Enough is enough.

We have a public holiday today.

27th April. The day of the first election for everybody 19 years ago.

Now it’s called Freedom day.

I’m sorry folks. It means anything BUT freedom to me. It brought me nothing but woe.

And the lot that had their first “free” election? They’re in the exact same dire straits as I am.

They have no service delivery. They have no jobs. They have no proper roads. No proper schooling. No proper healthcare. Prices of everything is going up, salaries are getting lower, or disappears as the businesses has to liquidate. Because the government, voted in by the “Free South Africans” are only out to suck us as dry as possible, with no thought to the future.

Me, as a woman, are told to not go out late at night. Always keep your car windows closed. Don’t put your handbag on your front seat. Keep a can of Pepper spray handy. Learn how to defend yourself. Daily, hundreds of South Africans try to put back together their damaged lives. They are robbed. Held at gunpoint. Scalded with hot water, hit with saws. Bound with electric cord, raped, killed. In most cases, for nothing other than a cell phone. In the last two years we’ve had more rhino’s poached than in the preceding 10 years.

But they’re free.

Every morning, the road I travel on deteriorates more and more – visibly. Every day, the taxis heed the road rules less and less. Chaos reigns. Traffic lights are more dead than alive.

But hell. You’re free!!! Thank God, I’m free at last – to spin a phrase.

At what price? You have millions living in squatter camps with no water and only stolen electricity that the better off areas have to pay for. Sewerage works are not being maintained. Only a matter of time before my country is overrun by actual shit. We have the world’s most incompetent local and National Government officials.

If it was not so scary, it would actually be a joke.

But they’re free.

Apparently the only thing they’re free to do is to suffer some more. This time under a government of their own choosing. And yet. Still blaming the white government, or Apartheid as the world has come to know it for everything that going wrong.

Never mind that the things that’s going wrong now, used to work perfectly fine back in the day.

Ok, fine. I’m probably biased. Never easy to move from the top of the food chain to the utter bottom of the totem pole. I’m urged to help the needy. To be a proud South African. All the while being reviled for what I am and the language I speak. You know what? Screw all of them. Not a single person in this supposed glorious South Africa will lend me a helping hand should I need it. Only my family will.

So sorry. Freedom day to me is just another day that I don’t have to work. Yet another day that screws with the economy. Yet another day where I will do what I do on every other public holiday. I will NOT celebrate it. I DON”T appreciate having to hear the tripe the leaders spout. Because they’re not my chosen leaders. They are not even people I can respect regardless of colour or creed – because they are useless. They are greedy. They are stupid. Short sighted.

And only the day when they see me as a viable part of this suckheap that’s my country, will I respect them and their choices.

Until then, they will be only the stupid buffoons doing everything in their power to recreate your typical African mess…

And now I have to listen to “Born Free” from Andy Williams and a whole bunch of other “Freedom songs”

Yeah. Life in a suck heap. It sucks ass!



21 comments on “Enough is enough.

      • This is a powerful post. What amazes me is that here in the states, nothing is being reported about all the crimes in your country that is being committed on whites. For years, it was huge news, and I mean daily, when the Oppresive white government was treating the blacks so badly. So what is the difference now? Criminal acts of violence directed at anyone is wrong. Oh, that’s right, here in America hate crimes can ‘t originate from any groups but whites.
        My government is just as “sucky” as yours!

      • Apparently there are lots about it on Google. And even on youtube. The violence are not only against whites, but because there are so little of us left here, per capita, the numbers are staggering. And did you not know that the only people that can possibly suffer would be the ones of colour? Whities have always only had it good – don’t forget that!! My kid once said to me that during the whole of apartheid, only about 200 blacks were killed as a direct result of the policy of the day. Dunno how true this is though, could just be propaganda.

  1. Hear, hear! Seems like the people in this country worry more about being free than anything else. That’s why they carry on voting for the idiots and scum that are currently in power

    • And that’s probably the way it will continue chickpea.
      Let it not be said the great unwashed suffers from an abundance of intelligence.

    • I’m thinking many of those rumours have come to pass…
      We seem to be a few seconds away from all out war.
      Thanks for the read and the comment πŸ˜‰

  2. Bitter – but utterly true. The most scary part is that one would think that by now the general populace would have done the simple maths and decided this regime stinks. But no, as with striking they put ideology above common sense and swallow propaganda like mothers’ milk.

    • I am bitter Col.
      My money is good enough when it comes to them taking it, but I’m still being made out as the enemy. Still not given a chance to have a decent life in the country of my birth.
      They will continue as they are. The government keeps them stupid with no schooling and empty promises.

    • You think so Esperanza ?
      I was just so not in the mood for hearing all the silly celebrations about something that’s really not been all that good for this suck heap.

  3. sorry that you feel such abhorrence. I pity you again as you “move from the top of the food chain to the utter bottom of the totem pole” …maybe it won’t get better and maybe it will

    • Oh sweets, don’t pity me.
      I’ll be fine – the only thing the government is really doing, is forcing me to make my own way, becoming better and better all the time.
      I will prevail, never fear.
      Thanks for the read and the comment.

  4. Cornwall is thriving and the most beautiful place anybody could wish to live
    But we do have unemployment
    But if we stopped polish, Lithuanians and people from
    Similar country’s taking jobs then we would have no unemployment at all
    I am not against them but we must put Cornish people first
    As for government and anybody who has authority
    People must choose more carefully My MP Andrew George lied and i can prove it
    But let’s hope he realizes his mistake and corrects him self
    I think i should take over because i walk in the truth
    And think of everyone especially you,
    ║║╔═╦╦╦═╗*. . *
    β•‘β•šβ•£β•‘β•‘β•‘β•‘β•©β•£* Daniel

    • Here, I am basically classified as a foreign national, so nobody’s allowed to employ me. I’m a whitie in Africa, not allowed to work. But hey. Something will happen. It has to.

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