Yes, such a word actually exists. On the internet in any case…

the erraticness of my posts these days have much to do with the upheaval that I’m still experiencing.

Yesterday the chick that got me the current, minimum wage job, phones and asks if she can put me forward for another job. Four month contract, NOT minimum wage, but also not permanent. Possibility if the owner’s daughter decides to stay at home with her soon to be new-born ankle biter. Again, at the mercy of the, usually less than merciful, employer. Anyway. I’ve not gone for that interview yet, so time will tell if i get to stay here or not – AGAIN!

What this post is really about though.

Traffic. As seen through my eyes. I can’t speak for other people, I don’t know how they experience traffic in the Suck Heap.

Me? I hate it. But then, I’m beginning to hate the Suck Heap too. a long time in coming, but living in the Southern tip of Africa is not for the faint hearted.

You see, we have taxi’s here. I can’t speak for taxi’s in any other part of the world – the only places I’ve ever traveled in a taxi outside my particular suck heaps’s borders were in other countries where road rules seem to be something other people do, so no help there. I’ve only ever known chaos from taxi’s.

We’re not talking about a cab sedan here. We’re talking a minibus. Think they can fit maximum 15 people. And then they travel between the major centres of the land taking people to and from work. They drive where they like. They stop where they like. When they like. They will push in in front of you if given only a smidgeon of space. If the space does not exist, and you’re scared, they make space. This morning I saw one loading and off loading passengers – not on the pavement, or possibly in a side street. No, he stopped in the actual road whare other people are waiting to drive on. Neither he nor his passengers were in any hurry to move along so as not to cause a traffic jam. you see, that’s their right as citizens of the suck heap to be picked up and dropped off where ever and when ever they want to be dropped off. The taxi’s I’m talking about are not the expensive ones. They are the suck heaps idea of public transport.

For somebody that is used to a bus stopping at certain stopping places at certain times, this willy-nilly-ness is very grating.

Therefore, I make sure that there’s no gap between me and the car in front of me. I will cut them off when they drive on the shoulder of the road and then want to get back on the actual tar when the shoulder becomes too rough. They do this because, never let it be said that a taxi of South Africa has to EVER follow the rules.

And what happens of you don’t make way for them the instant they want you to? They threaten you. I’ve been threatened many times by these fucking arses. What on earth gives them even the inkling of a right to disobey the rules of the road and then to threaten me if I don’t partake in their particular brand of freedom? WTF?

Suffice to say, traffic this afternoon was not fun. Think about it. Where you live, not in the suck heap, your area. How often does a traffic light break down? And stay broken down for weeks? How often do you have power failures that affect all traffic lights in your area making travelling to and from work a nightmare? Well, here in the suck heap, broken traffic lights are a way of life. So much so that one of our bigger insurance companies and one of the liberal radio stations are actually paying people to be points men and women at these broken down robots. They each have a little scooter, and the requisite reflective wear. And they do what the metro police should actually be doing. Alas.

This afternoon there were 3 broken down robots in the same road. Took me 30 minutes to travel a section of maybe a kilometer. That’s where today’s threat was made. Anyhow. A traffic cop drives, with his traffic cop van, on the shoulder like all the taxi’s usually do. Thinking he was on his way to an accident or maybe to go see what the hold up is further down the road, I did not say too much. Woe betide me!! He did indeed not go to see what the hold-up is and if he could help. No. He pulled off to the side and started fining the taxi’s that did exactly what he did. But, this is Africa so the law does not actually have to keep to the law, they can break it as it suits them.

By this time the road was so clogged up the silly outsurance points people gave it up for a bad job and left us right there. Not their problem you see.  Traffic still backed up. Travelling at maybe 5 km’s per hour. And what do I see at the last broken robot?

A random dude trying to direct traffic as best he could. i don’t know why this soul did it, he had no reflective gear on, so it was very dangerous for him. African travelers hardly ever heed the actual law, let alone a lone dude trying to do his best for the community. But this guy, He made me cry. Because of the futility in this country. It’s just going from bad to worse. Every day a little more. And here is this random person that saw a problem that not even the law could be bothered with and tried to do something about it. A tiny drop of goodness in an ocean full of crap, and I wonder how many people even wondered about this person’s reasoning.

Often I see broken down traffic lights with no points men, and just a little way ahead there’s bound to be a metro cop just parking off in his car. Africa hard at work…

I’m getting kind of fed up with this. Feeding the machine with ever less money, and the money that’s supposed to be used for the betterment of the society goes one way – into the pockets of the current, almost despotic leader.

It’s really going downhill fast – if I have energy tomorrow I might tell you about the idiocy that the cretins in government are now contemplating.

For now, I’ll just try to calm down enough before I have to go and fill up my car with petrol. With money I don’t really have. But the government monkeys wants their big black BMW’s so I suppose I have to foot the bill for that…

And then I’ll go to my last dancing lesson because I can’t afford another contract.

Tell me again, why is it good to stay in the suck heap?

Anyone? Anything?

11 comments on “Erraticness…

  1. Time for a big deep breath and major pleasure distraction. What happened to all that chocolate? Forgive my feeble brain if you already posted it and I forgot! And, more good music, a good book, anything but thinking of the frustration that lingers between our ears with this stuff. Big hug.

  2. Oooooh, Ghia, reading your post just brought back soooo many memories. Mostly of the violent kind. If I ever have the opportunity, I’d like to tell you about the time I pulled a minibus-taxi off the road — nooo, FORCED him off the road. I was insane with rage (not anger). Only afterwards did I realize what a dangerous thing that was to do – I could have been shot, attacked etc etc. But I was BESIDES myself with rage. Psychotic, really. (That’s one nice thing about going mad — people, including minibus taxi-drivers, tend to realize that this is just a battle they ain’t gonna win….)
    Good thing about ZA? Sunny skies, I suppose. Is that enough? You decide….

  3. Sounds like you’re almost ready to blow the dust of the city off your feet and move. Have you had a chance to explore what that would be? I mean, availability, area, etc? When you speak of selling your house, it always seems as though that would not be a problem – people are buying in your area? Where you are thinking of buying, would it be hours from where you are now or days? I don’t know how it is in SA; here, we would take a couple of days or more to go see before selling. Might lift your spirits or at the least give you a sense of what is truly out there. Where you are sounds more agitating than where you are thinking of going. Just pays to know for sure. Blessings and hugs on you, J.

  4. Taxis used to have a bad name here but that was many years ago. They used to break all the rules but not anymore. We need safety on the roads not added hazards.

    You need some positive vibes. All these negative situations piling up are attracting more of the same. Sending you positive vibes.

  5. Well, we have taxis in the UK, but not ones that carry 15 people. Your taxis sound like a cross between our buses and some of the people-carrier size taxis that ferry people to and from the airport. Our bus drivers are polite, stop at the designated signs, don’t barge in, indicate when they should, keep to their lanes, and acknowledge you with a wave if you let them go first. The taxi drivers are less polite and are prone to tailgating, cutting in, and generally behaving like they’re king of the road. But I won’t generalise too much, as some of them do have manners. No way is anybody as rude as they sound in your country. Poor you. what a nightmare D:

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