Dear Lord…

A prayer


Dear Lord.

I’m sending you this prayer,

in writing.

My mind does not still.

To give me a clear view of Your will.

I can’t see around the corners,

and bends.

I stare into the abyss.

The decision I’m on the verge of making.

The one that will change my life.

Completely, irrevocably,

Is that what You want for me?

Or do I just keep on,

beating my head against the same wall?

Deal with the same problems,

get further behind?

Do I continue feeding the machine,

the chase for more and more.

I’m prepared to follow the way You light for me.

I just need a nudge,

a sign.

Send me an angel. Even a feather will do.

As much as I think I know,

I need Your guidance in this.



18 comments on “Dear Lord…

  1. Dear God, Please hear our prayers. We ask this in Jesus’ name. I am praying to a great lady to send you Roses instead of a feather. Love and Prayers to you Ms. g. from P.

    • I’m just uncertain H. Don’t know which way to go.
      I’m at a huge cross roads – one wrong move can annihilate me completely. With no return from it.
      So I have to tread very carefully…

  2. Phew – heavy. All I can suggest is to choose what seems the most attractive road, and have a contingency plan if it turns out, just round the bend, that there is a hedge-to-hedge pantechnicon bearing down on you.

  3. I’m the #11 to weigh in and that means 11 people are praying for you, Ms. G. Sometimes, the hardest thing to do is wait for the answer. May God heal your heart and give you good counsel. Love HuntMode

  4. And when you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares into you – soos Nietszche (ek kan nooit sy van reg spel nie) gese het.
    Good luck Ghia, godweet niks is maklik nie.
    En..dis al wat ons het: luck… en liefde.
    (God is subtle but he is not malicious – Albert Einstein)

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