I’ve been looking…


For a place, outside the actual town area. So I don’t have to pay property tax to the, mostly corrupt and invariably bankrupt municipality. Because I’ll need constant money for that. And I don’t want to have to constantly worry about money for property tax when I spent money to take my living space off the grid electricity and water wise.

That means I have to look for a kind of farm. And it would seem that those are way above my budget. Not that I even have an actual budget since I have not put my house in the market yet so i have no idea if I will even sell it at a decent profit.

And so much rides on a decent profit. I need that to become completely debt free for the first time since I was at school. Β As well as the need to put up enough solar power and gas installations so I don’t need to buy electricity from the most corrupt and most inefficient of our para-statals, Escom. Water has to come from a borehole because the water supply in many places in the country is not quite a certain thing. And I will have to purify the water for drinking because the whole of the suck heap is basically also a human dung heap which means the ground water might eventually suffer from the shit that runs down every river and into every dam.

I might have to look for just a 1 hectare plot. Outside the town area, with space for a few smallish houses, a cow or two, some rabbits, probably pigs and chickens too. Just a smallholding somewhere with water in the earth and from the sky where we can try to become as self sufficient as possible.

Of course, I won’t get away from money completely. Doubt that my internet service provider will accept payment for my bandwidth in chickens or eggs!! And that’s why I should not be too far from a town so I can flog the extra to people that still wants to feed the machine.

And there’s lots to grow on a smallholding that the machine feeders will buy – smoked chickens, fresh veggies, maybe some jams and things. Home made stuff always tastes better than the store bought things.

As long as I don’t have to do the actual human dealing – will leave that to mom and aunt!

Still. Moving to the country side, no matter how good the intentions, will never be Nirvana. If anything it will be a hard, uphill battle, but at least I’ll be at home when I need to be there. I will see when the seeds sprout. When the insects come to eat what I planted. I will be available to the land all the time.

Might even grow a few tobacco plants and roll my own smokes πŸ˜‰ Although it will be closer to a cigar than a smoke, but hey – I plan to die used up, not fresh!

And on that note – let me go get me some. Smokes that is…

Long days and pleasant nights.


23 comments on “I’ve been looking…

    • This venture P, is the stuff nightmares seems to be made of!! I can only hope I will find a place and that my house sells well.
      As for Ms Lang – she is quite a cool chick πŸ˜‰

    • I’m not any less vulnerable here Col. At least in the countryside I won;t have to deal with the cretinous taxi drivers!!
      Water, yes. Water is the main thing. Without is none can survive…

      • That is true – unless you open a service!
        I nearly got caught with a property with the only source of water a spring which dried up with monotonous regularity …

      • I think I might have to invest in a double walk hail gun – that should scare most vermin away!!
        I will make a careful selection once I know where I want to settle.
        They always say I’m a hard woman – might as well use that hardness in my negotiations πŸ˜‰

    • Herman, a lot of people feel that the WC is the place to be.
      Me, I want to get away from people, and the Capetonians are some of the worst snobs I’ve ever come across!!
      I’ll stick to the Transvaal thanks.
      At least here the wind does not blow 360 days of the year πŸ™‚

  1. What a change to your life this would mean. At my age, I don’t mind being alone and away from people. It’s the surviving that needs attention. Good luck. Certainly, you’ll need more time to make a plan? Look around? Be sure?

    • An enormous change Tess. Quite scary really. But it’s the only option l have since there’s no employment to be had for me.
      I can only hope that survival will indeed happen!!

  2. Wow, I never thought it’s so complicated just to get a decent place to live in your country. I’m sorry to hear about the corruption. Don’t smoke, that extra $$$ to spend.

  3. It sounds like really hard work. I’d be a bit frightened living on my own in the middle of the countryside, unless I owned a shotgun with plenty of spare ammo and had a pack of fierce dogs to guard me (or Bruce Willis), but then I’m a bit of a coward. I suppose even in the city, if you scream, nobody listens.

    Or is Mr P part of your plan?

    • I’m more frightened of being surrounded by people than to not be Sarah – not because I’m afraid of them, but because I’m afraid of what i might do to them πŸ˜‰
      I will have my dogs, might get a big black one before i go, will have geese as watch dogs, but in this country, nowhere is really safe. Safer maybe, in some places, but never really safe.
      As for Mr P – it’s early days. He might join up later, he might not. I’d like him to go with, since i can use his skills and abilities, and I quite like having him around, but one thing about people that i know very well – if they feel coerced even slightly, they will balk like donkeys and not move. He’s a big boy – needs to make his own decisions. And I’m not planning on staying in the cesspit any longer than I really have to and a man is certainly not going to make me do that!! Life will happen as it needs to, and I will make it regardless…

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  5. At least you’re thinking about it, Ghia. Thinking and planning, that’s the hard part, initially, I think.
    Everywhere there is a price to pay – New York to Paris to Putsonderwater. You just have to figure out what that price is and whether you’re willing to pay it, I suppose.
    In the good old Z of A you of course have to take into account A LOT of (totally unpredictable) variables when considering the cost, but such is life around here.

    • I’m as unsafe here, in my house, in the middle of a suburb, than I will be on a farm, surrounded by open areas and my actual family Esperanza.
      Nowhere does a place exist where you will be 100% safe, other than Nkandla πŸ™‚

  6. Ghia, the first step is always the hardest and you have taken it in your mind, so now it’s a matter of looking around as you said. In the meantime, the one constant in life is change – whether we choose it or not. It may be in your search, you find another way that is even better than what you have imagined so far. This is, after all, the same woman who built a pond. You’re in my prayers. Best ~ P – I do like the sound of a mighty big shotgun and four dogs!

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