…and dusted.

Another weekend down the tubes.

Got the washing done, and even packed away everything that could be packed away, other than the shirts that needs ironing. A whole basket full of them! And as little as I like housework, I like ironing even less. Thank heavens for tumble dryers!! Just a few spins and most of the wrinkles are gone. And for the remaining few, if you wear anything with enough confidence, people think it MUST look that way. And I’ve perfected that demeanor 🙂

Mr P. Well, we spoke. Not face to face, the synchronisation did not lend itself to that. Oh well. It’s not as if I have anything else to do, spent my whole life waiting, a few more weeks or months will probably not really kill me. The joblessness might, but not waiting. So that’s what I’ll do. Wait. Story of my life!

One good thing though. Had a visit from the kid this afternoon. And he brought my new CD with him I bought it with his B day gift and had everything delivered to one place. So now I can regale myself with Leslie Rae Dowling’s dulcet tones and immerse myself in memories of days gone by. Days when I was young and beautiful and carefree with my whole life ahead of me. Fearless days. Confident days.

Well, time to go get some chemical help for a good night’s sleep – tomorrow is, unfortunately, Monday again.

Bonne nuit…

15 comments on “Done…

  1. That song says it. Wish there was something I could do to help! Darn.

    About ironing, I’m with you. Do not like it. I thought the wrinkled look was in though. I can’t tell you how many shirts I’ve burned. If only iron burnt shirts were in. I was banned from ironing. Maybe that was just my subconscious attempt to sabotage so I could get out of it, lol.

    Hope something good pops up over your horizon. Holding out that thought for you.

    Big hug, P

    • Hope you liked the tune P – I’ve been totally in love with it for how ever many years 😉
      As for ironing, I just say no!!
      Something good on the horizon – from your lips my friend. From your lips.
      Have a good Sunday – I’m off to bed now!!

  2. Wow, I don’t do ironing, wash and wear for me. Sleep will rejuvenate you. While waiting, put on your dancing shoes and dance with this music. Awesome. Let’s boogey….

  3. heheheh hate housework and even worse the ironing. I have many years of New Years resolutions by decided to do better at housework esp ironing and never get round to do it , so now when the ironing gets out of hand and there is no more in the cupboards , I have a maid that comes in when necessary. Lucky me. and happy hubby. hehehe Also huge hugs to you.

  4. I actually like ironing, as it’s an excuse to catch up with watching all my telly programmes. When I was considering the crud state of our household finances the other day and whether I should get a job (until I’m a famous author, of course!) I thought that taking in ironing would be a really good idea. That way, I could continue being a recluse and get to watch telly, listen to the radio, and get through heaps of audio books while getting paid for ironing.

    • My tv does not work, otherwise I would have done just that 😉
      Used to back in the day, but these days, I look at that basket full of shirts and I just say no!

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