…life just does not play the game!

Nothing to do with the interview, everything to do with a damned toothache!

It’s just there. The whole bloody time! And it’s a crowned tooth, so no real help can be given. Other than to break the crown and pull the tooth. And I’m not quite ready for that just yet. Will just have to get out the big guns and dose that sucker into the next year!

Interview went well. All of 20 minutes. The guy reckons he does not doubt that I can do the job. Now I’m going for psychometric testing on the 19th of July, and if I manage not to screw that up, I’ll have a meet with the regional admin manager. Don’t know if that will mean that I have an actual job or not – time will tell.

The only sucky thing is, it’s in retail. Meaning you work just about 24/7 with almost no time off. Then again, I suppose I need a decent job more than I do weekends, but that’s going to put a spanner in my plans on so many different levels. On the other hand, I might have enough money to take out another contract at the studio – so I can continue dancing. All depending on the salary of course. I’m putting the cart in front of the horse here. Let’s see what happens in two week’s time and then I’ll talk again.

And tomorrow I start work at the cheap spot. Still. It will bring in a few bucks, and I’ll not be sitting at home thinking dark and dreary thoughts.

Had a lovely day at home though. Even if I had to chase two damn rugrats away from my huge aloe on the pavement. The little brats seemed to be on a neighbourhood stroll, breaking branches off trees and such – good, clean, healthy fun, circa 2013… So the little twat stands still at my plant, on my pavement, and he starts hitting it with the stick he probably broke off from some other poor tree. I look at this through my window and shouted at them – your typical crazy cat lady behaviour of course! That made them skedadle sharpish! Bloody kids!!

I have to wonder at parents these days. Not because I have the world’s most perfect kids, not by a long shot. But really people. Is it too much to ask to teach your spawn to respect other people and their property? Manners? Values? Morals? Or does the world really have to turn into a free for all? Do they really want to raise people that feel themselves entitled to everything without having worked for it first? I actually blame the human rights thing for that. Because however much kids are entitled to clean water and schooling and shoes and whatnot, somebody, somewhere has to foot the bill for those rights. And it’s hardly ever the parents of said entitled kids. I’m also entitled to those things. Think it might go a tad difficult if I don’t pay my water bill! Or my clothing accounts. Or if I don’t work…

So sure. Be entitled all you like. But try and work for something first before you expect it to fall into your lap.

Little rant done. And so too, the day. Well, almost in any case. Think a deep, hot, bubbly bath is in order. Still have to figure out what to eat for supper though – might just be toast and marmalade 😉 And after that, some strong meds for this blasted tooth and then bed. Tomorrow I brave the R55, taxi’s, stupid females, stupid males, cyclists, motorcyclists – the whole gauntlet that is traffic in Johannesburg. I can hardly imagine anything more fun than that…

I’ll leave you with this little gem I heard yesterday…




22 comments on “Sometimes…

  1. If it is sore, maybe the crown is just slightly loose and needs a reglue? That was what I found was causing an abscess, recently.
    Glad you have something to bring in a few crusts, and prospects for more. Retail? Urgh …

    • They’ve been telling me that the crown is “leaking” whatever that might mean. It’s an old crown, never gave me hassles before now, and I can’t really do anything about it just yet, so I’ll have to handle it as best I can.
      Yes. Retail. Urgh. Exactly…

      • In simple terms, that means the old join is cracked. Then, with my dentist doing it, it is a matter of about five minutes to get it loose and use some of the now far better stuff to put it in again. And the stuff sets so fast one can go home and chomp nuts.
        The abscess has to go down first, of course.

      • if I can trust the dentist not to break it when they try and remove it, sure. I don’t, however. Will either have to stop aching, or I’ll go mad with the pain, but I just don’t have the funds to go and see the dentist just yet.
        And I can’t even take off work to try a government facility – can you see that ending well?

  2. colonialist has a point. Not good to try to deaden the pain. Eventually, you’ll be poisoned by the painkillers but eh tooth will keep raging. I know, I’m not a lot of help.

    Thumbs up some money will continue to come in.

    • I know about the painkillers Tess – they do more damage than not, but really. Tonight as I was driving home from work, I felt the damn tooth throb in time with my heart – not cool!
      Alas, not my first toothache, and likely not my last, so I;ll have to muddle through until I can do something about it 🙂

    • I’m trying to stay away from antibiotics P – now there’s harmful medication if you’ve ever heard of any! As a last resort I will use them, but I’ll try everything else first!

  3. Those darn kids, yes, parents where are they? As for the toothache, gee, I know the feeling. I just had mine pulled out and still waiting for a replacement. Hope the meds would work.

    • Kids – I suppose I must be glad for them – what will I rant about if not them?
      The tooth, the way I’m feeling now, I’ll pull it myself!

  4. I heard on the news the other day, that some people in the UK are pulling their own teeth as they can’t afford the dentist. Of course, our Prime Minister and his Deputy have immaculate shiny white teeth.

    Children. My dog behaves better than some of them.

    Hope your toothache disappears, fast. Good luck with the job, although retail is quite demanding, but it’s better than nought.

    • I’ve heard about the health thing in the UK. Don’t suppose it’s any better here than there, and our government facilities are still free, but completely useless…
      I much prefer my dogs, even the naughty one, to most kids!
      If the retail job comes with pension and med aid, with some extra cash to keep me dancing and in internet and tunes, with some time off, I’ll probably learn to get into the flow of things again. Suppose I do need a job more than I do weekends 😦

    • I don’t know chickpea – I’ve worked in retail before. Know what it entails.
      But a decent job with decent money and decent benefits – that’s nothing to be sneezed at.
      And, if they make me a manager, I can use that as a stepping stone for somewhere else if needs be.

  5. You and newsferret said it all, Ghia. Dis die verskil tussen ‘grootgemaak’ en ‘opgevoed’. Fortunately, since I have my own kids and as I grow older, I have absolutely no problem with addressing “entitled” behaviour by children (of all ages), whether it is in the presence of their parents or not. ‘Het jou ma jou dan nie maniere geleer nie’ seems to work in all kinds of situations.

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