Ladies and gentlemen…




Not a good day.

Not a good mood.

Nothing positive to share.

Silence will help.

Solitude will soothe.


Salary has to be earned.

No solitude to be had.

Life continues,

on it’s not so merry tracks…




23 comments on “Ladies and gentlemen…

  1. The tide will turn. Had a really heartening phone call from UK daughter. She had a work paradise turned into a nightmare by idiotic management decisions and some downright double-dealing. The last couple of years has been misery, and no other doors opened, but she applied for and got a dream job today. Suddenly she was being offered the world to stay at the old place. You can guess what she told them …

    • Thanks. Having my sadness out there, and getting these kind of responses – makes the world of difference.
      Thanks for the read and the comment.

  2. Ghia, I was out of the loop yesterday and missed your post. Hopefully, with the weekend ahead, today was a better day. I hope you will do something nice for yourself – it is easy to feel the world is indifferent some days. You shouted or whispered into the net and here we are – we are not indifferent. Love HuntMode

    • thanks P.
      Seeing your comment, knowing you are out there somewhere – makes the world of difference.
      I’ve been kind of out of it these past few weeks.

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