A week…

Been a week since my life and my sanctuary was disrupted.

I have not heard from the people i interviewed with last week, even though they said they would let me know either way by today. Then again, we are dealing with actual humans here, and apparently that’s not something I have any talent with. So it would seem any way. Still waiting for the results on the tests I did more than a week ago. The people I currently work for at minimum wage now want me to try and sell stuff to random people. You know what? I will phone. I will get the correct details. Selling will however not be happening. Ostensibly the change was made so I could maybe get commission on any sales I make.

As I saw on FB tonight – Ed Norton in Fightclub. We buy things we do not need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like… I’ve been seelling my soul to the company store for a few years now – think it’s time for a change. Time to sit and watch birds feed in the morning. Time to dig around for eggs, learn how to make cheese and yogurt. Time to watch the seeds of my soul sprout and make leaves and blossoms. And, if that means I have to move, then that’s what I will have to do then I suppose. On the upside – might then get a chance to write the story I’ve been pondering for quite a while now!

Therefore, in all likelihood, it would seem that a move would be imminent. Not so much a question of should I move, but rather a question of when and where to.

Just a few tunes – because I came across them and I thought a bit of the old days might not go amiss.

Long days and pleasant nights!




21 comments on “A week…

    • I’m not making any hasty decisions Tess, but it’s getting closer to crunch time now. I have to find a job in the next month or so, or I have to put my house in the market. And I very much doubt that anything will happen now all of a sudden when it has not happened for the past two years…
      What needs to happen, will. I can only hope I will have a future of enough instead of a future spent on the street.

  1. What is it with people. When I promise to do something on a particular day, unless a bus runs me down or I’m in bed dying, then it will be done, or profuse apologies if not and some kind of idea as to when. People these days, so often make some throw away promise, which means nought. It’s another example of extreme bad manners.

    • Sign of the times Sarah. They are not the ones without jobs, are they? They’re sorted. Big cars, big houses – what happens to the little people that helped them get there is completely besides the point.
      yet another reason I would rather minimise my interactions with actual humans to the bare minimum!

  2. I upped and departed JHB for a remote farm in the OFS and never looked back. But the downside is the dorps are closing down and very little work to be had. I was lucky and took my job with me. You could think about raising chickens? Buy day olds, feed em up and flog em? People will always need to eat.

    • That has always been in the back of my head Footsy. Growing food. Only a matter of time before the big industries become just too expensive, and you’re right. People always have to eat. Thing is, these days, people would rather steal their food than pay for it!

    • Glad you liked the tunes P.
      As for the people – I don’t really care what they do anymore.I’m not the one in the wrong, and one day they will have to explain away all these little unkindnesses…

  3. Waiting is hard and some employer still say “I’ll call you, don’t call me”. As for the move, with good head on your shoulder, I have confidence in you. Love these old songs.

    • Uprooting will take a lot of time P. But I’ll make it, I’m sure. I’ve done it before, and if I know I am going to a better place, I can do it again…
      Glad you liked the tunes…

    • if they really wanted me to work for them Ric, they would have called already.
      Missed you to – hope things are well in your neck of the woods πŸ™‚

  4. It’s horrible when people say that they’ll call you but they don’t end up doing it.
    Being able to sustain yourself would be great. Then you wouldn’t have to be involved with the rest of the shit that goes on in the world

    • Exactly chickpea – self sustaining communities are going to replace big business in not another hundred years.
      I’ll just be preparing for the worst, while still hoping for the best πŸ™‚

  5. Marlene Dietrich was, is and will always be one of my absolute, non-negotiable favourites!! Thanks for reminding me. Ja,Ghia, “times of growth are beset with difficulty” as the I-Ching, wisely but unnecessarily, points out in the 3rd hexagram. As I am also in the process of having to make some big changes, all I can say is: Good luck. And always trut that the right thing will happen. It always does, but not necessarily in the ‘happily ever after’ kind of way that we’re all conditioned to believe in. That’s my experience anyway. Thinking of you and obviously I hope that all goes very well.

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