At the moment…

…I have a man in my kitchen, cooking.

The last man that cooked anything for me was my son when he still lived with me – 6 years ago.

Quite the novel experience, i must say! Then again, the whole Mr P experience has been novel to say the least. We’re close to knowing one another for three months already, and every time I see him, we become more comfortable in each other’s space. He reckons the other day that i have a darkness in me that draws him. Yes well, maybe not the best drawing card, but it sure beats the possession of T & A as my only viable asset!!

Sarah asked if Mr P was part of my plans to move to the countryside. Me and him have spoken about it a lot. He might join in at some stage, but i doubt that he’s quite ready to get out just yet. and I can’t very well wait around for him to decide if he wants to or if he does not. as it is, I will probably go ahead on my own, make sure that there’s living space for all of us, start preparing the land, but i don’t see a less than rocky few months ahead of me, man or no man. Having mom move with me will make living space slightly more difficult because it will mean I can’t live in a tent until an abode has been erected. Yet another spanner in the works.

And now i come to the biggest spanner at the moment.

the agency that got me my current job phones me the other day. Asks if she could put me forward for yet another contract position. This time as, what they call, an administrative PA. The owners want to carry on doing good with the poor in Africa, and their daughter is currently on maternity leave, so it will be a four month contract. Until she decides what she wants to do. Not minimum wage this time at least, and they reckon, when the woman decides if she wants to stay at home with the rugrat, they might make it a permanent position. i’m going for the interview on Tuesday morning.

Now I’m thinking. Do I halt the selling? Wait for this to pan out either way? Or do i just go ahead and make my decisions regardless? Have to say, I’m inclined to follow the second line of thought. Because, should I land the position, I will use it to close up a few holes, buy things that i can’t manufacture like yarn and bolts of cloth to make clothes with, glass bottles for preserving things, sugar, beehive – that kind of thing. Because the less I have to use of the house money, the more i can save for when there’s a drought or some unforseen development.

I’ve also been thinking – if one gets a spinning wheel, should it not be possible to spin your own yarn from wool you cut off your own sheep? Is this not what they did in the old days? And why not still? Handcrafts are a dying skill. Not many young things know how to knit or to sew – why bother if you can buy the stuff, even if only cheaply made Chinese stuff in any and every shop? Maybe this is a skill I can learn. But I have to find a spinning wheel first 😉

I will go for the interview. if I get it, I will use it as a stepping stone, a means to an end. Because, for all their do-gooder-ness, they still don’t really worry about my personal future, not so? What I do after the four months are up is none of their concern, so I’ll be taking a leaf out of their book and not make their problems mine. If I don’t get the job, then I will spend all my time and effort in getting the house sorted, pack what needs to be packed, find another place to live in.

Maybe not such a big spanner when you think about it. I’ll be earning, I’ll be able to buy things before I move, might even be able to pay the move with the salary i’m getting, and every little bit helps!

The main thing is that I wrap my head around the fact that I will be moving and that will be it. Only a matter of time before that happens.

And that, I think, is the biggest battle already fought and won. the rest will just be details…

22 comments on “At the moment…

    • I’ll look everywhere H. so far, the only place I found that i could afford is in Philipstown!!
      But I will have to go around and look – see where I want to stay.
      and hopefully get a decent price for my house…

  1. Glad to hear that there is another potential job that can make things a bit easier. Good to hear that you’re also not just jumping into the move and actually thinking about it properly

    • Young lady – this move has been imminent for the past two years. I just chose to not see it…
      I’m not jumping into anything lightly, never do. I’m just getting more and more aggressive on the road, more and more disillusioned with the people I see around me.
      Going will be the saving grace for me I have to think…

  2. My son cooks the evening meal once a week. A skill he picked up at Uni. My husband doesn’t cook, which doesn’t mean that he can’t, but that he won’t!

    re spinning, can you grow jute and hemp in your part of the world?

    • I’m presuming I will be able to Sarah, wherever I end up going. They are hardy plants not so? And even if not those exact ones, I’m sure there will be something that can substitute them. i know we have sisal here – that I actually have in my garden, but I have no idea what to do with it!

    • Quite a lot going on here at my end indeed P!!
      I can only hope I’m making the correct decisions and not fall flat on my face!
      As for Mr P – he’s been surprisingly welcome these past few months 😉

  3. I agree with newsferret above, Ghia – maybe wise to use every opportunity you can to wait for things to pan out. The right thing will happen.

    • Absolutely D. What needs to happen, will. I’m in no rush to uproot my life, but if that’s what I have to do, I will do it, and only when it’s the right time.

  4. So glad the interview went well. It sounds to me as though you have and are thinking things through. I have two or three friends that spin, and one just sheared her sheep for the first time.

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