Tonight, thy name is Ghia.

Vanity. What can I say. Women, and men suffer from it. Only the very young and the very old don’t worry about it that much. And for the most part, I also don’t worry about it too much either. Mostly.

Alas. I could not face the grey head staring at me in the morning anymore. Wavy or not, these days I’m wearing a halo – and not because I’m so saintlike! So, I succumbed to vanity’s lure and purchased the cheapest box of hairdye I could find. Revlon colour 33. Or rather color 33. And now I’m waiting for it to magically make me look years younger. As if it would take away the crow’s feet and the possible liverspots, the dents and dings of a lifetime’s neglect. Well, why else do it?

Why not just revel in the fact that I’ve earned every grey hair? Why not just accept the fact that I’m really not a spring chicken anymore, and should accept that fact? I’ll probably start looking at it in that way once I’m over sixty. Maybe. And it’s not as if this is something I do all that regularly either.

Might just be the fact that a change is as good as a holiday. Or that I’m washing that man right out of my hair 😉

That being said. I don’t think I’m all that vain. If I was, I would spend much more money on facial care than I do. Might even go to a gym every so often. Or buy more feminine clothes. Wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Do the heels and skirt thing way more often than I currently do.

Vanity has become a huge industry. Clothes, bags, shoes, magazines, hair products, skin products, make up, perfume. Young girls strive to become the face of something or other. And other women emulate them. Men want them. The myth is perpetuated that all females are pre-pubescent stickfigures with no shoulders, no boobs, a skeletal bone structure, dainty feet – all of which I never was or had, and now, will likely never have or be.

And that’s why, I think, I’m not as vain as some females I’ve come across in my life. I am what i am. I look the way I do. I’m built the way I’m built. I have the feet I’m going to die with. Will it help me at all to bemoan the fact that i’m not a little woman? In more ways than one actually! In answer to my own question, no, it won’t.

Saw a friend of mine yesterday. She reckons she’s always admired me for the fact that I’m my own person. That I don’t much care what the world around me thinks of me. Don’t know if that was a real compliment or rather a way of saying that I should maybe care about others’  view of me more than I do! I’m going to take it as a compliment though. Since it means that out there in the big world a few females have seen me, and maybe, one day, want to be me.  Not because they really know me, but because what i am might be something for them to strive towards.

And that, I think, is not a wasted life. To live my own values and be admired for them, no matter how reluctant the admiration, would be worth it. If I can teach women out there through my daily life that it;s OK not to have a man at your side. And it’s OK to have one, or to want one – the main thing is, it must be what’s good for YOU. Not what’s good for your family, or your friends, or society. It must be what’s good for you as a singular individual. Ultimately, you are the one that will pay the price for all your decisions. Therefore you should always do what’s good for you. Even if there are kids involved – believe me, if you make the difficult decision to look after yourself, you will automatically become somebody better for those kids as well. And, in the process, teach them that sometimes the hardest decisions has the best outcomes.

Or, maybe I’m just spouting nonsense. Might be the fumes that went to my head – do pardon the pun! But here I am, warts and all, and now with a head full of Revlon Colour 33 – long may it shine 🙂

34 comments on “Vanity…

  1. I’m not ready to face my grey hair 🙂
    Ghia, hier’s a tip – use it don’t use it.
    Vir jare al gebruik ek net olyfolie op my vel (gesig) maar dit moet –100% pure virgin oil wees. Om die “oliereuk” weg te haal, gooi net essential oils by — maar weer eens: dit MOET 100% pure essential oils wees, Burgess & Finch is ‘n betroubare naam om voor te kyk. (Pryse vd essential oils wissel geweldig, ek vat gewoonlik lavender of geranium, dis nie so duur nie). Mix 500ml olyfolie met 10ml essential oils en jy het ‘n voorraad wat maaaande sal hou. Try dit as jy wil. What allegedly worked for Cleopatra works for me too! 🙂

      • Nee dit is nie baie olierig nie – dis ‘n natuurlike olie so dit trek redelik vinnig in jou vel in. Jy kan almond oil ook gebruik (dit trek nog vinniger in) maar dis te duur vir my. Ek vee gewoonlik (nie hard nie) met ‘n handoek of ‘n waslap of iets oor my gesig net na ek dit aangesmeer het — net om van die ‘blink’ ontslae te raak, maar dis nie ers regtig nodig nie – probeer dit, as jy wil. (Moet net nie enige sitrusolie by die olyflie gooi nie. Die sitrusolies (essential oils) is baie goedkoop maar dit maak jou vel lig-sensitief. Gebruik eerder lavender of geranium.)

