Not much…

…has happened since I last posted.

Went for an interview this morning very early – very close to home, so it would be better time, petrol and traffic wise. Might even go so far as to buy a little scooter. Not quite the Harley I’ve been dreaming of, but hey – any port in a storm I suppose. They will let me know by Monday. Or so they said. Time will tell.

I’m nowhere closer to my decision on staying and dealing with the city crap, or moving and dealing with the country crap. Suppose I have to make a list of all the city crap and the likely country crap and weigh the two.

I’m trying like mad to catch up on the blogs I have not gotten to this past week or so, bear with me, I’m starting at the bottom and working my way up.

Therefore, I leave you with this song. Just a random tune from my random playlist. Hope you enjoy 🙂


22 comments on “Not much…

    • We’ll see about the job P. I’m beginning to realise that I might be hitting my head against a very hard wall what with trying to find a job – G-d will provide what i need when I need it i suppose.
      Glad you liked the tune 😉

    • Then, very clearly, you have not listened to private investigations…
      Thanks for the luck with the job. At this time it is in G-d’s hands…

    • It’s what I’ve been telling myself for the longest time D. As they say in the Barony of Meijis – there will be water if G-d wills it.

  1. Good luck with the job 🙂 If you could cut out the travelling, that would definitely decrease the stress. I know that everytime I go out in my car, I hate the collective human race more. Bad-mannered drivers D:

    PS It was driving-avoidance that got me my flu, cause if I’d gone in my car and not on the bus, nobody would have sneezed over me. I should imagine public transport is a total nightmare in your country, isn’t it?

    • Public transport in my country is like playing Russian Roulette every time you get on a bus or a train. So much so that I have not used public transport for close to 20 years. Just not worth the risk. And not only of catching a cold – the chances of you losing your life is a very real one…
      As for the job – what needs to happen will. G-d has a plan for me – it’s becoming clearer to me as the days go by…

      • It’s often all about listening to the “still, small voice” and waiting rather than rushing into things, so you don’t miss the markers as to what that plan might be. There’s always a right moment to take action, when it all comes together and you know whatever it is, is the only option.

        Was I rambling then? Trying to say something philisophical, probably not very well. Maybe just to say that “G-d has a plan for you” is simpler.

        And here’s a piece of music to set you on your way for the next week, one that’s a favourite with our choir and one that I’ve sung as a solo from time to time.

      • Thanks for the lovely music Sarah.
        G-d only ever seems to speak to me in very quiet whispers. I’m hovering still. I do think though, that the only decision left to make would be where to move to, not if I should move.
        But time will tell.

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