…the Daily Prompt looked cool today.

And then I realised that I still don’t have enough control over my brain activity to actually think long and hard about who I would like to be for a day.

Seeing as I still suffer from copious amounts of mucus. The most my brain cells can think up these days is to tell me to go to bed and sleep! Let alone think long and hard enough to make some kind of sense. Came up with an idea today. A tube stuck into my sinus cavities. Attached to some kind of suction thing. Just to suck them dry! I’ll stop when the colour changes to red – don’t want to suck my brains out too, but man! I can do without this snot!

Dug around in my many medicine chests last night, and got hold of just about everything that might relieve the symptoms – at least long enough for me to have a bit of a sleep. Was in bed by 7 pm last night. Looks like I’ll not even make it that far tonight. Is in all probability the cough mixture I got hold of 😉 Better than Valium that stuff!!!

Wraps you in a cocoon of white, external influences just flow past – I did not even shout at the stupid people I shared the road with tonight. Then again, that could be because I don’t have enough breath to shout!

Randoms, where are you!! I could use a backrub and some soup in bed, a damp cloth wiped over the forehead – alas. I’ll have to make do with just sleep and liquids 😉

And to top it all, I have to go help my sister at her church’ pancake table. Looks like I’ll get to roll the things after they’ve been sold. Such fun. And then I have to come back home and paint the pond again.

Just no rest for the wicked it would seem.

Oh well.

Time for some more liquids, and a tune for you on this night…


14 comments on “Thought…

  1. How can you preside over a pancake table with a drippy nose? Tell sister that you don’t want to give anyone your cold germs. 🙂 Cough mixture is a great sedative.

    • You’re absolutely right AD – don’t think I should work with food. I’ll just take the people’s money and give them change, but I do have to go help them – they’re somewhat shorthanded ;-(

    • Did have a good sleep last night – not without waking up, but I did rest.
      Also love Benny Goodman – such a shame that there are not many people that knows him anymore…

  2. Ghia, I have trouble traveling on planes if I don’t ‘clear my sinuses’ before embarking… I massage my face, pull my ears and generally pummel my face and neck into submission… and it feels soooooo good…
    Here’s hoping yours clears soon…. 😉

    • The pond can wait H, but not the fish that has to go in there – apparently their current pond is leaking a lot so they need to find a new home soon.
      I’ll stay at home on Saturday night, watch some movies and keel over on the couch 😉

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