Something one of my dance partners tonight said to me.

And when I got home, this post was waiting for me in my inbox.

And I thought I’d elaborate.

Even though I have danced before, and did quite well with it, and even though I still remember most of the steps, I still have a lot of learning to do. The studio I’m at now does not do things quite like my old studio did them, but there are many similarities. I’m getting there, but I still prefer to dance with the instructors.

Tonight, I was dancing with one of the young men in my class, kept him in time on the Rumba, because you just have to, otherwise it’s not fun at all. And he won a prize because he danced in time – made me feel good 😉

And then I danced with one of the instructors. We did the Sokkie, witch is kind of a cross between a boogie and a foxtrot. very traditional for South Africa, and what people mostly dance at the more Afrikaans clubs. Much fun.

Anyhow. The sokkie they dance at the studio is not one I’m used to, but having danced so often, I’ve learnt how to follow the dude, depending on if he can actually dance and allow me to follow him.

And now we’re getting to the positive words that was spoken. The young man I was dancing the sokkie with, told me that I follow like a dream. And when the evening was over, and I was putting my street shoes back on again, he went out the door, and stopped next to me. Tells me that that was one of the most enjoyable sokkies has danced in quite some time. He did not have to say it. It might even be true. But it made the world of difference to me. Knowing there are so may other women at the studio that dances much better than I do, but he still told me that he had as much fun doing it as I had made me feel kind of a warm glow. Kind of afterglow if you will 😉

The closest I’ll get to it in any case!!

But tonight was fun. I danced with quite a few of the students – they actually came to ask me. The Red Sea parting did not happen as it usually does.

And of course, me and my instructor had the most amazing Viennese waltz ever! Feel as light as a feather when he swirls me across the floor in a never ending spin. Such smooth music, such a smooth dance. And one I’m almost as good in as the jive.

All positive reinforcements, just cementing the knowledge that, even though I might not be able to afford it all that comfortably, I did not make the wrong decision in starting dancing again. I needed the exercise. I needed to be taken from my cocoon. I needed to do something I’m good at and be able to share it with somebody other than my sister and people that scoff at such things.

The effect of a positive word – never underestimate it.

Tomorrow we have a public holiday here – so I’ll set up my brand new DVD player and watch DVD’s until I fall asleep or my ass gets tired – whichever comes first. The perfect day for a functional hermit 😉

Long days and pleasant nights…




12 comments on “Words.

  1. Hello you the way we talk to each other
    what a feeling without words
    Beautiful day tomorrow for us all
    Daniel angel from Cape Cornwall

  2. Dancing is magical; especially when with a good partner. ! In fact, it makes all the difference…. 😉
    On a personal note: I find I don’t need as much ‘loving’ when partner K and I are dancing a lot; seems the intimacy that dancing can create (the touch, the endorphins, the physical exercise) diminishes (or echoes) those deep and natural needs we humans have for ‘close contact’….
    Enjoy all the touch you can get, Ghia… It may not be horizontal dancing, but vertical dancing sure can be sexual mimicry, when we allow…
    No wonder I love to dance…! 😉

    • It’s been said that dancing is the vertical expression of a horizontal desire 😉
      I can quite see that that could be the case Carol – touch is a big thing in the human psyche, and the thing I miss most, not having a partner. then again, some of the people that touched me last night – ugghhh!!! But hey – I’m learning even while dancing with the newbies. And teaching them some things myself 😉
      This is not something I’m regretting – quite possibly the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time!

    • Don’t so much know if I even have an inner goddess Tess 😉
      But if she was in there somewhere, the dancing is definitely bringing her out in the open 😉
      Bottom line – I’m just loving it!!!

  3. Wonderful! I can just imagine you dancing light as a feather. I love watching ballroom dancing. I took lessons eons ago. Good for you. And I’m glad to hear you and someone is having a going time. Dance away, Ghia. P.S. This is a great dancing song, Words.

    • Words is indeed a great dancing song Perpetua 😉
      Used to dance to it in the old days!!
      As for my current dancing – my hips ache, my knees shake, and I’m loving every minute of it!!!

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