Ponder this…


Had a visit tonight from somebody I met quite a while ago. We kept in contact through FB mostly, and tonight he came for a visit.

Pure bachelor. Will probably never in his life have a wife and kids, but it’s all good. We spent a few hours talking about just about anything you can think of.

And one thing he said to me, that made me think. The reason I’ve not been able to get any interviews, let alone an office job. Those doors are closed. Because I’m being forced to find my passion. I’m being forced to make my talents work for me in a way I can use to not have to sit in an office the whole day long.

Fair enough. The closed doors were in fact very apparent to me. As was the closed windows and vents!

My passion? What the hell is it? And how the hell do I find it? And even more so, how on earth do I make a living off it?

He reckons I have the perfect temperament and personality to become a writer.

Sure dude!!  As if the world would pay to read what I write. And that only on the off chance that I can find some or other topic that people actually want to read about! Not to mention the probable slog trying to get it published.

Have faith in what will be. Such a difficult thing to do. To put your life in Somebody else’s hands and just have faith. It would seem that all other avenues have been closed and I have no real choice in the matter.

Oh well. What needs to happen, will. As they say in the Calla – there will be water if God wills it.

Long days and pleasant nights.



27 comments on “Ponder this…

  1. Who knows what’s around that next corner. And, as for writing, I had the same feelings about mine as you did, not kidding. Then I got ill and had time on my hands so I wrote and what happened after that was a big surprise. Still is. I mean this. I’m not suggesting anything here, just sharing an example of who knows what’s coming. You have friends here rooting for you. It’s nice that guy stopped by to chat.

    • I might have time on my hands very soon P, but I need to make money to fill a myriad of holes every month! And that can only happen with a job.
      maybe I should pursue some kind of writing, but I don’t know if it will put food on my table and pay the mortgage. and that’s the scary thing about trusting in the unknown…
      Thanks for rooting for me though 😉

      • Let me have your e-mail address and we can do a post to help promote you at my site and maybe all your friends here will reblog. It’s something we can do for you. Then we let go and see what happens while keeping all our digits crossed. 🙂

      • P.S. Just tell me to shut up if I’m overstepping here. But, while you’re looking for other work, do you feel comfortable doing a flyer to post at colleges, schools, universities, bookstores, on line boards, that you edit and your contact info? Just an idea FWIW?

      • I live in South Africa P – I can’t see anything happening across the sea that might help me in my current predicament.
        I got myself in this, I’m going to have to get myself out of it too.
        But I can’t promise not to have momentary lapses in reason.
        I appreciate the offer of help, I know it’s made in all respect, and I appreciate that more than you can imagine.
        Put it like this – if there’s anything I can do online to generate some kind of income, I’ll do it. But I can’t expect you to bend over backwards for me.

  2. Sounds like there’s a thinking man there. If there’s a will, there’s away. You have not exhausted all your options, there will be plenty. Beautiful music.

    • He is indeed a thinking man P.Writes books himself.
      I wish I knew what those options are P. I really wish I knew.
      Time will tell I suppose 🙂

  3. Writer’s Market. The Bible for freelance writers. Used to come out every year. And, now we can submit online, so the old three month delay is a thing of the past. The book will tell you the contact, what content they want, what they will pay, etc. Worth a look. I think the dancing is in here somewhere. Maybe an article on dancing – how it recaptured your soul. Saved it, perhaps?

    • a good idea that, the dancing. Dunno if I can write a whole book about it, but I’ll give it a wing 😉
      as for the bookbible – can I get it online? That might not be a bad idea at all…

      • Absolutely you can get it online – here’s Amazon’s site:


        The 2014 version is to be released in August 2013. As to writing a book, you’ve already written it, J – you just need to pull from your blog. You might want to do both an article and a book. 🙂

  4. I believe people are sent across our path for a reason. At least he’s put the seed of an idea into your head. I still hope you find that paying job soon though.

  5. I think he is on to something here about writing. Yes, maybe you might still need a paying job, but you can give writing a try too. Who knows what lies ahead…

  6. If it wasn’t for that long corner, life would be so much easier. This friend has a new approach. Give things a think. As has been mentioned already, you never know what might wait around the corner.

    Fingers are crossed.

  7. Being pragmatic, writing is a difficult thing to break into. Unless for absolute peanuts. Looking for self-employment is, however, a good idea in the current lousy climate.

  8. I have a suggestion for the sort of book you could write. I’ll email you in the next few days about it. And if you give it a go, I’ll invite you to the closed fb writing group I belong to, the members of which are a mix of published and unpublished writers, self-published, complete beginners, and editors. We also have sub-group, which is for critiquing each other’s work. They’re a great crowd — all very supportive, friendly, and, of course, eccentric.

    • Thanks Sarah!!!
      As Col says – writing and publishing is not all that easy, but every journey starts with just one step – I just have to take it.
      Please, send me any suggestions 🙂

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