As if.

Yes well folks. It’s Ghia here, returned to the fold after a bit of an absence.

In my defense, I went to see a show on Thursday night with mom and her friends. Glory days – a very nice Barnyard production about music in the eighties – the decade i became human in, therefore, the decade that stands out in my memories music wise.

On Friday afternoon I was home very early –  so I decided to take a night completely off. From everything. Had some left over chicken on a left over piece of Panini with mayo & mustard, a deep bath and tunes, and finished my book. But I did nothing else.

Today was spent in much the same fashion, until I got back from moms and here i am, ready for an update of a sort.

Mr P. Have not really spoken to him since the fight. Or rather the slight disagreement. He chooses to interpret what I say as sarcasm, and the poor dear does not need sarcasm. And still, not a word to the contrary. Not once does he say I am not speaking the truth. And I suppose if my words are not negated, it’s because they must then be, in fact, the truth? But hey. He’s just another dude, quite clearly not quite as high up on the totem pole as I would have liked him to climb. And, as I’ve said often before. If it does not last this time, turn into something worth while, I doubt that I’ll even bother with it again. 

I have my road. I’m taking the first steps toward a new future. might be a brighter one, but I still firmly believe that what needs to happen, will. If there’s a decent man out there with my name on his heart, I will meet him. If I’m meant to be on my own, that’s also good – not as if I need a man for anything really. And, should I need any kind of expertise, there’s always people you can pay to do stuff for you. So I’ll just carry on as per usual, but saving some money in the doing – no more travelling, or taking food when I go visit him, less dishes 😉 Always a silver lining I suppose! Al that said, I do miss him somewhat. Was nice to have a like minded individual to spend time with. Somebody that liked the same things I did. Oh well. Some people are only there for a while – not all of them can stay in your life forever, no matter how much you might like that to happen.

The little fellow is behaving rather well. I’ve not found poop or pee in the house for a while now – I don’t know if this means he’s properly house trained, or if it’s an aberration, but I’m not complaining. I’ve ended up putting all my shoes in the cupboard. He started chewing on of my black court shoes, and I kind of spanked him, took the shoe away, and he went back to it again. I tapped him, just with my finger, not a major slap or anything, he did not even cry, but boy! Did he did sulk! Walked under the bed and would not come when I called. Real proper sulk, like only little ones can manage it 😉 He’s still the cutest thing ever though. Sleeps only on his pillow. I think I will have to start with the leash training tomorrow. Get him used to walking with me – took him a while to get used to the collar I got for him, but everything happens with time.

And then, something completely unrelated. Watched a bit of Antiques road show at moms house this afternoon. I have mo idea where in Britain they were at, but one of the people there had a doll. Made during the war. A little aviation doll. Complete with a fly suit, a very snazzy uniform and a parachute, in mint condition. and a very old teddy bear – probably from the same era. And I was thinking. Is there any toy that kids play with today that will last for 60 years? Anything? How many pieces of furniture currently in your house, bought in the past, I’d say, 15 years will last for maybe another 15 or 20? Cars? Stoves? Fridges? Throw away society. We don’t spend much time in the making of things, they don’t need to last. Perpetuating the disposable attitude. The constant feeding of the machine. You can’t just buy one of each, you have to continue making more and more money because you have to replace something or other every few years. Either because they break or because the technology changes and you just HAVE to have the newest, the best, the greatest…

Could be a big reason why I’m not all that functional in the current society. Much as I’d like a fast car, I’d much rather use old technology. Them you can hear, fiddle and fix it yourself without the need of specialised computer systems and programs and people. I like my old couch – might not be covered in faux leather and have a kick out foot stool, but it’s old and will outlast me if I look after it. 

Disposable. Furniture. Cars. People. 

And now, to end off with a few tunes.

This one on the demise of yet another possibility…

And the sadness when a good thing turns to dust.

And just a few memory songs. In remembrance of the Eighties and the person I was then.

Long days and pleasant nights…


20 comments on “Pffft.

    • Glad you liked the tunes P 😉
      Time, yes indeed. It does heal all wounds eventually – I’ll give it time to do what it needs to…
      Hope your weekend is also progressing swimmingly 🙂

    • Really glad you enjoyed the tunes P 🙂
      I seem to have changed slightly these past few weeks or so – much less in control, but a lot more at peace than I ever was before. Just taking the course I seem to have to…

    • He is a very cute sulker Col 😉
      It’s a good thing that he seems to have stopped the carpet pooping – not something I have quite the stomach for actually…

  1. Glad to see you posting. I love that you took time to take care of yourself and the bonding ongoing with Ben. Mr. P was certainly there when you needed him during the break-in. Hope the leash training (of Ben, of course – :)) goes well.

    • He was indeed there for me P – and that I appreciate a lot. Which makes this even more sad. Don’t suppose I can do anything to change his mind – I am what I am, no changing that at this late stage.
      As for Ben – the bonding is continuous. When I pick him up he puts his front paws on either side of my neck and just rests his head on my shoulder – quite the cutest thing ever 🙂

  2. Like your comment above, Ghia – not in control, but more or less at peace. I feel the same – kind of safe in the knowledge that I’ve survived worse. Would be nice to have a bit of a break though……And soon 🙂

  3. Yes, the whole disposable society thing really bugs me. I don’t have much modern furniture in my house and usually try to keep the electronics limping on until there is no hope for them. Fortunately, I like the challenge of trying to fix things, but something that really rattles me is if I find out what’s wrong with whatever gadget it is and try to order a new part, only to be told the dimensions have been changed slightly and won’t fit. Planned obsolescence, I think they call it. I call it a bloody waste of money and resources.

    • Feeding the machine Sarah. You have to keep working, earning so you can spend more money on stuff that your parents quite happily did without.
      Only a matter of time before it comes to a grinding halt…

    • Mr P, here, not here – I do miss him, but really. Life is way too short to sweat every little thing 😉
      The pup is indeed keeping me on my toes!!

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