Life has not been uneventful in the land of Ghia.

Not momentous by any means, but not at all uneventful.

As you know, me and Mr P have sort of gotten to a mutual agreement. He tells me this morning he’s in a dark moon and thundercloud. And that he can use my skill and energy – a good start if you ask me. We’ll meet on Saturday, have a visit and a natter and try to figure things out – maybe we can come to a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Last day of work today. Mine and the GM’s, so they’re planning a huge party. Probably more so for him than for me, but hey. I’ll get the spill over πŸ˜‰

Sent a CV off this morning. Got a phone call not 15 minutes after I sent it through. Bargain. I’m going to see the chick in Edenvale on Monday and take it from there. Not a lot of money, and only data capturing, but hopefully I can get a foot in the door when they see how extremely competent I am *yeah right!* It is a training company, and the more things I can put on my CV the better.

And then. Last night. Took my son, sister and brother in law to the Fine Brandy Fusion at the Sandton Convention Centre.

Firstly. Let me just reiterate my feelings about mauls. Of any kind. I DON”T LIKE THEM!!! And last night was a case in point. Took me how long to get there. Since streetnames in the new SA seems to not be needed. Or, all the people living and driving in Sandton are so rich they all have GPS’s to take them without the need for actual streetnames. Get to the venue, and now you need to find parking. I ended up in the Sandton City parking lot that’s quite Β a way from the Convention centre. Therefore, my feet feels quite the worse for wear today since I wore heels for the occasion. But I digress. Once I managed to find actual parking, about 6 miles away from where I need to be, I tried to ask a security dude how to get to where I need to be. He could not speak. I mean, literally could not speak. So I went into the maul itself and asked a shop owner for directions. Ironically enough at the Harvey’s world travel πŸ™‚ Got my derections and off I go. Cornered yet another dude and he took me right to the sky walk.

And then, the actual exhibition. Since I was there with the co I work for until 16:30 this afternoon, I went to their stands first. Got the free drinks out the way. The atmosphere was lovely. Very genteel and refined, with a splash of noise from the DJ box and the main stage. Brandies from most of the big brandy makers in SA. I tasted 30 year old brandy and 3 year old. Had my first cosmo there last night. And something they called an apple crush or somesuch. And then I had 2 Fynbos cocktails. Made with brandy, rooibos tea, ginger liqueur and something else. What a winner combo that was!!! Something I could quite get used to drinking!

I drank, I got tipsy, I got better again. The evening was lovely. Fun and laughter, ogled the SA Cosmo sexiest barman of the year – what a delicious young man that was!! And his tattoos just made it that much better! Looked at all the people there, all having fun. Of course everybody was drinking up a storm, but hey – it was done very elegantly πŸ˜‰

Today, however, Β I’m sitting with the big thirst and heartburn from hell, but it’s a small price to pay for a decent evening out! Not to mention the bunyans on my bunyans, but hey. Partying again tonight at the studio, and tomorrow I’m helping a friend move.

Said friend’s not doing too well at the moment. She’s in one of those dips you get in life where just everything that can happen, does. Or so it would seem. Don’t want to tempt fate or Murphy or put ideas into the Universe’s mind!! In a matter of weeks. My prayers go with you Sam. What’s happening now would try a saint, but you are keeping the faith and doing what needs to be done. You will prevail, never fear.

Let’s hear it for endings and new beginnings. The possibility of better times to come, ending of bad times. A future, mostly unknown, with possible surprises, heartbreak, happiness. And life. Always life. The one constant, until you don’t need it any more. As long as you do though, might as well enjoy this journey around the Sun πŸ™‚

Long days and pleasant nights.


21 comments on “Update.

  1. I love this post, 68. Glad you had lots of fun last night, with the promise of more to come. The interview on Monday sounds promising, and even “not a lot of money” is far more preferable than none at all. Sorry about your friend. Hope things come right for her. Good luck with Mr, P, and have a great weekend. πŸ™‚ xx

    • I needed to have a bit of an upbeat post AD – life is too dreary by far πŸ˜‰
      Thanks fir the luck with Mr P – one always has hope!

  2. Taking the dark moon and thundercloud thing literally, it place Mr P in a strange paradox of dry-cold, airlessness, and weightlessness, versus, humidity, gravity, and electricity. Indeed, he’s a walking conumdrum πŸ˜‰
    Good luck with Monday’s interview.
    Glad some decent brandy made a tedious journey worthwhile. I stopped wearing posh shoes years ago. Birkenstocks rule okay, but only if they can be purchased hugely discounted.

    • Mr P is a man. Conundrum would be par for that particular course…
      The shoes, well, I wanted to look nice, and flats just never looks as nice as heels. I paid the price, but it was worth it πŸ™‚
      Thanks for the luck with Monday’s interview – I can use some of that!!

  3. Break a leg for the interview! (You do know that means Good Luck in Theatre Speak, I hope!)
    You really do seem to be mauled by malls, even to the extent of dumb as in can’t talk security!

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