Just an update.

And a quick one at that.

Sitting in the dining room with the laptop not on power, so I’d better rush this.

The interview this morning went remarkably well. Was more of a chat than an interview. I don’t doubt that I could do the actual job, as long as I keep my head down, and just get on with it. Small company that seems to be doing well for themselves, prepared to pay a mostly decent salary, and I do think I could fit in there nicely if given the chance.

Completely out of my hands now. There will be water if G-d wills it, to quote the King. Stephen King that is. I did my part, Spoke candidly to the woman, now it’s up to my road as to what follows.

Got a very unexpected phone call from the youngest this evening. Was nice to just chat to the kid. I have to admit, I quite miss him, but I suppose that’s the way things have to be, not so?

5% power warning just happened. Let me leave you for now – tomorrow we will all receive the strength needed to face the day anew…


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