Can you tell…

…if anything’s wrong?

Heard a bit of news this morning on the radio.

Apparently, The Bieber is going to Norway on his world tour.

And the actual minister of education in that exalted country has decided to move the exam period at 5 schools.

Just so the rugrats can go jump up and down with other rugrats, while listening to the world’s biggest ankle biter performing whatever he performs.

is it just me , or does that kind of smack of pandering?

Is the Bieber too great to sort of do his shows over weekends and school holidays? Since I would think, his biggest fanbase would be pimply, railroaded little girls, and probably not mature, upstanding citizens?

I could be wrong though. Anything is always possible.

As for moving exams because they’re scared the kids would skip exams to go and watch the Bieber shake his goods on stage – let them skip it.

And then they have to deal with the consequences of said skip. Alas. The way that government sees things – rather move the exams so the rugrats can have their cake, with tea, and eat it too!

Maybe, just maybe, that’s why we’re having an increasing number of completely illiterate, ignorant, irresponsible young people.

Because adults insist on indulging the little tykes.

Sorry folks. I look at these indulgent parents, and I get this huge grin on my face – I’m done with rugrats. One gay son and another that feels about females as I do males, and I think my chances of becoming a gran anytime soon are very slim.

So I don’t have to deal with the shit the indulgent ones will deal with before too long.

I can just sit back and wallow in my I told you so’s!!


19 comments on “Can you tell…

  1. Definitely pandering from my perspective. I’m with you on this one. Priorities are so screwed up and it’s reflected in the world today. On the other hand, I saw an incredible video yesterday of a barefoot university in India, founded by an upper class well educated Indian male who wanted to make a difference to children in the poorest area and gave up his cushy life to start this school. It’s a very unconventional education, not anything we’re used to but one that teaches the children to be able to function in life and make a life… The perspective there was so different than Bieberdom afflicted schools. Thanks. Paulette

    • Thanks for agreeing with me Paulette!!
      I can scream when I see parents indulge their little ones to the extent they currently do.
      It’s a Western society affliction though. Where things are very comfortable, lots of money to go around.
      It’s great to see things like that man from India trying to make a better life for his fellow people – not something you see all that often!

  2. I almost choked on my coffee this morning while reading this in the paper. Pity the school system is so accommodating and the parents so nonchalant. Add to that the price of a ticket and a late school night–

    • Can you imagine that happening in yours or my young days?
      My parents would have just said no, and that would have been the end of it!
      Even my poor kids. But I’m not sorry they grew up with less than most kids – it’s taught them the value of what they do have.

  3. Hard to believe that ‘grown-ups’ would make such a decision…!
    I’m with you, Ghia… Whatever happened to ‘consequences’…!?!
    This reminds me of a few ‘sentences’ carried out lately here in Oz. Criminals aren’t being made to pay the consequences for their wrongful acts; some get away with just a ‘slap on the wrist’ for some horrendous crimes…. Consequences used to be the yardstick; now they’re not a stick at all..!
    On the other hand, I can imagine some adults thinking ‘better to go with the Bieber assualt, and make life a bit easier for themselves. After all, I can remember being young and silly too….! I just may be one of those whose skip exams to see the little crooner… Heaven forbid..! 😉

    • Being a parent is not about restful times for the parent – it’s about teaching the kids right from wrong. Every action has a reaction. Consequences will follow your decisions, no matter what that decision might be.And if the kids are well disciplined, all times would be restful for everybody I think…
      I remember myself – carrying on about Adam Ant and Marc Almond, but I was never really indulged, and I’m really not that worse off 😉
      As I said – i’ll just sit back and relax, watching them cry long tears 😉 – that would be an evil grin!

      • Just like puppy-dogs…. A well disciplined puppy is a joy.
        Agree, Ghia… eventually everything (lack of discipline included) comes home to roost….
        My daughter used to tell me I was the most strict mother amongst all her friends. As she became older (and wiser) she realised how fortunate she was; she had a mother who loved her and spent time teaching her self-discipline (so readily resisted). Now, as a disciplined adult with ‘good sense’ she is grateful for her ‘strict’ (and loving) mum…. 😉
        (I’m also a very proud mum…!)

  4. Completely insane to move exams just for the Biebster. What kind of an example is that setting?
    And how many times have I told you that you need to introduce me to your son? 😉

  5. Hear, hear! Better kids are certainly a good idea. Not spoilt rotten little brats who become big brats who can’t understand why they are no longer being spoilt rotten.

  6. Madness! The parents encourage it, then wonder why their rugrats run riot and have no respect. I can remember one of the children I teach to sing (aged 8 at the time), turning up wearing a glittery Justin Bieber sweatshirt. One of the boys in choir started teasing her about being in love with JB, and she said she hated Bieber, but her mother had bought her the sweatshirt for her birthday, so she thought she’d better wear it D:

    • meaning mom has no idea what her kids like!!
      Poor little girl.
      I’m so happy my kids are big already – I would hate for a child of me to have to deal with today’s peer pressure, and not be able to make good decisions for them.

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