And so it goes…

Another Monday has almost bitten the dust.

At least this week will be a short one – we have a public holiday here on Friday. Women’s day. Think a  bunch of chicks marched to somewhere on this day about 600 years ago. But they were black chicks, so now we’re commemorating it.

Of course, I’ll just be parking off – either here at my de-sanctified house, or at Mr P’s spot. I don’t much care either way why the holiday is there. I’ll not get paid for that day because I’ll not be working on it, so yes. Thanks Government, Fact that you changed Day of the Vow to some such shit like reconciliation day or something because a bunch of whiteys marched on that day about 900 years ago – totally besides the point I suppose. I just have to take everything you sling my way.

Asked a moving company for a quote on moving my stuff 750 km’s from my current abode. Got it back today – 60k. Probably more because petrol is just going up and up and up – another thank you to the government farts. Back to the 60k. That’s a crapload of money. If I sell the house for a decent profit, I should be able to afford it, but is it really worth it? Should I really sell all my treasures just because the screwed up government will not allow me to work?

See how they are directly affecting me?

I’m white and middle aged. The people that want me to work for them reckons they can’t afford me, and even if they want to pay a living wage, the government will not allow them because white people are not allowed to earn a living according to them.

So, I decided to sell my house. But, because they petrol price is so high, pushing everything else up, people are not buying houses. So I’m stuck.

And now I find out how much it will cost for me to move my crap with me, so I’m surrounded by at least something familiar when I get to a completely unfamiliar place.


Get some more screws turned into your head Ghia. You clearly don’t have enough already.

Now I have to start selling my own stuff so I can get out of the hell hole. I don’t know man. Don’t think I could live with doing that. So I’m going to find out if I can rent a truck and drive it down. Or buy a container and ship it via the railway.

Or maybe I must go back to the original idea of self removal – then this will all just go away not so?

Also, I have this interview tomorrow. Wanted to wear my new black skirt, but apparently the thief thought his girlfriend’s fat ass would look better in my fucking skirt than my fat ass does, so he did some more affirmative shopping. Of course, they took the only pair of black pants that fit me well.

But I should be thankful that I was not at home. They might have killed me had I been here. The way I feel now, they would have been the dead ones and me just hurt. Rage is a good motivator, and mine is climbing by the day. And I don’t even own a gun…

I’m being forced out. Fine. I’ll go. But stop screwing with me every chance you get – it’s beginning to irk me.

And then this person accepted my friend request on FB. Can’t even remember when I sent it, but the acceptance was done in the couple’s names. Meaning they have a couple FB account. How nauseatingly sweet is that!! FML! Really people. I’m happy that you eventually found a dude prepared to put up with your particular brand of shit, but really. Collective FB account? Seriously? Much as I’d like to have my own shit-eater, I think I’ll be keeping my own, individual FB account if you don’t mind. As well as my individual character. Alas, my individual character has not quite been conducive to finding my own shit-eater, so maybe I should change it. Quite likely, life will actually just happen regardless of what I decide.

Suppose I’ll just have to go with that particular flow…

18 comments on “And so it goes…

    • Thanks P. I’m also hoping that it will be a positive reinforcement of a life that’s starting to seem less than positive every day.
      Thanks for all your positive and good thoughts!

    • Have to say Tess, it was a good interview – more of a chat than anything else.
      That being said though, it does not mean I will get the job – that’s not in my hands.
      Here’s to hope – always alive in my heart…

  1. Ghia, jy moet sien hoe lyk dit hier van die inbrake – deur plankvloere, deur dakke, selfs deur mure. Dis om van te kots. Dikwels is die skade aan die eiendom groter as die die waarde van die gesteelde goedere want niemand hier is juis ryk nie.
    R60 000 is WAYYYY too much. Ek weet nie hoeveel goed jy het nie, maar ek sou anyway nie deur ‘n removal company werk nie – hulle is te duur. Dalk is daar mense op, bv. Philipstown of omgewing wat trokke het / goed kan ry? Daar’s altyd iemand wat iemand ken wat iemand ken. Dit sal nie verniet wees nie en ook sekere frustrasies meebring maar dit sal ook nie R60 000 wees nie. Good luck met als.

    • Ek het baie goed! Kan seker van party van dit ontslae raak, maar ek is alreeds besig om na ander opsies te kyk. Sal dalk selfs goedkoper wees om self ‘n swaarvoertuiglisensie te kry, lorrie te huur en self af te ry 😉
      Ek begin dink dis hoekom dit so bekostigbaar is in Philipstown – dalk breek hulle daar net so erg in.
      Wat die dom goed nie verstaan nie. vra. As mense het, gee hulle met graagte. Maar as jy wil rondlê die heel dag dan gaan jy seker maar moet steel om aan die lewe te bly!

  2. Perhaps the thief was a transvestite and took the skirt for himself! Just imagine, next time he climbs through someone’s window, he might rip the stolen skirt and impale his love-tackle on a shard of broken glass 😉

    I know a couple who do the two-as-one facebook thing, but that’s because they do the two-as-one novel-writing thing as well, so it’s there sort of joint pen-name. Funnily, when I was on the same writing colony as these two, I always thought they were one person (a man), and they always thought I was a man, too, as I didn’t go under my own name and used a picture of a snowy owl as my avatar.

    • Ha!!!
      He’s already scratching his nether regions thanks to the curse I sent his way.
      As for the couple FB thing – it’s kinda cute. But quite sickeningly so. Maybe I’m just jaded or have been alone for too long, but I can’t see myself doing that anytime soon!!

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