It’s a known fact…

…that dudes pee where they like.

Like dogs, where there’s a wall, and if alcohol is involved, said wall will be used. Usually to paint their names. I’ve seen it happen.

Mostly though, guys don’t really need a toilet to do their number one business.

Now, I can’t talk for men all over the world, but here in SA certain members of the population has been known to pee wherever the mood strikes them. I was once sitting at a robot. Guy next to me gets out of his minibus, and next minute there’s this rivulet running from the tyre of the minibus. He’d gotten out of his vehicle, in traffic, while waiting for the traffic light to turn green, and pissed against his tyre like my dog would.

That’s life in Africa. I’ve seen men pee on the side of the road numerous times. Once, many years ago, I went to town with my Grandfather and he saw a man pee against the church’s fence – he was absolutely livid! Probably embarassed that his grand daughter had to be exposed to that – I was only a young girl then, not quite as used to it as I am now.

This post was inspired by something that happened today.

One of our customers phoned, highly upset. They received a delivery and the delivery van driver peed against the wall at their receiving bay. When she told him to clean it up, he told her to clean it up herself.

Firstly, you don’t pee against any wall where you work. If the customer gets unhappy with the fact that you peed against their wall, you don’t give them lip. And you certainly don’t make other people apologise for your uncouth behaviour.

What to do in this kind of situation though? On some levels, it’s completely acceptable to pee wherever you want. On other levels, peeing in public is only done by drunk and unruly people and probably, small boys. It’s not done by grown up men, and definitely not at a place of work.

Alas. In South Africa, the customer is never right. But what kind of discipline should be meted out to this person? If you give him a warning, he’ll probably say that it’s a normal bodily function. And sure, it is. I’m certain most places of business have toilets – ask, and I’m sure they’ll let you use it. But really guy – you can’t go around pissing against other people’s walls. And definitely not where they can see you!!

This then just another happening in the day of your average South African. It’s such a simple thing really. But it always starts with the small things. It never stays there though.

Before we know it, South Africa will be just one big toilet – and then I REALLY don’t want to live here!

10 comments on “It’s a known fact…

  1. So what happens if someone of a different ethnicity to themselves, pees on one of their walls? Are they beaten up or thrown in the slammer?

    In this country, I get really cross when Chavs spit phlegm onto the pavement, just to show how macho and anti-society they are.

    • It’s very acceptable to pee wherever in the African culture – I have no earthly idea why though. I mean, it’s unhygienic to the extreme, eventually it kills plants and everything starts to stink! Personally, I don’t care what colour you are – you don’t pee in public. and if you really HAVE to, go do it somewhere i don;t have to see you.
      Another thing that just grates my nuts!

  2. Yes, you’re so right. No excuse for such uncouth behaviour. I think some men do this just because they can. For women, it’s quite a bit more difficult. πŸ™‚

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