A Sunday…

…and a post.

I’ve led a very irregular life these past few weeks. no routine to speak of. Then again, no real want to really do anything either. But that’s another story.

A few things has crossed my mind as ideas for blog posts. Some I’ll let simmer until they need to be written – or not. Some points I’ll mention here today – just because they need some outing πŸ™‚

Went to a maul on Friday with Mom. Wanted to get some decent jeans to wear to work. Can I tell you what a mission it is to find any kind of jean other than bloody skinny jeans? Some arses, of which mine is probably one, should not appear in skinny jeans. And if you insist on wearing them, since they are quite comfy, they will only ever be for casual wear unless you wear them with heels, which is something I don’t really want to have to bother with. Got a gorgeously coloured one, only to find that it is skinny. At this point in time I don’t really want to pay R280 for a pair of jeans that I will only wear as casual, so it has to go back, and the search for bootleg jeans will continue.

Another point of contention. One of our stores seems to only cater for miniature females. I can not find a female shirt that fits my shoulders. Even if I go for an XXL, they just don’t fit. I ended up getting a size 50 shirt, just so it would fit my shoulders. And I’m not even all that large to start off with! Therefore, I end up buying nice, roomy, comfy men’s shirts. Does not make me feel like a bloody great ox when I buy them!

On to the Mandela saga. It’s long been said that, once he dies, there will come a period of unmitigated and unstoppable slaughter of whities. That has actually already begun, but it’s neither here nor there. Listening to the utter crap his kids are getting up to these days, we’re just as likely to die of utter embarrassment than any kind of murderous inclinations!! What’s continually baffling me is the fact that anybody is taking these people seriously. They refuse to switch off the machines keeping the old man alive, because, apparently, he has to speak to the ancestors or some such. And while I have some respect for other people’s beliefs, where do you draw the line? How long must he be kept alive for no real reason? While his kids and grandkids are squabbling like sewer rats for everything they can get while he’s completely out of it. As I said. Embarrassing to the extreme.

Mr P. Saw him twice last week, and he came here yesterday for a visit. We’re still talking. Suppose that’s not a bad thing as such. Alas. He’s depressed. Not just because of his external circumstances, apparently he inherited it from his father that was so depressed that he took his life when he was 47. The same age Mr P is now. Suppose that has to bother him on at least some levels. Oh boy. Difficult being upbeat and optimistic around a depressed person. That does not seem to want to see that there’s more. Maybe it’s because his depression is a brain thing rather than my own personal, hormonal brand of depression. I’m talking in complete ignorance here. I’ve never had a close relationship with a depressed person. Not relationship wise, not even a friend. I usually keep any person at arms length. But now I’m in this one, and I still like the guy. Having somebody to talk to, somebody that does not just lie down and take whatever I dish out because he’s hoping to get laid – makes a welcome change. What I don’t much like is the feeling that everything I pour into his psyche just disappears into a black hole. Not even swirling around in his subconscious, it just disappears, waiting for the next lot. How long can I possibly stay upbeat in the face of such a thing? How do I keep both myself and him standing and able? Not that I really have to – he’s a big boy, managed life without me just fine for the preceding 47 years – will likely do just as well without me for the next 47 years. I just have to decide how much I’m prepared to lavish on him without burning my own candle at too many ends. Still. It’s good to have him around for the most part. When he’s not pondering the blackness of life or immersing himself in some kind of pity party, he’s quite entertaining, and that’s the person I continuously try to draw out.

Job front. While at the maul on Friday with mom, I get a phone call from a person. He sounded very much like my cousin so I was inclined to think it was a prank. In very bad taste, certainly, but my cousin can sometimes do these things. Anyway. This person turned out to be the real thing. A friend of a friend gave my CV to her husband and the husband came through with an interview. On Monday 9 am. When I was supposed to start at the cheap spot. So I messaged and phoned and organised. As I sit here, I’m the lucky winner of a Monday 9 am interview with Charles at Dions Wired in Boksburg by the Airport for the position of Admin Manager. And a starting date at the cheap spot on Tuesday, should I not be asked to start immediately at Dions. Hope does indeed spring eternal in my life. Of course, it’s already been spoken about that, should I manage to land a job there, I might be in a position to help Mr P also get one – what he does not know of cameras are not worth knowing, so I think he might not be a bad sales person in that regard. Also, he apparently likes people, so for him working on a shop floor should not be too much of a hardship…

Now, all I need is the Grace of God, and the prayers of all my people that I make the correct decision and don’t land myself in the crap as I’ve done so often before. Still. A stable position, even in retail, will be so good for my psyche. And I’m not the first person working in retail, and I’ll certainly not be the last. And, who knows? Things might happen for the best once I’m there.

And last, but not least. Disaster has struck the pond. In the guise of either a huge, water-loving cat, or a hadeda or something. Might even have had suicidal fish because I saw one of them on the outside of the pond as opposed to the inside. The water is still clear, the feature is still aerating the water, normal algae is forming on the sides, starting the ecosystem I wanted there, the plants seems to be very happy even if it is very cold, but there’s only one fish in there that I can see. And that one I don’t even see moving, just sort of hovering in one spot. Time, I suppose, will tell if I can ever keep fish in there without running the risk of them being eaten. Once I have a proper job again, I’ll get a stronger pump, just to circulate the water more than my current pump is doing. Think that will help so that not too much algae forms. I’ll also see for some decent covering so birds can’t see the fish to come and eat them.

I think that’s more than enough for an update. I’ll be sure to post something tomorrow after the interview. I could use some good news right about now!!

