No babies…

Yes well.

Me, if I should fall pregnant now, I don’t what I will do. Running won’t help. Then again, if I don’t want a baby, there are precautions that can be taken. Many of them. Some don’t feel too good. Others screw up your body completely. Only one sure fire way of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Keep your legs closed. Quite as easy as that. And no. You won’t really die if you can’t have sex. He won’t respect you in the morning no matter how good you sre. You won’t have connected with another soul. It will be an exchange of bodily fluids, of which you, as the woman are at the greatest risk. Be it from STD’s or tumors that develops arms and legs.

Alas. We all know humans. For whatever reason, sex is in many cases the things that can sell just about anything. It’s the thing that makes the world go round, maybe even more so than money. It’s the only thing most people want to exchange with one another – bodily fluids. Almost like a dog that’s gotten the scent of a bitch in heat. I’m not saying sex or procreation is wrong. I just think that too much is built on the search for a lay. Not what this post is about though.

It looks like the national past time for poor people is to make babies. Be they black or white or tan or yellow, if there’s no money for food or clothing or even decent housing, you can be sure that there will be many babies and small kids running around. Don’t know why. It is something that I’ve been noticing a lot more often recently. Beggars on the side of the road with a kid tied to their backs. More and more pictures of pot bellied kids with noses streaming snot looking all vulnerable and helpless. The movie Paulette posted the other day about the kids in what looks to be Korea that eats from actual rubbish bins.

Even that one could handle. At least these kids are still alive, if that’s what you can call their daily drudgery. They may be abandoned or orphaned, but there are always a bleeding heart somewhere that will try and alleviate the misery to the best of their ability. Not that it would make a difference in the long run. It just perpetuates the hand out mentality. The one that the whole world seems to have fallen into. Feeling sorry for people never helped them. Educating them might.

And then you hear what I heard this afternoon.

The body of a newborn baby was found just west of JHB. It was wrapped in a cloth. It was put in a plastic bag. And it was set alight.

That sent cold chills down my spine.

In a country such as the one I live in, poverty is high. Avarice is even higher. A weak leader and a greedy African government. Education is probably at it’s lowest point ever. Economic growth is just not happening. How can it when the few that does work have to just keep on forking out cash for everything? The government is wasting millions of Rands on stupid things, enriching themselves and their cronies, and everywhere else, poor people, poor women are going bent under the yoke of their traditions.

And that’s why you get babies burnt. Maybe the kid was stillborn. I don’t know. Maybe she choked the life out of it the minute it came out. Maybe she cut the umbilical cord incorrectly and the child died, and she did not know what to do. I don’t know. All I know is that that child was killed because there was no hope for it ever. It was made in poverty. In a misconception that the man will stay. In the misunderstanding that kids bring wealth. Or maybe it was a cold hearted action. Don’t have the 2 k an abortion will cost you at Marie Stopes. Don’t even have the 50 bucks for a backyard guy. Could not be bothered to make use of the copious amounts of free condoms the government distributes at every corner. Might not even be allowed to ask for the wearing of prophylactics.

And there was not even a thought of keeping your legs closed at the time of conception. Because that’s what women in Africa has to do. If your man wants it, he gets it. No matter your thoughts in the matter. In many ways, African women are still very much in the dark ages. One of the girls at word smokes. But she has to do it on the sly because her Zulu boyfriend does not tolerate it. Women don’t smoke. It’s taboo. As are so many other things. And the status quo is not likely to change anytime soon. I’m not talking about a poor girl that has no way of fending for herself. This is an educated woman. She’s got a good job, can look after herself. But apparently the sex is good enough that she’s willing to be mastered in this instance. Can’t say when sex has ever been that good that I’d be willing to be treated as a second rate being just because I have boobs and produce estrogen…

In closing. How wrong is a society where the burning of a baby happens? Often you hear of babies being found in rubbish dumps, dustbins – abandoned kids. Some live, most die. I’m sure most don’t even get found. They just lie there, forgotten beings. With adults just going merrily along, making more forgotten and abandoned kids, placing an even bigger burden upon the bleeding hearts. They are the only people really worried about this. The government does not seem to realise what it’s causing with it’s never-ending grasp of any and all money.

