it or change it.

Be that as it may.

Back to dreams.

When I started the post I wondered what I dream of. Can’t say I dream of any of the above mentioned things.

I do dream of owning a Harley Nightster. Of restoring either a Karmahn Ghia or a 68 Mustang. I dream of a study with bookshelves and a fire place and a big wing back chair to sit and read in. I dream of actually having a working relationship with an actual man. I dream of living completely on my own. Not hearing or smelling or seeing any human being but my own reflection in the mirror and maybe a face or a voice on a screen. Since the dream of having a working relationship seems somewhat out there and rather more unattainable than the Harley 🙂 I do dream of a future for my children – where they can live happy, full lives.

So, what do YOU dream of?

This song was a firm favourite with me and my dude. Would be our end message each night – because, contrary to popular belief, for a little while there, I was somebody’s first thought on waking and his last thought at night. And I have to say, I do dream a little dream of him – mostly while waking.

Long days and pleasant nights folks.


29 comments on “Dreams.

  1. Love love love that song. When there multi-state lottery was ongoing, we bought a ticket, don’t usually do that. We talked of what we’d do if we won; give the family that need it $, etc. and set up a corporation for the money to make $ and give it away where it was needed. You’d certainly be on that list! I don’t know if it’s my age, or having had Lyme disease, or that I am blessed with a home, hubby, dogs, etc. that my dreams are to help others but it is. So tootsie pie, if you win you win, and if I win you win. That’s my dream. No kidding. xoxo

    • Hearing about your dream P, makes mine look somewhat selfish. That being said, I feel the same way should I ever win some kind of lottery. Not that I ever buy tickets, but should I one day do and it does win, I’ll do my bit – my needs are not all that big.
      And I think it would be seriously cool to have a spot of cash that you can use to help those innocents out there. Since I will not be helping any adults. Children and animals only.
      Glad you liked the song – love it myself 😉

  2. You ask what I dream of…its simple, to own my own home again one day. Thats it, nothing else. For me a home is security, safety, a haven. Really living up to my starsign…Cancerian, the lover of home and all home comforts.

    • That’s a fine dream M. I had one just like it many years ago and through hanging on and fighting tooth and nail I managed to keep it through all the years.
      You hold on to that dream – no reason why it can’t come true…

  3. My dreams aren’t elaborate. I want to stay healthy and able to live for the rest of my days, in this house, without needing help from anyone, my family included. Do I want to win a lottery? No because it would spoil my kids and ruin their lives (I’m sure of it).

    To manage to leave a legacy for my grandchildren would make me a happy woman.

  4. Hello you ,Sorry i’ve not been around
    but i’m feeling a little better after reading your page
    Have a beautiful tomorrow
    Daniel x

    • Hey D!! I was hoping you were still around out there somewhere. Thought of you the other day – a blog buddy visited Cornwall 😉
      Glad to see you’re still here my friend – don’t be so scarce!
      Thanks for the tune 🙂

  5. I dream of being a famous published author, winning the Booker Prize, and paying off all my credit cards! (Hah, hah. Maybe a spot too ambitious, but dreams are great, aren’t they?). I’ve just entered a writing competition with a first prize of £10,000 — am keeping dreaming, dreaming, dreaming.

    I will dream something good for you, whilst I’m dreaming 🙂

    • Another very worth dream Sarah 😉
      Luckily I only have one cc and even that one kills me!
      Good luck with the competition – no reason why you can’t win it!

  6. My dream, my biggest dream, is to go around the world, and meet every single human being that lives on this here planet of ours. I want to hear their story, and I want to keep a log about them, and perhaps just bring a smile to their faces. People die not knowing their neighbors, not knowing the family of four that lives 3000 miles away. And somehow . . . I do

  7. I dream of “en as dit als verby is, en jy is nog hier, dan gaan bly ons op daai plaas langs die Goue Rivier” that Valiant Swart sings of. I forget the title of the song.

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