Have a splendid Sunday peeps!!

Heard this tune yesterday – thought I’d share it with you πŸ˜‰

And this one because the previous one reminded me of it for some or other reason!!

16 comments on “A Sunday…

  1. Place a net over the pond. I did it. As for the fish hovering in one spot it all depends on the time of the day. Ours are wild early morning and comatose later in the day.

    • I’ll go see if I have a net big enough for that.
      But I don’t want to make it too difficult for frogs to get in and out once they start using the habitat…

  2. I hate shopping for jeans. Like you say they’re all skinny and I look horrible in it. And then if I find a nice pair of straight cut, they sit so low that my butt crack is showing all the time!!
    Mandela should just move on, people can’t live forever even if they’ve got machines supporting them.
    Glad to hear that things are looking up on the job front!

  3. It never rains but it pours. Now it seems you have a job and an interview both at the same time. πŸ™‚ Hope one or the other turns out to be just right for you. Holding thumbs for you and Mr. P. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for the thumb holding AD – I’m always living in hope…
      As for the job, I have to believe that something good will come out of this experience…

  4. First and most importantly, praying with all my digits crossed you get the job!!

    Mr. P and depression: I’ve dealt with clinical depression at my job (with patients). From reading your posts and getting a feel for you, you are a strong savvy woman and you do take care of you quite well with riding the wave of what hands life deals you. I think you’ll know what to do should it get to be too much for you. My humble 22 cents worth (adjusted for inflation, lol).

    The pond: I had to look up hadeda. Thanks for helping my one gray matter get some use. If it ain’t one thing it’s another.

    Jeans: all of mine are hand-me-down. None of that skinny stuff for my tush. I’d be arrested!

    Mandela: what does one say to all this? You said it.

    Sending you a big cyber hug and even have paws crossed this end for you, if that isn’t the best energy to help you then…


    • No better energy than crossed paws P πŸ˜‰
      The depression thing – as I said. I like the guy. And that means dealing with the depression as much as I’m able. I will not, however, allow him to sink into despondency when he’s with me – not good for him or me in the long run!! I’ll just try my best and hope it helps.
      The pond, yes well – it will do what it needs to do. I wanted a habitat and an ecosystem. Apparently the birds thought it a good one πŸ™‚
      Jeans, I’ll try until I succeed. somewhere there must be one that fits me just right!
      and the poor old man lives on…

  5. Ms. g. You have a good head on your shoulder and a good heart. Since you mentioned God, I will take the liberty that God will help you. I will keep sending you good thoughts. p

    • Thanks P.Very kind of you to say so!
      I know He’s keeping an eye on things, I just hope His hand is over me when I need to decide what to do, or when the other people needs to make the decision about me!

  6. Jean shopping is a chore. I have a half-dozen pair and hope never to shop for them again.
    I have all my fingers and toes crossed for the surprise job interview and it’s nice to hear your friendship with Mr. P. continues. Too bad you need to work so hard when he’s depressed.

    • With all the styles out there you’d think there would be one for each of us. apparently it’s only stick figures that’s allowed to wear jeans!!
      Thanks for the crossing Tess – I can use all the good wishes I can get. Think if I start working a proper job again Ill have loads of blog fodder again πŸ˜‰
      Mr P, well, he just needs to be gently stopped from getting into a froth over everything – I’m hoping I can help in that regard πŸ™‚

  7. Ah, Ghia! What great news on many fronts – it’s the possibilities, as well as the outcome that keep the spirit going – at least in my case. That must have been an interesting moment in the phone call, straightening out the “prank” to a real opportunity. Re the fish pond, my friend, who lives in Las Vegas and has a koi pond says they go dormant in the winter – it doesn’t snow in Vegas, so I”m thinking it might be similar to your cold. Not sure about the suicide koi – one in every group??? As to the jeans – hah! Come here to the State of Washington where women and men are as tall and big as our evergreen trees. That said, I found a brand called NYDJ – stands for Not Your Daughters Jeans – their website is http://www.nydj.com – mind, you’re right, skinny is IN – however, I buy all mine on EBay and they range in price all over the map – I never spend more than $18 even for perfect jeans, especially on EBay, for “used” jeans. And I buy boot cut. They are made of a special fabric that looks fitted, but stretches and they are the most comfortable I’ve ever worn, while designed to minimize tummy and butt. Email me your size and let’s see what we can find.

    Mr P – hold onto your strength there. I agree with Mildred – you’ll know. That said, I’ve been around manic depressives, now called bi-polar and whether in a low trough or a high, they suck the very life force from you, so monitoring of your own strength is always a high priority.

    Chatty today – just so glad to hear of the possibilities! I will light a candle and say a prayer for you – about 11:30 p.m. PDT – which should be 8:30 a.m. YOUR time – every little bit helps, eh? Fingers and toes crossed. Wouldn’t that be swell for you!

    • Quite the mouthful indeed P!! Heavens!
      I’ll continue the search for jeans over the weekend – we don’t get the ones you mentioned here. I think, if we did, they would probably cost as much as Levi’s which can set you back anything in the region of $60 per pair. The ones I have here, that my dude brought me is a size 16 – see why I should not do skinny anything?
      Mr P – at least he’s not bi-polar. Not that I’ve noticed in any case. I know what you mean about the drainage. It’s perpetual. but what do you do if you sort of care for the person in question? Not an easy thing to deal with, but I’ll do it until I really can’t see that happening anymore!
      The fish will just have to hide themselves better – there are hiding places for them. Don’t know why one was on the outside rather than the inside though!

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