has come and gone.

With little fanfare, as it usually does.

I was thinking today. How little it costs to be friendly to a stranger.

Lately I’ve had to give people a schpiel about the company I work for., Trying to get them to buy stuff, or at least look at the stuff. Of course, I’m loving the crap out of it since I’m just such a natural sales person…

Anyhow. Spoke to one stuck up lady today, and I was getting ready to just tell everybody to go and get stuffed because I just aint doing this anymore. And then I girded the loins, pulled up my big girl panties and said, “Certainly, I will note that on my system.” Made a note, and moved on to the next one. Luckily the stuck up cows are few and far between, yet they can actually can the whole day’s worth of good feelings.

And you must know by now how difficult it is for me to hold on to any good feelings I might have managed to garner what with traffic, and constant phone calls, hunger, nicotine cravings…

Yes. Often it sucks to be me.

And then I get home. Since the inside was ransacked, I tend to be outside a bit more. I’ve taken to feeding the wild birds with seed I bought, So I planted the feeder right next to the pond. Now, I get home each evening, make myself a cuppa and I go outside to feed the few fish that’s left, and put food in the bird feeder. And there I sit, listening to the water run, the tweets of the birds in the tree, and I try and soak up as much of nature’s tranquility as I can through the cars and the dogs barking.

Yet, I don’t suppose all is lost just yet, even though it might feel like that. Not that I’ve heard anything about the job, but Mr P is still in the wings, I still have electricity in the house, a car, petrol in said car, the actual house for however long that may last. Options are few. Money even fewer. But insulin levels are still fine which means the pancreas is still in working order, so I should be thankful…

Another day older and deeper in debt – the motto I seem to have made my own 🙂

Long days and pleasant nights…

23 comments on “Humpday.

  1. Stuck up cows. I just don’t get them. They sit on the bog and crap like the rest of us, yet they walk around as if they’ve a cork stuck up their backsides and bitter lemons up their nostrils. It’s just so, so hard not to let them ruin a day with their toxicity.

    I love the image of you sitting by your pond in the evening, feeding the fish and the birds 🙂

    • You hit the nail right on the head Sarah!!! People seem to really think that ANYTHING they do on this earth is oh, so important when, at the end of the day, they will die, and they will shit themselves when they do it – difficult to think yourself important when you see it like that!!
      As for the pond gazing – it really is quite soothing. All the cats and dogs also sit next to me – a happy family gathering 😉
      It’s my moment of breathing these days…

    • It’s a good way to put back what people insist on taking out of me P.
      I suppose the analogy of death and defecation might have been slightly harsh, but it is what it is, to quote Mr P 🙂

      • Being that I’m a nurse, I see nothing harsh about that analogy and certainly in the mood it was written it definitely gets the point across. Not a lot of things I can say, “That’s true,” to but I can to Mr. P’s quote. 🙂

    • it definitely makes one calm down a few notches Tess. I’m very happy that I eventually finished my pond – had I known what a tranquil spot it would turn out to be I would have finished it sooner!

  2. I am sorry you’re going thru these troubles, J. I expect to hit the wall no later than Dec 2013, quite possibly before, except I’m renting with nothing to show for it, but also none of the headaches that can come with ownership. All I can say is I say a special prayer for “J______ in South Africa.”

      • I am doing as you have done, applying for work with no response. I heard a phrase the other day, “God’s Plan; God’s Bill.” Maybe so, but I’m actively listening – like you, it’s pretty quiet.

      • Then again, what needs to happen, will.
        I’m sure some of the people you know could help you sith something, but never fear – G-d is actually always in the wings, even if He does not say much.
        Thinking of you P…

    • Feeding the birds is kind of more for me to enjoy than to feed them 😉
      But I am trying to get more birds into my garden – they will help with the pesky termites and things. Hopefully the frogs will find a haven here soon, and then I’ll have a whole symphony of sounds!!
      Kindness, well, I think more and more people are under the misconception that manners is not needed – a pitiful state of affairs indeed…

  3. :)) Just really liked this because I could relate to it sooooo well. Only, in my life, there’s no mr P and the place I live in isn’t my own, but then again I have no debts either…. just could relate to it anyway. May the Force be with us, Ghia. Trying times ahead……. but nothing lasts forever, the wheel’s got to turn. Just has to 🙂

    • We each have some things to be thankful for D. Little, big, no matter – we have them if we think about it.
      And yes. The wheel will turn – we can’t be at the bottom all the time!

    • Well, well, look what the cat drug in!! Who’s the stranger I wonder?
      If nothing else, I hope you had a good holiday fishing and drinkin’ beer 😉
      Good to have you back Sir!

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