For sixty years…

…my grandmother wore her wedding ring.

Only took it off after she died. My aunt gave it to me, as my grans’ namesake.

For five years I’ve cherished memories in the form of a valentine’s chain. A beautifully wrought bracelet. The pearls I bought myself because I’ve always wanted a string of pearls. The Donna Mia bracelet I filled with charms that meant something to me. The chain I got with some or other pink stone – because I always live in hope that love will one day find it’s way to me again. The blue topaz sterling silver ring I bought in Thailand.

Want to know what happened to those things?

Well, last night Africa and it’s inhabitants, struck. Now, some person bastard, cunt, motherfucking AF, is walking around with things I spent my whole life collecting.

They stole all my jewelery. They stole all my perfume. They ripped open drawers. They threw stuff over the floor. They destroyed the sanctuary I fought so hard to surround myself with.

Now I have two females supposedly doing fingerprinting. It’s not going to well. Would look as if they don’t have all that much expertise in these matters, but I’m letting them be.

Am I angry? Not really. I’m sad. And I feel completely hopeless. I wish they had done this where I could have had a fighting change of protecting my hard-won possessions. To let me see the face of my enemy. Not so. they choose to bite at my ankles like a rabid dog. They choose to slink on the sidelines like hyenas. Because, even now, I’m NOT scared of them. Rape me – I have the holes for that. My body is stronger than you think, I can heal. I will do damage to you if you face me head on. And that’s why they never will. Because, in essence, they are yellow-bellied cowards.

Monetary value, probably around 25 k. History, memories – completely priceless. Loss of income, such as it is, R250 for the day – whoop de fucking doo. Replacing the security door – at least R300.

Mom came immediately. My son came. The youngest was on the phone the whole time. My sister came. The police came after I got highly upset at their seeming inability to act.

The biggest surprise? Mr P. He came here. Braved my family. Stood by me, spent the night with me. This morning he helped get the damaged security door off, and he’s helping me to replace my door lock. He’s been an actual stalwart when I needed him the most. He was even upset for me that my BiL did not even bother to make an appearance. Can you see why I’ve been hanging on to him? He’s a person of worth, regardless of the fact that he is in the same boat as me. Because a person’s worth is not in how much he owns or how much he earns. It’s in how he reacts when he has to deal with life’s bumps. How able and willing he is to help somebody in dire straits. As he did me last night and is still helping.

I’ve been too horrified to walk into my bedroom alone. He was there when I had to do it. My son packed the things away for me so I could walk around my bed.

G-d has put me on a road. I have to follow through with this road, even though I’m scared to death of all the familiar things I will have to leave. I really do think that He’s telling me that living in the city is not something that’s going to be my saving grace. He wants me to leave. He wants me to find my soul in a place far from the madding crowd. And I’m inclined to believe Him.

This is yet another step in my journey to my own salvation. I will prevail. I will make it. Not because it’s going to be easy.

Because it’s what I have to do. I will thumb my nose at these people. I will prove to them that they will not get me down. I am an Afrikaner. I am a Boer. I am the reason this country still has a semblance of order. Me and my people built this place. We kept it going. We’re a hard bunch to break. A difficult people to hold under. I will prevail. And I will be able to hold my head high – because I’m not a criminal. I’m not rubbish. And YOU, Mr criminal have taken stuff from me. You have taken cherished keepsakes from me. You have taken the sanctuary of my house away from me.  But you can never have my soul – and with that, I am still who I am. And you will always only ever be a destroyer of peace. And what you would do well to remember. The energy you spread around you is the energy you will have with you all your life. And it WILL be returned to you tenfold.


So SCREW you!!!



31 comments on “For sixty years…

  1. I am so sorry to hear this, ghiatjie – and really angry about it too so I can just think how angry and upset you must be. I am so glad Mr P and your family were there for you.
    *sending the hugs*

    • If it was not for them I would have been even more floored than I am Esperanza.
      Even though I’m more sad than angry, the anger is there. They had NO right to break into my house and demolish my peace of mind. That bothers me almost more than the stuff they took!

  2. Reading this, I’m so sorry and sad and very angry too. We were burgled half a dozen times whilst living in Jo’burg, and that was in spite of all the precautions we took, like electric fence, burglar bars, armed response, locking windows and doors. Where there’s a will, ‘they’ will find a way for sure. I also had pieces of jewellery of sentimental value which were stolen, never to be seen again. It takes a long time after such an incident, before you start to feel comfortable again in your own home. It’s a ghastly experience for sure. Thanks goodness for family rallying round you and for Mr P being there when you really needed him. Hugs to you.

    • It has been a violation AD. Complete and utter violation.
      Only thing that I can hold on to is that they will reap what they’ve sown. One day this will come back and bite them in the ass. And they don’t know that I’ve cursed every piece of jewellery they took from me – the next person wearing it will not be a happy person.

  3. I am so sorry to read about this, JC. I can imagine how badly you might have felt. Good to know that P was there for you, as well as your mom and son.

    • Mr P surprised me completely with this whole saga Grace. He stayed with me the whole time!
      And it was quite one of the most horrible experiences of my life…

    • It’s a most horrifying thing P!
      Alas, it’s something that we in South Africa has gotten used to. The thing here is, if you have not been burglarised, you’re the exception rather than the rule.
      Thievery has become a way of life here in the suck heap.
      As for my rallying troops – i could not have gone through this if not for them.

