Day one…

…and counting.

So yes.

I spent today at the filler job. The cheap one. Not that I can’t do the work, I just sometimes feel some of the questions that I have to ask not being received in the right frame of mind by the questionees…

And then the agency person rocks up there so we can sign the contract. A whole two weeks people! And I get this long list of rules and regulations and how to work, and deal with the company you’re working at.

Moot I’d say since I was raised with a decent work ethic, and will not get up to the things the general populace is now getting up to. Heard on the news this morning that the Pikitup people are striking in JHB, Not for higher wages as is the general deal, no sirree. This lot is striking because last month a biometric time and attendance system was put in place – of course, curtailing their no doubt, myriad offences. And this month they were told that they will not be transported to and from work anymore. Well, pardon me!!! I’ve never actually BEEN transported to work and back on the company’s costs. I’ve always had to fork out for that particular privilege myself. So, I’m not feeling too sorry for them. They’re striking, and JHB is being covered in filth – life in Africa – not for sissies!

Back to the contract today. I looked at it and I was feeling kind of insulted. I mean really. These people are paying me a measly R35 per hour. Not a king’s ransom by any means. They did not quite buy my soul!!

Alas. I will adhere to the strict rules of the place. I will smoke when dictated to – they are being so lenient in letting me out of the cage for 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the afternoon. I will have lunch when it’s dictated – should be glad that’s part of the deal. In short, I should be grateful for the grand a week I will make there. Not even a grand since I won’t work 2 full weeks there, just 4 days in each. It’s going to cost me R 700 to get there and back, which almost makes it cheaper to just stay at home and sleep!

But I signed, so I have to follow through – another bit of screwed up-ness I was raised with.

And then. Last night I dreamed about Rusty. He’s the dead one. And he was standing here in my house, talking to me, reminiscing about the old days, and then I said, “And now you’re dead” And he looked at me and agrees, “Yes I am dead” with such a sad face. So of course, since this was a dream, I hugged him as tight as I am able and told him how much I really miss him. Stupid bugger. If he’d stayed with me he’d still be alive today!! Β So, I’m stewing on a post about alternate realities and parallel universes…

And, since the toothache is still very much with me, Mr P is actually now the one that has to help with my very fragile state of mind πŸ™‚ And he’s doing it admirably I must say. He’s not a bad sort, even if he does get frothed up and depressed and man! Can he whinge!!! Oh well. Such is life – we’re all entitled our little idiosyncrasies πŸ˜‰ And obviously I can handle his better than I could most men’s!!

Back to the toothache – if I had the cash, I would have visited the quack already. As it is, I have just enough to cover my expenses at the end of the month, nothing extra, so that will have to wait. I’ll drink the stuff I got for the abscess since it works so well for that, and hopefully it will deaden this nerve until I can get to the dentist to have it fixed.

Mom was just telling me that it looks like I will indeed have a job if I can pass the psychometrics. They’re apparently already putting things in place – reason she knows this is the neighbour took my CV and gave it to another woman that works there who in turn gave it to her husband – it’s clearly not what you know, but who you know…

And now I have to hope and pray that it works out for me…

Let me leave you with one of my favourite songs of all time…


14 comments on “Day one…

  1. When I hear that shite approach by employers I boil. Not going into that story now as the superiors saw me as an irresponsible directorate head and never acknowledged that I was the only one who could get an entire directorate in event of crisis to be at office at 2 am. OK I was not a Broederbonder, I was only a team worker.

    • I sometimes wonder why we do the things we do H. It’s not as if the world at large even appreciates it!! We’re just being laughed at by the bunch of them, yet we still carry everything.
      Oh well. I’d rather be me and responsible than be them and useless!

  2. Can’t believe it’s only for two weeks! Who offers such a contract? Hopefully you get the other job.
    I love old Frankie, he’s one of the best

  3. Good luck with the proper job. This filler one really sucks big time, and is hardly worth the petrol money you have to spend. Hope you can afford to get your tooth fixed soon. Didn’t you have a similar problem last year? Sorry about Rusty, but Mr P seems to be doing good so far. xx

  4. That song always makes me think of a roundworm … πŸ™‚
    Why do we bother with a work ethic? It seems fashionable to strike the minute any employer dares to suggest that some actual work might be expected in return for the pay. Then, of course, your pay is probably graded to the normal output, and not to the five or ten times that you will probably deliver.

  5. Frankie is one of my favorites, Ms. J. All I can do is echo all your fans – hang in there. Hey, here’s a dangerous thought – if this minimum wage job for two weeks gets to be too much… what’s the worst that could happen if you walked? Naturally you won’t – it’s not in your code, but you’ve that alternative and can hold it as backup if it gets rough, not so?

  6. Love that song too. En tandpyn is niemand se speelmaat nie. Right up there with giving birth, if you ask me….

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