One good thing…

…about today. It’s finished 😉

One of the young chicks at work said today that a seventh of your life is spent on a Monday – you might as well learn to live it. Barring that, at least accept it! Suppose in most cases I do. But usually, Monday’s follow Sundays, and since i don’t always do all that much on a Sunday, I am not tired enough to fall asleep, and then I pay the price for that on a Monday. Then again, Monday night sleeps are usually the best – early to bed for a whole night of communion with Morpheus…

On to some news that was good today, and will hopefully become even better in the near future. Yesterday the eldest came to visit – see the dog and so on and so forth. Tells us about an interview he went to on Thursday. At a company that operates out of Dubai. He initially applied for the office manager position, but they interviewed him for a junior lawyer position. He got a call today saying that he’s got the job. But. The person doing the appointment has to wait for letters of appointment from Dubai. The kid has spoken to the recruiter, and she reckons that it’s all above board and that the appointment letters will follow. And I can only hope that this pans out for the kid. He’ll be in Dubai, probably a bigger suckheap than this country, but there, men are king over all they see. There the colour of your skin does not make all that much of a difference. Nor does your mother tongue. Luckily the kid in question can speak both French and Arabic which is only a bonus in this instance. It will be such a load off my mind, to know that he’s sorted, and busy working in a very cosmopolitan environment, creating his own future in a place where what you can do is more important that who your buddies are.

Of course, the youngest is still farting around. Suppose that will continue for a while longer – it is, after all, what young people do. At least he’s been in the same job now for almost a year, and is planning on moving into an actual flat. Of course, he’s moving into a flat with the current, 16 year old girlfriend’s father, but hey. I’ve asked him what he’s going to do if it does not work out, but apparently he’s squared it with the father. Suppose he will have to make his own mistakes. I might just go and meet the father face to face, just to take his measure and put the fear of Ghia in him 😉 As I’ve proven time and again, I can be mighty fearsome when I’m in the mood to be!

Time for me to think up some kind of supper. Since I have actual bread and actual eggs, I’m thinking scrambled egg on toast might not be a bad idea.

When I start at the new spot, I will have to take my lunch with me every day. No shops close by to quickly go and get something over lunch. I’m thinking, maybe I must cook a whole bunch of drumsticks and thighs over the weekend, and then just take two or three to work each day. Or mix it with mayo and make a sandwich. Of course, after about two weeks of this I’ll be growing feathers, but at least I’ll be fed, if a bit feathery 🙂 All these things I have to think about. But there’s time, to coin a phrase of Mr P, which, as a matter of fact, I have not heard anything from today. At least my phone’s battery is lasting a bit longer now. Still miss the man though – he’s moans and groans quite kept me on my toes optimism wise!

And so on and so forth peeps. A life spread out in 600 words a day…

Hope your Monday was a good one!

And here’s yet another twofer…


28 comments on “One good thing…

    • Everything that can be crossed, will be P 😉
      Chicken and mayo is good, but I don’t think I could do it more than about two days a week. Will just have to see what I can scrounge up for lunch every day 🙂

  1. Glad your older son has found a good job 🙂 One of my friends once spent two years in Dubai as her architect father’s secretary. She loved it, but you have to respect the local rules and customs, or you for it, big time.

    My son is still desperately searching for a job, the other one not having worked out. Nothing to do with him, but unrealistic sales targets which none of his group could reach. He’s 26 and I’m really worried about him. He’s not even getting any interviews. Yet he sees his sister, aged 31, who’s never been to university and hasn’t a qualification to her name, with the same carer job for the last two years. None of it is good for his morale, but, on the surface, he stays amazingly cheerful and optimistic. Hope he can keep it up and it doesn’t drag him down in the end.

    • I’m sorry that your son is finding it difficult to find something to do – it must be heartbreaking for you Sarah!!
      He must just hang in there. Heaven knows I did, and eventually it paid off relatively handsomely. What needs to happen in his life will – but only when the time is right.I really wish him all the best.

  2. I’ve seen pictures of the friend’s in-laws who went to Dubai for some vacationing, and it’s really beautiful, in part . . . The people are friendly, I heard, but knowing your eldest, I don’t think that will make much of any difference 🙂 following the drift, I assume you left the other job, and at least found a new one? I’m really glad for you! xxx Again, missed you!! xoxoxo

    • Ah young man, you have so much catching up to do!! But yes, I will be starting a new contract in September. Until Jan. And if it does not last longer than that, you are invited to join me in Moerlandspan just south of the Eastern Cape 😉
      As for the eldest, if he really wants to he can be friendliness personified, but I think life has been cruel to him these past few years. maybe Dubai will make him see how big the world really is…
      Happy to see you here again – it;s really been too long!

      • God, I hope it does . . . . really, but then that invitation has to be open forever! Then I will have the excuse to come and go as I like 😉 it’s amazing how one can hate the world for misery acquired in one town, say. I’m speaking in general. That’s why I like what you said, to see how big the world really is. I think one in misery at least have to broaden their horizons and realize how minuscule their problems really are . . . 😉

  3. *sings* ‘Dubai Dubai doo …’ Alright, so I’m not Frank!
    Doesn’t opportunity perhaps knock? Do some baking for yourself and have spares available for sale at prices giving a healthy profit!

    • For sale where? The place I’m going to is relatively small, but yes – I might have to start baking for lunch. might become the muffin Queen!!

  4. Congratulations to your son and his new opportunities. Ah, packing a daily lunch – spent two years doing both lunch and dinner for 12 hour shifts. The good news is you do save money from not going out all the time. The challenge is creating variety so as not to drive you mad… It becomes consuming after awhile. 🙂

    • Me and food, especially food I made myself – not such a good relationship. I have no idea what I will do to make lunch bearable 😉
      Might end up cooking at night for the following day, or make copious amounts of pasta and sauce and take a tin to work every day – time will tell 🙂

  5. Congratulations to #1 son. So far, not a terrible day, right?
    When I packed lunches, I used to take salad, sometimes wraps (a filled tortilla). I’m not much for sandwiches…In your country is salad a regular offering or do you even like them?

    • A wrap sounds good Tess. i can carry all the fillings with and just make one when lunch rolls around. I don’t mind salad, as long as there are not too much lettuce i – for some reason i’ve developed a major dislike in that!

  6. Things are looking up. I hope your son will get the job and as for the young man, you are right. Let him make his own mistake. And then tell him I told you so. Hey, making your own lunch is way better than buying lunch daily. It’s healthier and cheaper. Ding~ding, savings….

    • I’m hoping this will work out for him P 🙂
      As for taking your own lunch, indeed it does save you at least some money, but I just have no idea what to take.
      Suppose a solution will present itself once I get to that bridge!

  7. I’m glad to know things are looking up for the eldest. I heard a lot of good things about Dubai, although I’ve never been there. I hope he will make something out of himself over there. 🙂

    • I myself have only been through the airport once or twice, but never the actual country, although I know people that does live there,
      Put it like this, should the kid go there, I will definitely know a lot more than I do now about Dubai 😉

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