And who suffers? I’d say that would be the kids. Be it that pot bellied Ethiopian child, or the baby on the side of the road. The kid tied to his mother’s back as she scrounges in other people’s rubbish for something salvageable. Their lives are not worth living. All they know is the drudgery and misery of poverty. and they grow up with the same set of values their parents have.

Which is why I say, even more than free condoms, education is key.



26 comments on “No babies…

  1. All I could do after reading this, was let out a huge sigh. Was it sadness or frustration that brought it on? Both, I think. You have written the tragic truth, and it’s heart wrenching to think of these poor helpless kids born into such a situation.

  2. I am a Catholic and I firmly believe Contraception is important. There are so much news about babies lately being abandoned in the dumpster or sewer. The abortion Dr. Montgaler (sp) has accomplished killing babies and we have now Law just yet in Canada about abortion. People have sex for all the wrong reason. I enjoyed reading it, it a post that needs to be expressed. Thank you, Ms. G.

    • I’m not particularly for abortion. I was an unwed mother and I shouldered my responsibility. But I was in a position to do so. I can’t imagine how it must feel to know that you have yet another mouth to feed with nothing to do it with.
      And contraception is freely available – the problem is local customs, beliefs, the way it’s always been done.
      Sad sad situation.

      • Abortion is a form of killing and I am totally opposed to it. Yes, traditions make it very difficult for females to have a say to it. No matter how much one crosses her legs, men tend to become violent when in heat. It is such a bitch. My heart breaks for this kind customs.

  3. Sorrowful and deeply troubling viscous cycle with no solutions in sight for how to resolve. Then there’s the problem of overpopulation, endemic to planet earth, sadly. Thank you for this important, sobering post, that needs to be talked about and not forgotten.

    • I think it’s easier to forget this kind of thing where you guys are P. Here, around me, every day I see it. I drive past it, I drive through it, I see it on TV, hear it on the radio – we’re inundated with the misery with no real hope of getting out of it or even making a dent in it.
      The world is broken. and nothing will patch it up again…

  4. Whether during war or peace, always the women and children suffer most.
    I don’t know if I would last long seeing so much human suffering every day. And the baby you mentioned, my teeth hurt from clamping them down when I read this. I cannot think of this.

  5. Almost as bad as the baby who died from abuse this week. Dad was drunk and tried to force the baby to drink juice. Mother said she wanted to leave before, but he made her stay.


    *pissed off*

  6. If I see the word “baby” in any headline, I won’t read the story because it usually ends up being something as messed up as this. You would think that it’s common sense that if you can’t afford to have a kid then make sure you use contraception. Unfortunately that seems to be a very hard concept to grasp in this country.
    I’ve always said that I ever had to become a doctor, I would make it my life’s mission to find a way to temporarily snip a baby’s tubes at birth and when he/she can actually afford it, a cheap procedure can be done to “fix” it

  7. Total education is needed from birth, though. i have seen the way education at the best universities the world has to offer can still leave an individual a savage at heart, because the earliest influence was from savages. So, even at that level, the influence is propagated.

    • Getting angry and sad about it does not really help P. Something has to be done about it, but my hands are tied. Completely tied.
      It’s a sign of a sick society when these things happens as often as they do.

  8. Yes its the sadness of women and children always being at the centre of suffering. I see that so often here in our small town. But like Col said it seems that the savage comes out in certain people, no matter who, and then the government does not make things better. Instead of helping others they are helping themselves. But sadly these things happen all over the world. So my conclusion to this is that some humans are really sick.

  9. Well said. It’s one horror after another. The thing that bugs me is the Catholic Church’s stance on contraception in Africa. I know I’m treading dangerously mentioning religion, but as long as certain sections of the population are denied condoms, the worse the AIDs epidemic will become. Men still want their oats, even if they don’t want to produce any more mouths to feed, so they subject their women to anal sex as a form of birth control.

    • Catholicism is big here, but not as big as in some African countries. Condoms are readily available, but traditions and cultural beliefs still hold sway – much more so than any kind of common sense.
      And it seems that the men here will sow their oats – the oats are the woman’s problem, not the man’s…

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