The fish are in the pond.
Herewith, proof positive 😉


14 comments on “Inauguration…

    • Thanks Tess!!
      It took so long, I never thought the day would come, and here it is!!
      Just goes to show – everything does happen eventually 😉

  1. Brilliant. What an achievement. I love Koi Carp, and have a photo I took of some swimming about in a lake in a National Trust Garden somewhere. They look just like yours, and people pay to see them, too. That’s an an idea — open your garden to the public and charge them an entry fee to look in your fishpond 😉

    • Koi’s are seriously high maintenance fish – I can only hope these will be easy to deal with.
      But I’m glad I got something done at last!!!

  2. J – what an achievement! Well done, Ghia! Now, we await the arrival of the amphibians ~ the frogs…wait for it…it’s gonna be bad… ribbitt. 🙂

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