I’ve been doing it.

Regarding my cell phone contract. Paying R309 at the moment, but the contract is done, so now I must decide what I’m going to do. Don’t want to lose my number, so I have to take out a new contract, but I don’t want to shoot myself in the foot and overextend myself. I don’t have a permanent job just yet. Once I do, of course, that will change, but until I do, the future is quite uncertain. Can also not be spending huge amounts of money when I move to my piece of End-World.

Hence the dithering.

During the week though, I decided that i will just upgrade my airtime, without getting a new instrument. That way I get the same benefits, for less money. and to effect that, I went into the MTN store this morning. After a refreshing Wimpy breakfast of course.

speak to the young man behind the counter, and he’s got all these ideas. There’s a contract for R79 with a cheapie phone and the same amount of airtime I currently get.

Then he looked at my account. Turns out, since I’ve been dithering, they’ve continued deducting the full amount for the contract, even though it’s done already. Now, they owe me R418. So, the young man at the store is going to remove the handset fee from my account and ask for a credit of the R418. For the next four months I won’t pay for a cell phone because he’s going to change my contract to a R100 per month. My work contract is for five months, and before the five months are up I will know if it will become something more permanent or if it will not. If it does, I can then decide what, if anything to do with my contract since I’m still happy with the phone I now have. With that in mind, should I have a permanent job come end January, I will in all probability take out a data contract with the accompanying Apple Macbook Pro – which is what I really want in any case 😉

All these little things that makes me realise that everything I’ve always been so worried about is just falling into place and that worrying about them has never before brought me anything but misery.

So, I’m feeling quite a bit better than I did this morning before I left to go do something I’ve been dreading.

Such is life I suppose. Hope your Saturday is still a good one!


18 comments on “Dithering.

  1. Wimpy?? You actually EAT at the Wimpy?? Gawd, Ghia, is there not ANYTHING else around where you live / work? I CANNOT bring myself to pay for what they offer as “food”. Dan maar eerder ‘n yoghurt of ‘n Bar One of IETS by die Chinese.
    But I am glad the cellphone thing worked out 🙂

    • I quite like Wimpy breakfast, and I like their coffee too. I like that it’s food I know and feel comfortable with. Not so much their burgers, but their breakfasts are, for me, quite an outing 😉
      And an egg, sunny side up at Wimpy tastes much the same as one from Mugg n Bean or Mimmo’s or Spur or even the larney restaurant around the corner 😉

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