On wanting…

Ok. So I trawl through FB relatively regularly. And I look at all the crap everybody posts, and sometimes, I share the crap.

Sometimes I don’t.

And often some of the bits of crap sticks. And I sit with that stick in my craw until I can make sense of it. Or until I write about it. The second option is much more likely to tell the truth. There are so many things that happens that you just can’t make any sense of, no matter how hard you may try.

Here then two pictures from FB.

Both from movies I’ve enjoyed.

Both are things I want.

If you’ve seen the movies, you should know exactly what kind of feelings these little bits of crap made visible…

In this case – No, you won’t. I’ll be alone because you chose another road.

But the thoughts of you will be with me until I die. More’s the pity I suppose. I should be open and acceptable to what other people can offer me, but all I can think of is how they’re not you. How they don’t quite measure up to you. How they will in all likelihood never be able to measure up to you.

And that’s my downfall I’m afraid. With all the issues we would have had, had we stayed together, they pale in comparison to what we had. And the good outweighs the bad here hundredfold.

Oh well – such is life.

Just thought I’d share with you some of the thoughts I have swirling in my brain. Hope the day is progressing full of fruit 😉

21 comments on “On wanting…

    • I think his sexiness is in the brooding, darkness he’s got going.
      I agree with you, Alan Rickman is brilliant. But the love Snape had for Lilly – now that’s what I want!
      *sigh* If only 🙂

      • I’ve been watching that movie for just that few scenes Sarah. and I cry every time. Imagine being loved like that. Maybe it’s just not meant to be…

  1. I don’t know that we can always make sense out of the craw crap and maybe that’s the answer, it’s just another piece of crap passing through, after sticking around for a while. I really like your site, it’s so refreshing that I don’t have to wonder, what’s she thinking, lol. I’m not kidding. It’s a connection. You have a good week. Glad that the last one is over for you and hope your back’s doing better. 🙂 p

    • I can’t handle reading things that I have to sit and ponder for hours before figuring out what the other person was saying. And nine times out of ten I get it wrong in any case. That also sicks in my craw 😉
      The back – it’s much better. Has no choice really, the amount of low flying I’ve been doing on the pain meds!
      And yes. Last week is over. And my old man is still gone – I missed him at the gate today. And I cried a little. But it will get better – everything does eventually.

  2. I love “up” one of my favourite films, I like the messages I get from that movie too.

    My head is always swimming in crap, gotta try and weed out the good stuff, easier said than done sometimes.

  3. I was arguing with a friend who says that the Potter series didn’t really have any love stories and I had to wonder how on earth we were friends, how did she miss the Snape/Lily saga!

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