  2. Hmm, I’m guessing the above conversation is filled with wisdom hard won. Ghia, just went through this hair color thing myself. I kept telling myself it looked like highlights (the grey/white) and then, someone took a photo. Well. Within 12 hours or so, I colored my hair and it did drop several years, as it always does. Grin. It does something for me rather than fooling anybody else. 🙂

    • In this case, it did drop a few years P, so I don’t regret the decision to do it. Like that old ad – You, only better 😉
      Dunno if it’s something that I’ll manage to do more than once a year, but hey – life might change completely. Got a fortune cookie today that told me the something big is around the corner. i must just be on the lookout 🙂

  3. I have blonde highlights to cover the grey and its way overdue at the moment, my roots are not showing, my roots are overtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will have mine done on Monday if the budget allows!!!

  4. I do the blonde highlights in mine and I do it for ME. Keeping my hair up is like putting nice clothes on after wearing your pajamas for three days. Treating myself well puts a spring in my step…

    I don’t need much in retirement in the way of facials and potions and creams. It’s the small things that don’t cost much that make me feel good about myself.

    Feel good, Ghia, because–look at you–don’t you look GREAT!

    • Chickpea, I don’t always even look presentable 😉
      And if I do dolly up it’s because I feel like it, not because it’s expected 🙂

    • Heck P!! That’s true – now that you remind me, I’m starting there next week Monday, 2nd September. Oh boy! Now the butterflies are starting their leaping!

    • It looks quite decent Esperanza 😉
      I’m growing it again, just reaching the shoulders these days. Often wonder why l’m growing it again but hey. It’s only hair 🙂

  5. Occasionally I think of hair dye, but I’d need two packets to do mine, even with semi-permanent. So I’ll stay as a tinsel-head with my streaky silver and gold look. Too lazy to be bothered, is probably the true reason behind my lack of motivation to do anything about it. But I’m a granny, so that’s my excuse! Prefer to spend my money on organic skin products and decent shampoo. Anyway, that’s me and I’m not you, so now the big question … are you happy with the result, cause if it makes you feel better, that’s all good?

    PS I don’t think Mr P is behaving like an arse because of your grey hair. He’s behaving like an arse because he has huge issues and is trying to make it all seem your fault, when it’s actually his.

    • The colour turned out splendidly. Even mom commented today – said I looked nice, what did I do? So it’s not such a major change, but it does make me look quite a bit less old than the grey does!
      As for Mr P behaving like an arse, i really don’t know why he would, but really. I’ve mostly sorted my shit, and the shit i have not sorted is under control. Suppose it was not meant to be anything other than a shoulder to lean on when i got robbed 🙂

  6. Sometimes I would walk into Checkers with torn pants (my usual swimming trunks and the one leg almost ripped off) and my favorite jersey, also torn and way too big, hair in disarray. But that’s usually when I spend my day writing or sketching . . . I don’t have time to look good every time I want some smokes or need milk for the coffee . . . Saw this two women yesterday at Eastgate mall, we had breakfast at this lovely restaurant, opposite Plaka, and they came in, all plastic with the similar sized boobies, this ridiculously tight faces that might tear if they smile. I guess they were as original as Tupperware . . . It disgusts me. But we do love you just the way you are 🙂

    • O know the type pf which you speak. I’m not quite as bad as them, but I’m not quite as bad as you either – I do try and look somewhat held together 😉
      And you’d better love me just the way I am!! So far it’s only my dogs that’s managed that 😉

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