Friday night.

Home alone, as per usual.

Not that much of a hassle. Not as if I’m not used to it, or have nothing to occupy my time with.

Spoke to Mr P today via whatsapp. Asked when would be a good time for me to pick up the things I left at his house. He reckons he will post them to me. Rightyo then dude. I just wish I knew what the hell changed from one day to the next. I just don’t know! The excuses he gives me are so flimsy, they just hold no water. Maybe he’s met somebody else. Maybe I really was just not good enough for him. Whatever the case, I feel kind of hurt by this whole thing. I was never anything but good to and for him. Tried not to upset him. Thanked him for his help. Alas, I knew he was just not that into me. Maybe the new chick or whatever he’s busy with does it for him in which case, good riddance then. And here I thought he was different to all the other arseholes I’ve met over the years. Apparently not so much.

Then again, it could be that I have not changed as much as I thought I have. Since what you project is what you attract. Oh well. What needs to happen, will. Maybe my dude will decide that he’s tired of the devil he knows and chuck everything over in the land of the free and join me here in the land of the unfree. We might even be happy, who knows! Stranger things have happened! Or, I might just really accept the fact that I am forever doomed to be on my own, with never a manly partner to shoot the shit with, or to just sleep next to. With a bloody ex that seems to think I’m still single because I’m pining for him. Yeah right guy. In your dreams!

I was talking to the young chick at work today about just this. When I’m on my own, I can face life. I can do what needs to be done, and be happy, or at least content, with what I have. I can deal with females and males, people that are different from me, people that don’t like me, but the minute I involve myself in the life of some man, that invariably does not want to integrate his with mine, everything goes to shit. And I have no idea why I bother with it! Is having a man in your life really all it’s cracked up to be? I have to say, in my experience, it is indeed not so. They are more hassle than fun, more irritation than solace, more bother than getting shit out of a wool blanket. Something I ALSO have first hand experience of!

Don’t use the word female. Don’t get upset at traffic. Don’t be tense, be calm. I can’t handle it when you’re tense. I don’t like the big words you use. Simplify it. Why don’t you use normal language? I’m going to correct your use of the tenses. Looking back, all little digs and put downs. Why? Is it really necessary to demean somebody else just because you’re jealous of them in some way? Just because you feel less than you can? Or think you need to be more than you are? Heaven knows, I’m prepared to accept anything in people, no matter who they are or what their standing in life is. I don’t get jealous of other people’s good fortune. I don’t want what they have. I just want my little piece of happiness, my spot in the sun. And I’m more than prepared to give you yours.

Oh well. This is making even the refreshed Ghia feeling quite miserable, and I really don’t want misery to intrude on my hard won calm. And I’m certainly not going to allow some bloody bloke to do it to me! Β I have my new young man – and he’s still the cutest thing on earth. Runs to the gate in the afternoon when he recognizes the car, laughs when I pick him up, licks my face, smelling like only a puppy can. My trees all have buds on them. The fruit trees are just starting to push out their buds. The garden is coming to life again for spring, and I might just do with the front yard what I thought of – cover the whole expanse in ivy with home made stepping stones with mosaics to give you walking place. Or wonderlawn. Termites won’t eat that, and at least it’s green and does not need mowing.

Time for the new. Apt that I’m starting the new job in spring. The new puppy. Think I need to do some packing up and storing away, clean out the current storage sheds, make my space more available. And just as an aside. Was wondering how much my car could possibly tow should I have to move somewhere. The idea being that I could hire a bunch of trailers and load everybody’s car and a trailer full of stuff, and still make the move cheaper than 60 k. Phoned the ex to confirm the haulage specs and he reckons that both him and his BiL have 4 tonne trucks – which I could obviously get at a reduced rate of hire. Just another example of how things can be easy if you don’t insist on worrying about them. Because your plan is already set – you just need to follow it.

And now I’m following my current plan of a relaxing bath, something to eat and then bed for a sleep with no alarm at the end of it, just a light knock on my bedroom window at around 8 or so…

Long days and pleasant nights folks!!

