On wondering…

Well folks. There you go, another Monday down the tubes.

No closer to gainful employment than I was yesterday or the day before – apparently they now need you to have some kind of degree to issue parking bays and tokens. What on earth has this world come to!! It’s been said that a good percentage of South Africa’s University graduates are functionally illiterate. Meaning they’re sending people out into the world with actual degrees that can’t even write and read at a certain level.

And I can’t find a job. Me. Who reads more than I sleep, who abhors spelling mistakes and language misuse. Me, the completely bilingual person can’t find a job. With all my experience and knowledge, I’m relegated to be treated as a fourth grade citizen because I answer telephones instead of taking calls on my cell phone.

Oh well.

Let me tell you about my date on Saturday.

As you already know, the guy has an Apple Mac. Brownie point number one. And on this gorgeous machine, he, of course, has iTunes. And part of his music collection is Benny Goodman. Billy Holiday. Brian Ferry. Brownie point number two.

His current abode is filled with any manner of old stuff, quite like mine, only difference is, he trades in the old stuff he has, while I hang on to them for dear life. Brownie point number three.

He gave me three little milk glass bottles – Brownie point number four.

Yes, of course he has issues, who does not? I have many of those!! But the more we talk, the more it seems that it might just be issues I could deal with – and that’s always a major thing. If you can’t deal with somebody else’s issues, rather leave it.

Early days yet, so many things can happen, but we’ve been talking all the time since Friday. Up until 3 am on Saturday. Whole day Sunday, whole day today – the longest convo I’ve had with any of the randoms I’ve met so far.

And another thing – he’s brother is an astrologist. Gave him my date of birth and found out from mom what time I was born, and it turns out my Sun sign is Sagittarius – obviously. My moon is Aquarius – since I was after all born in the age of Aquarius ;-). And my Rising sign, whatever that means, is Taurus. Β Have no idea what the combo means. Have no idea of if I pass muster or not. But I was told I’m a worthy person…

So yes. Time will tell. But for now, I’m cautiously optimistic. Baby steps, careful not to muddy the waters too soon, first see where this is going, if anywhere, and then I can go for it, mind, body and soul. Maybe I’m reaching a stage where I want some togetherness on some level. Probably why I have not completely abandoned the search just yet.

For now I’ll call this one Mr P, since he’s a photographer – and I like the way he sees things through his lens.


11 comments on “On wondering…

  1. All very positive so far, and you actually sound happier than you have in a long while. Long may it last. As for the job, well you’re still in your present one longer than you expected to be. Just keep looking. Something will turn up when needed.

  2. Well! This sounds encouraging. Hopeful. Possibilities J, I thought in one of our emails we discussed astrology and now that you’ve nailed down the first major three…. excellent – I can fill in some of those blanks. Your favorite retired astrologer. πŸ™‚ HuntMode

  3. Things are utterly skewed, and that is making them utterly screwed.
    Pity this one hasn’t oodles of lolly, which would take employment out of the equation.

  4. Hello you
    You don’t need a certificate
    Because you passed with flying colors
    Because now you have your wings
    How wonderful life will become
    You will always be full of life
    Feeling beautiful having lots of fun
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£* Danielβ€’*´¨`*β€’

  5. Oh, I am so thrilled to the bones, g. Play safe. Forget the zodiac, means nothing. Take the points from 1 to 4. πŸ˜› Hope you’ll find a job, sending you good thoughts your way.

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