Here we are…

…Saturday afternoon.

It’s been a rainy few days. Rained yesterday evening on the way to the show. Rained when I got home after the show. Rained all through the night. Was still raining this morning when I woke up. Lightning sparking across the heavens and thunder rumbling.

Lots of water falling from the sky. The sun just a faint presence behind the still-swollen clouds.

Not a day for any strenuous exercise. Or even anything other than maybe eating 😉 But even that has been denied me – the pleasure of eating. If you can’t taste what you eat, it’s just a waste of time really. Suppose I will have to eat something with substance though – 5 cocktail sausage rolls and a few Greek shortbread biscuits does not quite help a body build up it’s reserves now does it!

Tomorrow I will probably have both my boys here – we can then put the finishing touches to the dam and fill it with water and plants. Have to wonder if the sister is still going to give me the fish that she’s been carrying on about, what with her being pissed off at the world at large and all.

Oh well.

Can always go and buy some goldfish – just to have some life in the pond until the frogs start making it their home.

Time to decide what to do with food. Either order in or go out and get something. Ordering in sounds better – don’t have to get dressed for that!!

Hope your Saturday is a good one 😉



13 comments on “Here we are…

    • Would you believe me if I said I’ve never actually eaten chicken soup?
      Not even a cuppasoup! Will have to give it a bash – see what all the fuss is about 😉
      Thanks for the advice Tess 😉

  1. WHAT? You’ve never had chicken soup? Okay ~ what planet are you from? No wonder you’re still suffering from your cold, poopoohead! (wow – you must have tapped an unknown gene for love of chickensoup in my dna sequence!). I think every culture has a variation. In the meantime, snuggle in and be kind to yourself, chickpea! Best ~ HuntMode

    • Maybe because chicken is not my most favourite meal on earth – dunno why I’ve never eaten chicken soup 😉
      had a good evening last night, hope to have another one tonight again!!

      • What is your favorite? For me, chicken is one of my staples. Grin. Beef (filet Mignon, hamburger (I am an American, of course!), fish – depending.

  2. There was way too much rain for my liking. I don’t mind it raining if I can just stay in bed but if I have to work or whatever, then it really bothers me

    • It’s just weather chickpea. Nothing we can do about it.
      I must admit that if I’m stuck in traffic, and it’s raining, and I can’t open the window to have a smoke,I do get somewhat testy, but hey – it does not last forever 😉

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