Turns out…

…all I had to do was Google.

Of course, this I realise after I forked out R600 for all of 10 minutes, an injection and a packet of anti-nausea pills.

Came across this article that describes the symptoms exactly. The vet did not even touch the old man, told me immediately what the problem was. Of course then she uttered something that sounded like $$$$$$$$ but was really “I’m worried about the state of his liver. See the extended part around his abdomen? That’s his liver. Who know’s what’s happening in his old body” Verbatim.

And now he’s home again. Refused to be confined at all. Insists on crawling out and around everything we shove at him. Short of locking him up in the outside loo, I don’t see what else can be done. I’m trying not to leave the house too often, because then he wants to move around to and that’s just painful to watch!!

We did make it to the book sale though. Of course, nothing I really wanted, or even had to have, but I got hold of a bunch of books I would not otherwise have spent money on, and that’s an ideal way to broaden your reading horisons I’d say!

Had Chinese last night with the kid – and we ate it with chopsticks 😉 Not something I usually do, a fork being much easier to handle than chopsticks can ever be, but it was a novelty experience and since I actually can eat with them, why the heck not! Of course, supper was accompanied with Abraham Lincoln, vampire hunter and Paranorman. Both cute movies, and well worth the money spent on renting them. Inaugurated the new DVD player properly last night – not a single hassle to be seen! And dessert – flamed marshmallows with chocolate sauce. A meal for for a king!

since I slept little if at all last night, worried about the old man, I think an afternoon nap is in order. Since tomorrow is also an off day, and I can do the washing then 😉

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday afternoon!


10 comments on “Turns out…

  1. If I may please. Two Boxers ago at an old age developed kidney problems. I was selfish in love for him. Cost me a fortune to pay for his suffering and eventually I pulled the plug and cried like a baby. But doggims taught me a great and very important lesson – we, the humans, can see euthanasia is the love and kind way out to end the suffering. Ambrose opened my eyes and much later on a Christmas day five years ago I gave Daemon his greatest gift – relief from suffering. Please think carefully and go forth in love.

    • I hear you H, and believe me. Maybe, if I had the kind of money needed for sonars and X-rays and things I might let her do all that to check the liver. As it is I’ll keep an eye on his eating habits, nose and gums – if the gums go yellow, I’ll know it’s time to either spend a whole lot of money, that I can ill afford, or I will have to just take the step.
      The thing he has now is not life threatening, just uncomfortable, and apparently quite prevalent in old dogs – it should go away by itself, but if he’s not much better by the end of the week, the decision has been made for me. I would rather take him to the vet and let them do what they need to than come home one evening and find a dead dog – that’s happened to me way too often and is never a good thing!!

    • He only really seems to suffer when getting up AD. And I suffer to see him trying to walk in a straight line!!
      but apparently it’s just uncomfortable and not at all life threatening – only time will tell.

    • In this case, it’s unbearably upsetting to watch Tess, but apparently not serious – just old age creeping up on him.
      Only a matter of time I suppose, but I’ll cross that bridge when I get to it.
      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. J, thanks for linking that article – excellent. Seems to me, though hard on you, the old man’s initiative is a sign he isn’t ready to go… Just my opinion. Chopsticks!

    • He seems a bit wonky still P, but not as bad as he was yesterday. Poor thing!!
      But he ate this morning, and he’s sort of mobile – only time will tell I suppose.
      Yeah, chopsticks 😉

  3. Can’t believe that vets charge just as much as normal docs. They seem to take advantage of the fact that pets are man’s best friend.
    I bought thriller stuff at the sale. Never heard of any of the authors before but you can never have too many books, right? 😉
    Hope that you didn’t eat any of my family! I think I’ll have to disown you if you did 😉 And chopsticks aren’t that much difficult than a fork or maybe that’s just me 😉

    • All doctors take advantage of the fact that they know more than you, and that you will do everything in your power to get better, or make your dog better. I still prefer these vets to some that may be slightly cheaper – they seem to almost care about the animals, but hey. Time will tell.
      You’re right – one can never have too many books. I’ve had a dream of building shelves in my current study with enough space for all my books. So I can see each and every one at a glance. Gonna need a lot of shelves for that 😉
      As for chopsticks, I did not grow up learning how to use them – only started doing that the last few years. And it’s NOT quite the same or as easy to use as a fork…

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