I’m at the studio now. Still 20 minutes before the group starts.
What l found irksome. Last night, farting around on FB, as one does of an evening, l saw a picture.
Of the Porra tagged with a chick.
Neither here nor there, he was never such a big part of my life, but still.
There he was, hanging on to some other female, and it’s in his public page people!!!
We never even took any pictures. Only went out to places in the first few days of the supposed relationship. If you can even call it that!
Still. I find it irksome that so many men have moved on from me to find something worth having and l’m left out in the cold.
Maybe l really am a relationship primer!! Either because l suck at relationships and anything is better than me, or because l show them what they’re missing.
Alas. It’s never me 😉
Oh well.
I can dance. I don’t think l can, l know l can.
And l’m actually very OK on my own.
Maybe, l’m just not meant to have another person in my space.

Hope your evening or afternoon or morning is progressing swimmngly!


19 comments on “Irksome…

  1. In my experience, meaningful relationships have most often happened when I’ve not been looking for anyone. There’s nothing more exciting or challenging to a man than trying to get the attention of a female who doesn’t appear to care a jot if he’s there or not. He can’t bear to think that there is a woman out there that he really likes and fancies, and she doesn’t feel the same. It’s as bad for him, as it is for you when it’s t’other way round. Get on with your dancing and your gardening and knitting, and whatever takes your fancy, notice this man or that, but don’t let him know you’ve noticed. Play cool and slowly, slowly catchy monkey.

    • What you say is quite correct Sarah. Only thing is, in my experience, playing hard to get with the cretins only lead to one thing. They beg and beg and beg until they’ve dipped the wick and then they’re off to the next conquest. Because they don’t really want a relationship, just a soft place to empty the bag into.
      I’ve stopped actively looking for anything – it’s just not worth the effort when the pickings are so slim!!
      What irked me about this picture of the Porra and this chick – I would have liked to take what we had to a different level. He never wanted to – and now, a few months after I saw him the last time, this picture.
      Well hell! Bugger them all really 🙂

    • Very much better off without him P!!
      It might have become something better, but I realise that it would never have been all that good.
      Reason I do is I can actually see myself being a friend of his – there were no real emotion invested in the whole deal.

  2. Next step on a probability curve – the perfect man happens along, falls for you completely, and you then decide the life of freedom and independance is far better and ride off into the sunset … 🙂

    • Ag nee wat.
      Not bothered with that anymore.
      Dudes – who’s got time to deal with them? I’m running out of that commodity in their regard 😉

    • I think I have to concentrate on finding a job first AD 😉
      As for the right dude, yes well. That scenario does not look very likely at this point in time 🙂

  3. It’t not you, or me, for that matter. It’s them and if they’re really good wordsmiths, they will leave you thinking that it’s you. Be patient and careful.

    • I sometimes wonder if it really is them rather than me – I’ve had so many failures in this regard…
      But hey – life actually does go on 🙂
      Thanks for the read and the comment!!

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