…and no humping happened!! Not even dry- or leg humping.

Oh well.

Suppose I’ll have to take things as they come not so 😉

It’s getting progressively colder here at the southern tip of Africa. The deciduous have not lost all their leaves yet. Still a bunch of yellow and red and brown leaves clinging for dear life. Until the wind starts blowing and we’re covered in a rain of Autumn leaves. so not proper winter just yet.

Difficult to figure out what to wear. Relatively hot during the day, but quite snipey in the mornings and evenings. And dancing again, sweating, out in the cold – I’ll have to be careful to not let this stubborn mucus-filled sinus bother drop down to my chest to form something other than a nuisance!

Tomorrow is my baby’s 21st birthday. My baby people!! My youngest son. Is turning 21. Yes, I realise it might be worse when they turn 30 and 40, but I’m only at 21 now. and I can feel the years stacking up. Can’t believe I have a child from my loins that’s old enough to make his own children!! In actual fact, I have two boys that can make me a grandmom anytime they like. I can only hope they don’t like. And if they do, they’ll lie down until the feeling goes away. Or maybe lying down won’t be such a good idea 😉 Might just give THEM ideas!!

Anyhow. He will come through here and the family will all go out for supper. Which might be fraught with uncomfortable silences because the Sister and the Mom is having a spot of warring going on. Because of other people’s children of all things!! The next door neighbour’s at home babysitter died last week. Now the kid is at a loose end. Normally, an au pair or something would be employed. But why do that, if my mom is just next door, and can do all the fetching and carrying. But the child now parks off at sisters. Eats at sisters. And sister’s kids are being kind of left behind. And of course they don’t like it, act up and then THEY get scolded instead of the real culprit. And, as much as I love my mom, I’m not blind to her faults. I can see this play out to it’s fullest extent.

And really. I don’t know how to help any of them. They won’t listen to what I say, they won’t change their ways, and I’ll always be stuck in the middle.

A conundrum to say the least.

Hopefully they’ll all see the error of their ways before too much harm is done. Anything is always possible!

Almost time for my Wednesday group and social – catch ya later 😉


15 comments on “Humpday…

  1. Isn’t that exciting that the children are growing up? I am thrilled for you. Let them make babies and make sure you are not the baby sitter. Enjoy the dinner and have fun.

    • The more I listen to them, the more I realise the only way to survive this is to stay out of it!!!
      Yes well, I know he’s not that old yet, but damn!!! I can still remember giving birth to him 😉

  2. So glad the pond is still holding. Happy returns to both you and your son. Family gatherings… We had to meet in restaurants just to be sure of no scenes until we all were past 30… Good luck with that… grin.

    • Not even meeting in restaurants is a sure way for no fighting P!!!
      I just hope they don’t do anything to screw up the celebrations 😉

      • Ah, it’s an Irish thing that you don’t air your dirty laundry in public, so to ensure no scenes, we met in restaurants. Worked. For the most part. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to no-longer-baby-boy. Of course he will still be momma;s baby,but he is now a man.
    Time sure marches on. Doesn’t matter if you’re looking or paying attention. It has a mind of its own. Hope you all get to enjoy a nice family dinner.

  4. Your baby is growing up 🙂 My mum always says the fact that we won’t be whining anymore almost makes up for the fact that we’re adults. lol Is this true?

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