The Birthday…

…is almost over.

Dinner went well, got the waiters to sing for him, pictures were taken, food was eaten.

And then he used my car to go and pick up various other kids from all over the place.

And that’s where the trouble started. I had to take his vehicle home. But it does not have a normal starter. Some or other gippo was done to it. I could not figure it out, so he had to come fetch the bloody thing himself. Which left me with a whole car full of rugrats to transport.

And guess what now. Of course the gippo is not working anymore. Whose fault is it? Of course. Mine.

The collective rugrats are outside, being noisy as only rugrats of a certain age can be, and guess who’s the bitch for telling them that it’s a week night and that maybe, we should not carry on like our neighbours so often do? Again, you guessed it. Me.

Can they use plastic glasses? Or even the stainless steel glasses? Apparently not. Have to wonder if they will bring everything inside before they go home.

I dunno about today’s kids so much. When I got to the house, not a single one of them offered to open the gate. I had to get out and do it myself.

Oh well. Not my kids, not my problem. I see them seldom, and that suits me fine. I only have to deal with one sulky face. The rest will go home and sulk there!!

And I think now is a good time for me to retire for the night. And hope that the kids can handle themselves like educated people and not like hooligans!

Long days and pleasant nights…



15 comments on “The Birthday…

  1. I know what you mean. These young people are so into themselves, no-one else exists in this world. My daughter and SIL are closer to 40 than 25 and I still have to do a tap dance to be noticed. Go figure. They’re not teenagers anymore but they still think I don’t know anything either. At least you made your son’s birthday special Hope he remembers.

    • I’m sure he’ll remember it Tess – but probably not for the right reasons 😉
      Still, we had a good time, the lot of us 😉
      As for the kids, i give up. They live only for and in themselves – the world around them seemingly only exists to keep them happy…

  2. Oh, kids with bad manners that are uncorrected by their parents who think it’s okay for their brats to scream at all hours and own the world D: Rugrats is a good name for them — there’s a sort of “ring their stringy necks” sound about the word.

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