Thought I’d share…

…this cute song 😉

Came across it at the end of Supernatural season 2, episode 18.

Is it not just the smoothest thing ever?

And hear the record playing at the end of the song – brings back good memories 🙂

8 comments on “Thought I’d share…

  1. 2nd try – hit the wrong key and it erased a LONG paragraph. This brought back fantastic memories of our house on Paseo Hildago in Malibu with all the doors and windows open to the fabulous weather; the ocean seen from the back wrap around patio enclosed by a metal fence about 4 inches tall and one inch wide, long stretches broken by brick planters. Every kid in the neighborhood would walk that fence, balancing like on a tightrope and high wire. All while this album played. We lost a lot of virgins – boys and girls – but we kept right on doing it. Thanks, J!

  2. I O-Deed on Herb when he became popular. I surprised myself while opening your post just now. I didn’t read the name of the album but I experienced a second take of the album cover. I KNEWWWW….

    Thanks for the memories, Ghia.

    • Just cal me your official memory waker-upper 😉
      it’s good when something that you have forgotten reaches deep inside, waking up things you have not thought of for a long time – glad I was able to help with that 😉

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