You do…

…something to me.

A tune I heard on my favourite radio show tonight.

I just adore old music.

Long days and pleasant nights to all.

I’m off to a hot bath, some heavy duty pain meds and the start of the Harry Potter saga yet again.


14 comments on “You do…

    • Glad you liked the tune P 😉
      Can always count on me to dust off the Golden Oldies!!
      I’m hoping it does the trick too. Might have to try find somebody with a jacuzzi. Think you guys call it a hot tub. With bubbles!!

    • It was a good combo C 😉
      Of course, now I need to get hold of the combo again, but it will get better as time goes by.
      Glad you liked the tune!

    • I’m reading the books again P – they have so much more in than the movies 😉
      Hope you get the PC fixed so you can listen to this tune – it’s quite lovely…

    • They don’t make them like that anymore AD, not by a long shot.
      The remedy worked for a while. Now I have to take all the meds again – hopefully it won’t take too long before I’m fixed.

    • Of course I read Harry Potter! I mean, fantasy is the spice of my life 😉
      I’m actually the one that got my son hooked on ti…

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