How long…

…has it been?

Almost a week since I posted – not so good.

Probably because not all that much has happened.

I got the job. Minimum wage – R 35 an hour. Translates to around 3.50 $. Cool!! Not much at all. It would seem that people are only prepared to pay monkey salaries, but they want lemurs to work for them, not monkeys. Well, this guy’s getting a chimp, and he’s still only paying a blue assed monkey’s pay, but I’ll do the job, quickly and efficiently. Not like it’s brain surgery or anything like that, and it will supplement the bit I do have. Might be able to coast until end August if I don’t spend a lot.

Going to try my hand at selling stuff online. Either until I find a job worth doing for money worth having, or until me and Mr P can start a shop of our own. Time will tell. And I do have a whole bucket load full of stuff that I don’t use, that other people might want – either because they’re serious collectors, or because they just like old stuff the way I do.

Things on the Mr P front is not going too bad. We’re still talking daily, when he does visit me, we talk, and talk and talk some more – apparently I like talking 🙂 Spent the night at his place last night. Don’t think I’m doing that again anytime soon!! He sleeps on a bloody brick! At least, that’s what it feels like to me! When I woke up this morning I had quite a hard time getting the kinks and chinks out of my poor belaboured back!! But it was a good visit nevertheless. For all it’s faults though, my house is still quite a bit more comfortable than his, so I think we’ll keep the visiting to my spot. And if I do visit him, I don’t know that I will spend the night again. Either that, or I’ll have to get used to sleeping on a rock. As I told him this morning – I’ve slept on rocks that were softer 😉

It would seem that our darling beloved free government is going to get their money’s worth either way. They can’t seem to get people to register for e tolling, so they just make petrol more expensive, making everything else more expensive and in the process, getting more tax on just about everything. The more I live in this suckheap, the more I realise that it’s time to go away before they completely kill any way of making a living.

Maybe I should see what the Botswana government has on offer. I heard through the grapevine that they are more than willing to import whities from the suckheap to go and farm the land in Botswana. There it’s not about your colour, but about your willingness to work and earn. And as long as there are people, they’ll have to eat, and if you won’t be robbed blind the way you are in the suckheap, both legally through taxes and illegally through criminal activity, you might actually be able to make some kind of living. Will give me a chance to try and live completely off the land, making my own stuff, living the simple life, out of the ratrace.

Anyhow. I have to now catch up with everything I’ve missed out on while I was following other avenues. Hope your day is progressing swimmingly!!


17 comments on “How long…

  1. Hi Ghia, try bidorbuy for online sales – we sell books there & haven’t had any major problems. Good luck!

    • Mr P’s been using it to sell his old stuff online, and even he says that it’s not a bad platform.
      I’ll have to see if it works for me as well as it does for him – thanks girl!!

    • if everything else fall over, at least there might be a romance of some sort blooming 🙂
      I think Botswana might be a worthwhile endeavour too – thanks G!

  2. So glad you got the job, but the pay is so puny. Will it cover your petrol, at the price it’s gone up to? So ridiculous. 😦 I also don’t do well on hard mattresses. They kill me. Botswana sounds like an interesting idea, and maybe you could let your house here. Hope things work out for you. xx

  3. So happy you got the job, poop on the salary but at least it helps and might bring another road with better opportunity. And, so happy you’re sailing in smoother waters with Mr. P. I’m with you on the hard mattress also. Wishing you tons of good luck things continue to improve. Big hugs, the other p

    • They’ve still got CRT screens Col. Not that those don’t work anymore, but the new technology is so much better on a person’s eyes. Stingy would be a good description, but hey. Maybe it will turn into the job of a lifetime 🙂

    • Hardly ever P. Ours is not a community of trust like the States and Canada seems to be.
      If I have a garage sale here, I’m more likely to be robbed at gunpoint than to make actual sales 😉

  4. Glad to hear that you got the job even if it’s less than peanuts. Something’s better than nothing right?
    Hope that things continue to go well for you and Mr P!

  5. Glad to hear of the job with the small pay – at least they had the good sense to hire you, eh?! Here we use; maybe try that or SA have an equivalent?

  6. Well done, getting the job. And hey, what’s this with Mr P? Improving all the time, by the sounds of it, apart from the bed. Being skinny, I wouldn’t be able to stand anything other than a double-sprung mattress, even with Bruce Willis or Johnny Depp at my disposal 😉 Did I just say that? Maybe there are exceptions to the rule!

    • Time will tell Sarah. Time will tell. It’s certainly going better than any of the others have so far!!
      Don’t think I’m doing that bed again though – it just kills me!!
      And as for Mr Willis and Mr Depp – there are exceptions to every rule, and for those two gentlemen, well… 😉

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