Well, what can I say.

Wolverine… *sigh*

What a man he is. I’m not talking Hugh Jackman, although he’s yummy and all that. I’m talking Wolverine. He feels much, loves deeply, protects completely. Quite the man of my dreams I have to say. Yet another cartoon character that is so much better than most real life men. I wonder. Is it just me? Or are there other females that feels the same way?

The movie, well, the movie was great. Totally action packed, with a few choice Wolverine anecdotes thrown in for good measure. A mighty foe in the form of a blonde Viper and an adamantium Samurai.

Suffice to say, I enjoyed my solitary movie evening. Now I’m just waiting for the next Riddick to be released and then I can end this year of happily. Since it is almost the end. My peach trees are starting to push out blossoms. The jasmine has already started sending it’s lovely fragrance across the land. Only a while before the lilacs follow suit, and then spring will be happening in full force.

More on that later.

i was thinking about celebrities this afternoon. In between the cursing at stupid motorbike drivers and stupid blondes and stupid men… You get my drift. If I share a road with it, it will be labelled stupid at some or other time 😉 All depending of course, on my hormonal cycle!

Back to celebrities. i don’t follow their antics. Might have when I was 16 years old, but really. I have better things to do with my time than to worry about who is pregnant and who got slammed for drug use. Although I’m never too good to laugh at them when they’s being stupid – like that name, is it North East or some such? Do they not have ANY brains?

Not what I want to talk about though.

You can get celebrity updates on your FB page. I suppose they each have a team of people just parking off the whole day updating their FB statuses, or maybe they do it themselves if they’re not partying or something.

I only have three on my FB – Vin Diesel, Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp. Maybe I must add Jason Statham to that list and Gerard Butler too which, by the way, might make a very good Roland Deschain. Back to the FB updates. Mr Depp is not very prolific. But Jackman and Diesel updates at least once a week or so. And since I started getting regular updates, Mr Jackman’s points have steadily dropped, and Mr Diesel’s has steadily risen. Why?

In my, admittedly challenged, perception, Jackman speaks at you. All about how hard it is, and how hard he’s worked, and I’m not negating that. It must have been a hard road for him and his family, and he deserves the cudos he’s getting. But he speaks at me. He does not speak to me. Almost as if he’s forgotten how it was to be on the bottom of the totem pole like most other people.

But Mr Diesel on the other hand, speaks to you. He seems humble somehow. Jackman posts mostly celebrity shots. Diesel, candid family shots, or shots on set of the new movies. Suppose it’s all self promotion, publicity without any real cost, because neither one of them is really my friend. I don’t even comment on their status updates. Might like it every so often, but really. They get in the hundreds of thousands of likes every time they post. In the tens of thousands of comments and shares. I am likely to get lost in the ocean of fans.

Then again, since I don’t really have an active social life, I’ll hand with my fav’s on FB. Good enough for government work, as Eddie Dean would say.

The reason for my references to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series – Roland, Eddie, is because I’m immersing myself in Mid-world again. I’m living through the battle of the Wolves in Calla Bryn Sturgis. I’m experiencing Susannah’s third personality, Mia, giving birth to her “chap” and throwing a very big stick in the works of the Quest to the Tower. I feel Roland’s pain when he has to make a decision that might affect his “ka-tet” negatively, but I understand why he’s doing it. I’ve read them before. Walked this journey with them before. And I probably will again before I die one day.

Some things are just worth doing more than once 😉

Day is done, time for some R & R – may yours be blessed.


19 comments on “Well, what can I say.

    • I read through the post again and realised how many words did not come out the way I meant them – I will have to do something about that! Sorry P!
      I have no idea of they respond to comments, probably not. Why would they?
      Hope your day is a good one!!

  1. Celebrities . . . never cared for them much. They do their job to keep the public satisfied, I don’t know to what purpose, really . . . a camp-fire and some songs or a little ‘show’ created by kids seem good enough for me. Movies are great stories, the characters will always remain fictitious, and the person portraying a specific character, well, stays fictitious, if you get what I’m saying. . . Nothing more, nothing less 🙂

  2. The last time I followed one of your favorites – the TV series Supernatural – it turned out to be at least eight seasons long, so I started at the beginning, but then would spot the current season in progress…laughter – fun, though.

    • The X-men animated series is not all that long P. And I loved all of it 😉
      And I’m happy that I’ve created yet another Supernatural monster – my work here is done!

  3. Sorry, Ms. g. I can’t even remember those two celebrities I posted awhile back. I can’t keep up with my family let alone other people. I don’t mind seeing Sinatra, though. Is he still alive?

  4. 🙂 Ghia, I’m lost here. Haven’t watched a movie in ages – and not by choice. I remember liking Johnny Depp, Jack Nicholson and Brad Pitt. That’s about as far back as I can remember right now 🙂

    • I can well imagine D 😉
      Those guys are still in the business, although old Jack is getting on in years – don’t think he’s done anything lately, but the rest are still going strong 😉
      Then again, you’re not missing all that much 😉

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