    • Stuff is just stuff Tess. I will get used to not having my dude’s chain with me. What I don’t think I’ll ever get used to is the desecration of my sanctuary. That’s been by far the worst of this whole thing. Another reason why I want to work around my house – so I can see who’s there and who’s not…

    • Ek is nie bitter nie Herman. My hart is baie seer.
      Hulle het geen reg gehad nie. En alhoewel ek niks daaraan kan doen nie, gaan my houding teenoor sekere mense tog verander – dis onvermydelik…

  4. Thank God you are all right and nothing physically happened to you. And thank God also you have your love ones with you and Mr. P. Will send good thoughts your way, Ms. g.

    • I almost wish they came while I was here P. Stupid I know, but I would at least have liked a chance to hit the buggers with a bloody bottle!!!
      But my support was there when I needed it, and Mr P was the greatest surprise of all of them.
      I will buy him a chilly plant to say thank you – he deserves it!

  5. Oh man J, I’m sorry you had to go through this awful experience – such an invasion of privacy, lack of respect for other people’s possessions, made to feel insecure in your own home, the arrogance of waltzing into someone’s home and breaking things for them to fix and total disregard for the law by these criminals but then again what law? I’m angry as I think about my own experiences.
    Look after yourself girl and bless your family and Mr P for being there for you…*hugs*

    • It seems you know exactly what went through my head K. Utter violation. I’m more sad than angry though. I’ve never done any harm. I’ve just tried to live my life as best I can. And this is my repayment for staying in SA?
      I’m weighing my options as we speak – just don’t know what I should do…

  6. The utter bastards! Thank god they didn’t steal your animals. I suppose your old fellow was a deterrent when he was alive, because of the breed he was. It’s the thought of these arse-holes going into somebody’s home with no idea in their heads what kind of struggles that person has in life to make ends meet or other stresses. For some people it could be the last straw and make them top themselves. It’s mindless and evil.

    Glad Mr P and your family were there for you.

    One of my online friends had enough of S.Africa a long time ago. She lives in the beautiful city of Heidelberg in Germany now, and isn’t thinking of going home in a hurry.

    • I also think the old man kept them away Sarah. Next tog, a great big black brute of a pittbull. That I will take for training to eat only what I give her, so know the difference between friend and foe. I will introduce the friends. Foes will have to fend for themselves!
      I won’t top myself – will not give them the satisfaction. I do think I will remove myself and my hard won posessions from their targeting!
      As for your friend – she had the right idea. many more people are leaving the suck heap in droves but even in that I can’t – just not enough money or even know how!
      MR P surprised me muchly! He stayed with me the whole day yesterday. Just hung out. Spent last night here as well. Just to help me over the worst of the experience.
      As I said – even depressed he’s a better person than many chirpy people I know!!

  7. Sorry to hear about those miscreants of society breaking into your home. Just glad that you were not there when it happened. Most home invasions end up with the owners getting badly beaten up or worse.
    The loss of personal property is a tough one to handle, The idea of people actually being in your home and trashing it is something that one doesnt forget easily.
    Keep your trust in God, and those people who have stood beside you in all of this.

    • The stuff they took, while just stuff, has more memory value than all the diamonds in the world Paul. The desecration and violation of my personal space is not something I’ll easily forgive. I have to re-energise my house. And, had I been here when the cowards broke in, sure I might have been hurt, but by God I would have taken them down with me!!!
      Thanks for the sympathies…

  8. So sorry to hear this happened. These idiots will never understand that things have sentimental value, they’re not just money. Glad you had some support

  9. Ag, here tog, Ghia, wat kan ek se. Awful, awful, awful. Fokken verskriklik. Ons is aangeval in ons huis in Kaapstad. Man langs my geskiet in die bed. Daarna was dinge net nooit weer dieselfde nie, nie vir enigiemand nie. Ek kan op die oomblik ‘n opstel skryf, maar ek laat dit eers daar. Godverdomme.

    • My hart breek elke keer wat ek in my slaapkamer instap D. Elke keer. Hulle het al my goed sommer net rondgegooi, asof dit niks is nie. en vir hulle was dit niks nie. Net nog ‘n mens se kak.
      Hulle gaan daai energie saam met hulle dra. Elke stukkie juweliersware wat hulle aansit gaan hulle brand. Die parfuum gaan hulle ekseem gee. Die eerste keer wat some teef my skoene dra gaan sy val en haar nek morsaf breek. En eendag, wanneer daar moet vergeld word, gaan ek eenkant staan en weet dat my ellende nie ongesiens gebly het nie.

  10. Before I read any of the other comments, I am so sorry, J! Sorry for your loss, sorry it’s three days after the post and I’m just reading it. I am SO PROUD of your response – that is worth all the $hit you’ve suffered this past year and previously. I am so glad your family and Mr. P responded. I believe your old man, the dog who just passed, would have made them think twice or at least taken a piece of ’em, God rest that dog’s soul. You are in my prayers. P

    • I think my Old Man’s demise was the deciding factor for this break-in P.
      make no mistake. I’m facing my house with great difficulty. The energy has been desecrated. As melodramatic as that sounds, for an intensely private person like myself, to have these utter bastards come in and go through every single handbag i own, just to see what they can take from me – I will not forgive them for that!!
      Suppose I will manage P, I’m not the first and certainly not the last person this will happen to.but I have a choice in how I let them affect me.
      Thanks for keeping me in your prayers P…

    • Thanks Cindy!!
      The violation of my space is still knocking me for a loop – every time I walk into my house it starts afresh.
      Thanks fior the sympathies – they are indeed appreciated!

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