To what though?

Just got a call from my cell service provider. We see it’s time for your upgrade, Ma’am. Can I help you to do this quick and easy?

Well, young man, I have thought of upgrading my contract, but instead of getting a phone, maybe it would be better if I upgrade to an iPad. I mean, the phone I currently have is working like a charm, why scratch where it ain’t itching?

But. And this is a huge, big but. It would seem that I won’t be employed after the end of June. They’re not replacing the boss man, just getting somebody from HO to sort of keep an eye on things. Therefore, no need for a secretary, or, said secretary’s replacement. Probably not going to bother saying that I’m such a brilliant worker, they can’t afford to let me leave.

So. In all likelihood, no job, no upgrade.

Kind of sad really.

Then again. I suppose, what needs to happen, will.

Dancing tonight – at least one thing to look forward too for a while 😉



20 comments on “upgrade…

  1. You said you’re a brilliant worker where it counts, here with friends who know it and wouldn’t be letting you go. Glad you’re dancing tonight and looking forward to it. Although that’s probably passed now and my bet is you’re sleeping as I’m writing. 🙂

    • I was supposed to be sleeping Paulette – my mind seems to do it’s own thing though – can’t fall asleep these days!!
      But the dancing was great fun – as always 😉

  2. My suggestion — grab all the dance medals you can, then have a career change and teach what you love most. The art of dance and maybe earn enough money to start up a dance studio of your own 🙂

    • I’ve been thinking about doing just that Sarah – makes perfect sense for me to become a dance teacher, and maybe, one day, have my own studio – but that remains to be seen 😉

    • Possibly. Probably. Maybe he likes the excitement 😉
      Thanks P – it makes a huge difference to know that you guys have always been there for me!!

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