That would be the correct spelling of the word.


If you live in a city, you are bound to have neighbours. Some of them are utter asswipes, some are invisible, some will wave. Me, I’m mostly the invisible neighbour. I don’t wave. I won’t know my neighbours if I happen to drive over them one day, and they won’t know me either. Just the way I like it.

I might glare over their wall if their music’s a tad too loud, or go tell them to close their gate so their dogs can’t bother me, but otherwise, I’m mostly invisible.

I’ve been in my current sanctuary for the past 11 + years.

And now, I have new neighbours at the back of my property. Nice enough people, speak my language, also relatively invisible.


They have dogs. Like I do. Not their fault the dogs don’t seem to like living behind one another.

They have a huge Rhodesian Ridgeback and a bloody Spaniel – the world’s most scaly dog in my opinion.

I have a mongrel, biggish, and a mongrel, ratsized. The rat mongrel just can’t seem to leave the bloody dogs behind alone! All day, every day, she’s there. Patrolling the fence, hair raised, barking and lifting up and down as she does. For the past 2 hours, I’ve been listening to them carrying on and on and on and on… Whiny yips. Full throated barks, squeeky yaps, growls, long drawn out ones…

What to do? The biggish mongrel could not give two hoots. He just looks at this situation and moves right along.


There’s nothing for it but to buy her a gag 😉

Hope your evening is splendid!!

And, because I feel like running away more often than not, maybe you’d like to join. So come away with me…




29 comments on “Neighbours.

  1. Take your mut to the fence a few times and when he barks give the strict command LEAVE IT and slap loud and hard on your thigh to scare him. Old dogs can be taught tricks.

    • H. I wish you knew this dog. When she was younger, I would tell her to stop her incessant barking. I swear, she would look at me, and then an expression of f you would come over her face, she would turn around and just carry on barking…
      The idea that she would ever listen to me is almost too good to be true!!
      But, I shall give it a try this weekend when I’m at home – can’t hurt, can it 🙂

  2. Not sure if Norah Jones is my thing, I kinda like it, I like that it isn’t pop trash, not sure, perhaps a few more listens.

    • The only thing the rat is used to AD, is to constantly bark. At everything, Before anything happens. Two hours after anything happened. While the wind is blowing.
      She makes me nuts!!
      But I will try H’s advice and see – maybe it’s possible to get her to listen 🙂

    • You must let me know if it worked on yours P!
      Me and Norah go way back – she will always be a firm fav of mine – glad you liked the tune!

      • Not going too well. They leave it in that moment, walk (run) away from the slapping sound but then when there’s another dog, squirrel, siren, you name it, they’re at it again, especially the boy. I just wonder if some breeds, (rottie, sharpei) which are overly protective naturally are just going to do what they are going to do. I’ll keep trying and if anything changes will let you know. P ps.they do respond to the leave it so that’s at least something to break the cycle in that moment but…

  3. There is one other suggestion – you can’t lick ’em, join ’em. Put a gate in and let them share the two properties. Once they all get used to one another, nothing more to bark at.

  4. I’m with ya. The new greyhound has an entire vocal choir she exercises – very rare for a greyhound…. I keep trying to encourage her on “your indoor voice.” I feel like an idiot… Laughter.

    • I won’t really use a gag Gita!!
      I might want to though. Often, but I won’t go that far 🙂
      She does eventually stop – tonight there;s been no noise from either side, so maybe it has something to do with the moon or something!

  5. 😦 I had a dumb poodle affair that barked incessantly at nothing at all. I also had a near neighbour dying of cancer. Had no choice but to have our Charlie’s voice box removed. Thereafter he quietly coughed incessantly – Perfectly happy with it. 🙂 Good luck.

    • I had to laugh when I heard the sounds in my mind’s ear 😉
      Nobody dying, just me, of frustration 🙂
      So she will continue her barking at nothing for the nonce…

    • Thanks Esperanza 🙂
      I’ll try what he told me to try over the weekend, and every weekend there after – anything that will help, even just slightly 🙂

  6. Never lived in a place for 11 years – longest (by far) I think was 8 years. Good luck with the dogs!

    • I’ve always wanted a base D. A place where everybody could come home to if the feathers get ruffled. And the ex was a real travelling willbury, so here I am 🙂

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