..and counting..

the days are just flying past now.

Not too long then I’ll be on forced leave yet again.

Looked at the finances – if I spend next to nothing, and get UIF money, I might be able to limp along for maybe 2 months or so. Then everything will fall flat and I’ll either have to have something to do, or had to have sold just about everything I own, or I would have to be dead.

Not quite there yet, still following all options and avenues, but I’m not holding out too much hope.

One thing I did think of after I heard something my mom said last week.

If I can find a decent piece of land for not too much money, and not too close to a squatter camp or something, with clean water, I should maybe sell my house and go live on the piece of land. Build myself an adobe house with a fireplace or an old fashioned Aga, solar power and gas – no Eskom electricity. Have some cattle, a few sheep, goats, chickens, the whole farmyard animal thing and become a subsistence farmer. Somebody that makes just enough to service their own needs. maybe have a little left over to buy the things you can’t grow – either because of climate, or stupidity. Then again, if I can set up one of those plant tunnels, I can even grow the things that dos not suit the climate.

All just a dream, or an idea, but I suppose it’s something to think of. Then I’ll become an actual hermit!! For real! Will have to sell the car and get a bakkie (pick up), learn how to slaughter chickens and pigs, learn how to make soap from animal fat, how to tan hides for warmth, maybe even how to spin wool and cotton. I can spin the wool and knit things with it, but I don’t know what to do with the cotton once I have it spun – not like I have a loom handy!

Then again, as my son said when I imparted these little tidbits to him – Mom, you’re talking shit. And maybe I am, but it’s ever been a dream of mine to be completely self-sufficient. With no outside influences. Will have to see how far that particular idea can take me.

On a somewhat lighter note, saw the photographer again last night. We’ve been keeping comms going to some degree, and last night he accepted an invite. We chatted and ate, had some Muskadel – quite a pleasant evening. He seems to slowly come around to my way of thinking. Think the poor man was worried that I’m looking forward to marital bliss, when all I really want is some life-integration and a partner to speak with comfortably. As with everything, time will tell what will happen a few months from now since we’re both in the same predicament. But, his problems are his own to sort out, I have my own shit to deal with. A shoulder would be good right about now, and I think we can be mutual shoulders for one another.

Otherwise,life in the Ghia household is still on a relatively even keel. hope the same can be said for my fearless readers 🙂

And I’m chewing on my story. Think it’s something I can add some meat to and make a go of it, but again, time will tell.

Long days and pleasant nights.

And, just because I came across this tune again today, and I do enjoy it so…

24 comments on “..and counting..

  1. What a roller-coaster ride, with time running out. I’m keeping a light around you and good thoughts coming that something opens to help you out. And, it’s a good thing you do have the photographer to support each other. I really like your dream of sustainable living and you wouldn’t necessarily need a loom to get cotton/wool–you could barter for it. Love the idea of barter and sharing. But, then I tend to agree with you son a little in that it scares me to think of you giving up the roof over your head for uncertainty. Thinking out loud here while wishing you well.

    • If I can buy the piece of land cash, and build the house for cash, I’ll be sorted P. Not having to pay for where you live makes a major difference. And if you really get into the sustainable energy thing, you can make methane gas using animal dung, and use that to power your gas appliances.
      And if I have enough veggies or whatever, I can sell it, and be sorted in that regard too.
      As long as there are people, they will eat. And these days the buzzword is organic everything, so there we go.
      Time will tell – lots of research still to be done!
      But thanks for keeping the light around me – it is still needed!

  2. I’m glad things are sort of ticking over with Mr P. And tell your son that women like to have dreams and talk shit sometimes. It’s their way of coping. Ghia, dream on without shame 🙂

    • I just love building castles in the air Sarah 😉
      Brilliant past time for me.
      As for Mr P – we’ve sort of come to an accord of at least a weekly visit 😉

  3. It IS nice to dream because everything is always perfect.
    You are full of wonderful ideas and I bet you can bring any number of them to fruition. Happy to hear about Mr. P. At least something is looking up.

    • Dreams are indeed always perfect Tess 😉
      Probably why I spend so much time in dreamland!!
      As for Mr P – it was nice to see him again. Just hope it can go some kind of distance…

  4. Fearless readers? That’s an interesting name for us 😉
    Would be great if we could be self sustaining like that. Problem is, how would we blog? 😉

    • One can always blog chickpea – the solar power stored will look after electricity quite nicely I think!
      As for my readers being fearless – they have to be to read the shit that happens in my head!!

  5. Ag, Ghia, sterkte. You could always move to the “Dreadful Dorp” as a friend calls this place… Here you will live like a hermit, that’s for sure. But your subsistence cow, goat, pig, mealies, fruit and your handwoven clothes etc will probably all be stolen from right under you. Life as a hermit isn’t all it’s cracked up to be 😉
    BTW, I used to make soap from animal fat – the process of boiling out the fat stinks to high heaven! Ruik soos afval. Rather use olive oil (3rd grade, not extra virgin, the latter is too ‘pure’ for soap). Then there’s no disgusting smell to cope with in the production process 🙂

    • This stealing thing – does not work for me so much. That’s why I will have to move as far away from people as I possibly can 😉
      Ruik of te not – as die winkels te duur is met die olie gaan ek maar dit op die ou, en stink, manier moet doen 😉

  6. Now I have this pic in my mind of you slaughtering chickens. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but I suppose it’s good to be prepared for all eventualities. Your dream makes for fascinating reading, You must keep you house. You’ve worked so hard for it. Then there’s your fish pond. You wouldn’t want to leave that, would you? Something will work out. It always has in the past. Hugs xx

    • You’re right AD – I don’t want to leave my pond and my garden – I’ve spent so much time and effort, not to mention cried oceans of tears, became a person there. It’s so much more than just an abode.
      Time will tell I suppose. And I can’t really see myself cutting off a chicken’s head!!!

  7. Ah, Ghia, so glad to see you’re still in there thinking and dreaming, working on a way to make things work. Two friends of mine have done and are living your dream. Mind, they both work full-time jobs, but they think as you do and started their farm. They began small and then moved up to a 20 acre place and gradually brought in chickens, pigs, cattle, greenhouse, fruit trees, etc. Including preparing to live off the grid. One of the ways they learned how to do it was through books and youtube videos – lots of preppers out there and homesteaders, etc. Because of those books and videos, you can do it – all the info is there. 🙂

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