Before I fall asleep…

It’s still early here at the southern most tip of darkest Africa – 19:05 to be precise.

Yet, I’m almost asleep.

Strong pain meds will do that to you, every time.

Indeed, the toothache is not gone yet. Caved and made an appointment at the dentist for next week Monday. If I will live that long that is. Last year I had an abscess. Had the same abscess on and off this year too, but I got something to sort it out. The current toothache seems to be because of an exposed nerve.

Choice no 1 – Root canal to the region of R1500 – R2000, with the possible added bonus of having to replace the crown at a cost of R2000.

Choice no 2 – Extraction, to the tune of R300.

The latter is much softer on my pocket than the former, but will make the available teeth in my mouth shrink. And that’s what I’ve been avoiding at all costs.

Then again. I doubt that the rest of my organs will fare too well with all the pain meds I’ve been taking. Because the pain just does not ever go away. At least with the stuff I took tonight, it’s giving me a bit of a breather, and hopefully it will keep me sleeping the whole night through, and not let me be woken by pain in the early morning hours!

Day 2 at the filler was not much better than day 1. The toothache probably has a lot to do with that, but when the dude came to me and wrote me up for 7.25 hours per day, with even less on Friday, I almost cried. In effect, I will work like a dog for the next two weeks, drive my car over bad roads, increase my blood pressure because the cretins I share the road with does not seem to have any idea of what you do in a road – which is not standing in the middle of until you decide what the fuck you really want to do you stupid female!!! I brave that gauntlet every day. And all I’ll be a whole grand richer. Sure, it’s a grand that will add to covering my expenses end of July, It’s the grand that will pay my utility bills, but I just don’t know if it will be worth it. These people seem to expect R100 per hour results for the R35 they’re paying – and I’m not inclined to give them any more than their money’s worth. And when I realised that they take 45 minutes in involuntary break times away from the measly amount I’m already getting because they’re just that cheap – I dunno. I’ll likely finish the contract. But I don’t think I’ll be renewing it for another two weeks after I went for the psych tests next week Friday. If that other job is mine, it means I might have a bit of real leave, without stressing about everything, just relaxing and shoring up my defenses. I can only hope.

I’ve made a big dent in my e mails, but I’ve not managed to get to everybody – and the damn tooth is sending out warning signals already. You must know how painful it is if I’m giving up dancing because of it!!

Hope your evening is a blessed one…


12 comments on “Before I fall asleep…

  1. having a toothache is worse than a headache. It’s tough, eh earning a living. Hope you’ll find something good about the situation. Thank you for the music.

  2. Toothaches must be one of the worst kind of pain. At least you got something that works!
    Crossing all toes and fingers that you get that other job, this one is crap

  3. It all depends on where the tooth is – if it is a critical tooh, i.e., front and center – getting the root canal might be worth it. If it is a back tooh, you lose crunching ability. Sorry to say, I’ve been in both positions. No fun either way and been broke while going thru it…. Sorry, m’dear – here’s to the new job post haste.

  4. Abscesses are foulest agony, and parting with money to sort them out is double agony. Poor you. Been there and suffered this three times in my life, but never as unluckily as you, under an expensive crown.

    But there are some people who can’t feel pain who are even worse off. For instance, those suffering from leprosy can’t feel pain in their affected areas, which means they’re constantly causing traumatic injury to themselves, resulting in them ending up with bits of themselves missing, especially fingers and toes. There’s still leprosy in some parts of Africa, isn’t there?

    The other day, I was talking to a man whose daughter had been in a car accident and had a blow to her head, which caused her not to be able to feel pain anymore in her face. This meant that when she had something wrong with a tooth, such as an abscess, she didn’t know it until she was really ill. Poor girl. And she’d lost her sense of taste and smell. Can you imagine that, when food is such a pleasure? Not so, some smells, but I’d hate not be able to smell flower perfume.

    Hope the tooth doesn’t prevent you dancing. I know such has prevented me singing in the past, but I guess dancing doesn’t require you to open your mouth!

  5. Really hope you get the other job. Always gets me down when I hear about how (most) businesses exploit people. Why must it be like that? There ARE other ways.

    • Exploitation is the name of the game.
      Me and Mr p was talking about it the other day. instead of helping one another, they bugger the guy that’s already on the floor even more…

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