And here’s a bit of a laugh…


18 comments on “Friday night.

    • Absolutely Col – always know what to expect with them – male or female!!
      As for the bunnies, I also thought they were quite cute πŸ˜‰
      And the blonde with the iPod!!

  1. I wasn’t able to see the video as it was blocked here.
    Puppies are cuddly and entertaining and you pretty well know what they’re going to do. You don’t need to walk on eggs, just enjoy them. Have a pleasant weekend, Ghia.

    • I’m sorry it was blocked Tess! It is actually quite funny πŸ˜‰
      You’re right about puppies. They are always happy to see you, never mind what you look like or say πŸ˜‰

  2. The new man, Mr. Ben, not only is he cute now, but he’ll just improve with time. What’s not to love?! Seems like yesterday you were talking of winter on the way… spring already – wow! We’re going into fall here. The commercials were very funny! Have a great weekend – knocking on the window at 8:00?

    • the year is running away with us P – right under our noses! The seasons, like clockwork…
      Young Ben is sure to just become better and better as time goes by. I’ve not spent quite so much time with a pup in many years!
      The knock on the window – my garden dude comes on a Saturday and he invariably has to wake me up πŸ˜‰

  3. The vid is so funny. My puppy, Tara, is a constant source of entertainment and love; your new pup needs your time now and it is so rewarding. Mr. P. might have a commitment problem, leave him be and he might still come around if it was meant to be. Cheers, Ghia! πŸ™‚

    • Puppies are a great stress reliever I agree πŸ˜‰
      mr P – doubt that I will ever see him again, but hey – such is life. They come and go like the seasons. Some makes an impact, most just takes something from you.

  4. I used to live with someone who was such a “saint”, he made me feel like shit every time I got pre-menstrual, banged saucepans in the kitchen in a temper, or indulged in road rage. It was just too hard much hard work. Mr P is really not worth the effort, if you’re not entitled to express yourself. To suppress anger all the time for the sake of someone else, is not good for your heart.

    • They might act like saints Sarah, but they have only the opposite effect on the people sharing life with them.
      Then I’d rather be the explosive, and cancer free person I am when i let out the bad. He was clearly only meant to be there for a little while. I am sad about it though – we might have been good together eventually…

  5. Like I told this other girl about her post on lies and secrets – humans lie, and dogs too if you catch them doing something bad. The difference is, the dogs stay loyal forever. They won’t clean up the mess, yet they’ll be there to MAKE a mess. Cats just don’t give a shit, yet they’ll probably just stay out of pity for us pathetic human beings πŸ˜€

    • Indeed. At least I still have my dogs. And the cats. And the bird. And some fish too πŸ˜‰
      They will never lie to me or leave me alone because they’ve got issues…

  6. No, no, Ghia, you are not forever doomed to be on your own – fate is creative and that is why NO-ONE (lest they be a god) can predict it.
    “Then again, it could be that I have not changed as much as I thought I have.” – REMIND ME, because I might forget, to send you the poem about walking down the street and falling down the same hole — until you choose ANOTHER street to walk down.
    (Ag, Ghia, so baie dapper uitsprake. Ek het regtig fokol om daarvoor te wys nie.)

    • Ons sit seker maar algaar in dieselfde bootjie. So baie goed waarmee jy moet kompeteer. Jong, mooi skraal meisies, swart meisies, indiΓ«r meisies, ander mans…
      Fate is indeed creative, and often cruel methinks. As for walking down a different street, I’ve started that walk now. Complete change – from I have to, to I will allow it to. What needs to happen, will, I have faith in that regard. And I still hope that someday, I might not be made less than I am just because some bloke thinks so.
      Actually strange – I know my own worth. Yet it only takes one careless person to undermine what I KNOW to be the truth about myself.
      These are cycles I have to forge through, and come out the other side, well tempered, and probably as hard as steel, but I will survive.
      As, I think, will you.

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