Skid marks…

Still not the promised post about either chocolate or well spent Saturday nights. I still have the pictures though, so it’s still in the pipeline 🙂

Back to the heading.

Skid marks. We’ve all come across them in some form or other. Be it in a public loo or at home, that’s what toilet brushes are for in the main.

What to do when you come across one in a public loo? Flush and hope it goes away? Use the inevitable brush to clean the loo before you use it? That’s just unbelievably nasty!! Bad enough you had to clean up your children’s shit when they were little, now you have to do it with other people’s? Don’t actually think so.

What I saw the other day at work though, kind of made my brain melt.

A skid mark. But not in it’s usual place.

This was on the rim of the lid. The lid that’s sparked many debates between men and women as the modern toilet developed – to lift up or keep down…

How do you get crap on that lid? Long arms? And, if you got crap on the outside of the lid, why not do the rest of the users a favour and wipe it off?

I looked at this – of course after I did my own business, and I was slightly to very disgusted. Sure, it was not quite a huge splotch, more of a crumbly afterthought, but still!! Just the thought makes me cringe!!

What you do in your own house is not my business. You can do your loo business behind a bush for all I care.

What I would like is for you not to bring those mannerisms to work with you. To have some thought of the people that has to use the loo after you, and the poor person that has to clean up after you – not because she wants to but because she’s paid to do it.

Such is life in South Africa. Never a dull moment. Reminds me of an Aunty Acid joke I saw today.

I got in touch with my inner self today. That’s the last time I use cheap toilet paper!

Long days, pleasant nights…

And, just because I enjoy this tune so much 🙂

14 comments on “Skid marks…

    • I doubt that there is such a thing as consideration towards others anymore P.
      Me, next time I go to any loo I will be inspecting it 🙂
      Glad you liked the tune – it’s one of my favourites 😉

  1. Oh Lordy!
    I really really didn’t need to know that!
    Now I am going to have second thoughts every time I go through that bloody door!

  2. Yuck. A staff notice board would be useful, there. ‘To the person who somehow manages to get some of it on the seat: please have the decency to clean it off. We really don’t need your s***.’

    • Must say, I’ve never actually seen graffiti in a loo – must be because I’m a chick and females don’t feel the need to share quite as much as dudes do 🙂

  3. I just read Karen’s blog on cow and horse dung, and commented that I will much rather clean a dirty nappy…. and now this 😯
    I cannot for the life of me understand why people leave toilets unflashed, and…..!!! That is reality for you.

  4. I get cross in my own house, when a certain man doesn’t bother lifting the rim before peeing late at night, so I drift into the toilet, without turning the light on, and sit in his pee. With every decade that passes, men aim less straight.

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