I looked in the newspaper this morning in the faint hope that there may be something advertised that I can actually do.

It would seem that I am the ultimate anathema to employment.

I’m white.

I’m over 40.

I smoke.

I don’t know Pastel.

It would not surprise me if they found other things to make me even less employable than I already am. Maybe my ass is too big. Or my hair too short. Or too long. Maybe my shoes are too high or too flat.

To say I’m despondent would be a misnomer. If I don’t find some kind of employment before end of June, I’m screwed. And the only way out of that screwiness would be to cease to exist. And even that I can’t do.

I just don’t know.

One good thing – I’m listening to 8 tracks, trance mix. Here’s the link if you think you might like to hear some of it…

And it’s the weekend baby!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I can get all the stuff I need to make the submersible filter for the pond. The fish should arrive early afternoon, and then we’ll see how it works out. The pond is still holding water, is still clear, and the little feature still sounds lovely 😉

And on that note, may your day be merry and filled with more…

20 comments on “Apparently…

  1. Lessee … lots of fake suntan, a professionally altered birth certificate, mint imperials (worked for me as a substitute, once) and a friend with Pastel who can guide you through the fundamentals. No problem! 🙂

  2. Hope you manage to find something soon, I can’t begin to imagine what it’s like to be unemployed when there are bills to be paid.
    Don’t forget to put up pics of the fish in their new home! 🙂

  3. Ah, J, facing something similar on this side of the planet. There’s that whole thing about trusting God and then the caveat of God helps those who help themselves. Seems to me you are doing all you can. Remember telling me earlier that so far, you have had everything you needed, i.e., cigs, food, home, dance classes? And, now, a pond that holds water. I have faith for both of us. (this is for me as well) – it can be disheartening. I’m lighting a candle for you and me right this second! Best ~ HuntMode

  4. My son, aged 26, is desperate for a job, too, and is beginning to wonder if it was worth going to uni and getting a degree. He’s just had to sign on again, but, at long last, he has an interview on tuesday, which is a start. It’s for door-to-door canvassing, raising money to sponsor dogs so they can be rehoused, rather than put to sleep. He got this interview via an agency, who saw on his CV that one of his great loves was dogs. It’s not a job he’d have thought of, and it would be a real slog, but at least he’d believe in what he was selling. I expect there would be promotion opportunities, too.

    Are you signed on at agencies, and have you put your interests on your CV i.e. dancing, creating ponds, and animals? There might be a job out there you haven’t even thought of.

    • I have all my hobbies on my CV Sarah.
      And I’m registered with probably about 6 websites. Go there constantly, send off CV’s – I don’t even get interviews!!
      I can only hope something happens before I’m on the street.

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