Bath time tunes…

It’s still cold here. Not quite freezing anymore, but not quite the thick heat of midsummer just yet.

Since electricity in the suck heap is at a premium, we are advised to dress warmly, use hot water bottles and cuddle under blankets. Neither of which appealed to me tonight, and since i am quite happy to spend a lot of time in a hot bath while reading, this is what i proceeded to do.

Fenjal bath oil, 702 Solid Gold Dukebox on the radio, Wolves of the Calla, smokes, some coke, and I was all set.

Here then, a few of the tunes I relaxed to tonight…

And this, the Eighties version of this tune – because it was my first experience with it.

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did…



13 comments on “Bath time tunes…

  1. I remember Jimmie Rogers and Kisses, Sweeter Than Wind. It was nice to hear again. All of these were. I hardly ever listen to music the last few years and these oldies are a treat. Hope you had a good night.

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