Music Passion

This month the word is Day.

Hosted by Allaboutlemon, every month she picks a word and we choose a song to fit the word.

Here’s my choice for this month…

The Maestro hard at work making memories come to life, and existing on earth just a little smoother. Hope you enjoy 😉

23 comments on “Music Passion

  1. I have my slippers and a cup of tea (it could be wine) and I’m lounging comfortably with my head making time to the music… Nice, smooth, cool choice, Ghia…
    I haven’t heard this one before. I love that it remains cool and calm, and then mellows out even more… A great piece…

  2. Interesting, ill check out that music prompt blog to see what it’s about. I have some Dave Brubeck vinyl indoors which were my dads when he was alive.

    • Your dad was a man of exemplary taste!!
      In the blog, you can choose any tune with the buzz word in them – I just happen to like Mr Brubeck’s stuff 😉
      Thanks for the listen and the comment!!

      • Yeah he did like his jazz for sure, I struggle with it although I appreciate the complexity of it.

        I took a look at that site, seems to be a lot going on over there, I wonder, with the monthly prompt, do you need to choose a track with the prompt name in the title or something that reminds you of the prompt?

        I would like to find a site that offers prompts, I do post music up on my site, something that I enjoy, that invokes a feeling or a memory maybe, I wonder if a site that offered prompts would be good for me.

      • As long as it has something to do with day, I’m sure it won’t be a problem at all – we’re all there to have fun in any case 😉
        Every month there are something different going with the music passion. And if you’re so inclined, you can do some of the other things that’s happening there too 😉

  3. I got images of city streets with people alternately moving really fast – a photography of fast speed, maybe? And then a solitary woman with shopping bags and she is one very happy woman, a la Pretty Woman, then to a quite bar, slipping her heels off underneath the table as she takes that first sip of wine. Lovely.

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